Word of God and trivia

For those things I may never get to put in a story, but is true to the setting nonetheless. And bits of trivia I feel the need to let people know about.

Spoilers. Duh.

1- Most powers come with visual displays. More powerful ones can include sound and even tactile sensations for those around them. I have charts detailing how the powers work. Every aspect of the power display is intentional. No, I won’t be explaining The Rules. It’s more fun to show that stuff than tell it. But I’ll let you know the most obvious rule: The more powerful the effect, the brighter more notable it tends to be.

2- I roll for the names. In Laura’s case, I actually rolled “Lauren”. Then “Anne” for a middle name. Minor adjustment was made because “Lauren Anne” does not roll off the tongue well. At this point, I already knew Zach’s parents were divorced. So, while Laura does not know this, it is canon that her mom wanted to name her Lauren, but her dad picked the middle name of Anne and refused to back down when asked to change it. And this was their first (but by no means close to last) fight as a couple.

3- Miss Harmon is based loosely on a real teacher I had (not history) who would single out the three not-white students in our class out whenever doing any project that might loosely relate to their ancestry. It was never anything you could point to and say was racist, but it was awkward as hell at times. Like a less extreme version of Mr. Uberwitz from Boondocks.

4- Yes, “The Führer” was still Hitler. And no, he did not have powers, the way powers work makes that more or less impossible. But it’s a comforting lie that people like to tell themselves.

5- Kitten is loosely based off Nui Harime. Zach cutting off her hand was a reference.


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