Welcome to Price

Throughout history there have been stories of those blessed with great power. Heroes and gods, villains and daemons. But behind the myth and legend, a grain of truth hides. Men who could rend steel with their bare hands, wise women able to turn simple woodland fare into miracle cures.

Through the ages these beings and their strange, alien powers over mind and body have shaped history. Look upon them with awe, for they have the power to reshape the world. Look upon them with pity, for the greater their feats, the more they must suffer.

For every action, there is a reaction.

For every gift, a Price.

And if that doesn’t sell you, the main character utters the phrase “I swear I’m only gay for pay.”

Anyway, on to the details. Price is an ongoing setting where superhumans have been known to exist, in some fashion or other, since prehistory. Most of myths and legends of our world are more or less factual in Price. Medusa? A real person with a horrific power. Robocop? Based upon a true story. WarGames? A documentary.

Powers are kept street level, and the narrative of each story will be driven by character drama. This story will avoid what I consider a pitfall of writing in the superheroics genre, which is the escalation to world or greater level threats.

If I do my job right, readers will be reminded of the classic epic tragedies, like the Arthurian legends, the Iliad and Odyssey, Tristan and Isolde. Good people can do bad things. Bad people can do heroic things. And everyone makes mistakes.

Throughout the stories in Price, I will explore themes of violence, horror, and selfishness in all its varieties. Alongside themes of heroism, determination and sacrifice. I won’t shy away from alternate lifestyles or sexuality, though I don’t plan to actively seek it out, and where they do show up I’ll paint them with the same brush I paint the rest of the setting.

So, ye of weak stomachs or delicate sensibilities, turn back now.

Also, I tend to roll dice, for the purposes of establishing characteristics. Looks? Dice. Sexuality? Dice. (Real) Names? Dice. Race and sex? Dice. Powers? Freakin’ dice. Unless logic dictates otherwise, always dice. I rolled Zach’s last name (and what a beautiful coincidink that was). I didn’t roll again for his sister. Or their dad. Did roll for their mom, though.

Death of a Hero, the first story in this universe, follows Zach Parker. A sixteen year old boy who recently gained his powers and decides the first thing to do with them is get revenge. Then life happens.


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