Cast List

Death of a Hero Characters

Respawn, real name Zach Parker: 16 M, sandy brown hair, Hazel eyes. Powers: Corrective teleportation, touch range, self, others and objects.

Classification: Tank 8, Summoner 3, Escapist 3, Brawler 2

Instantaneous cloning when injured by any source. Original is destroyed in process. Can teleport possessions back to himself at will, original destroyed. Process mends damage to possession. Must be contained in a space of no less than eight cubic meters to prevent materializing outside of container. Touch can be used to steal equipment and even clothing from those touched.

Threat: 2.7

Anima, Real name Beth Thomas: 22, F, Auburn hair, light brown eyes. Powers: Summoning numerous semi-autonomous fantasy beings and artifacts. Entities can prove difficult for her to control, but will always act in what they believe is her best interest. Intelligent once usually obey commands. Artifacts can be wielded by self or others in an unknown range.

Classification: Brawler 3, Tank 3, Esper 1.5, Sniper 3.5, Gifter 1.2, Tank  4.1, Summoner 4.8, Transit 1.3

Threat 5.1

Kitten, real name unknown: ~14 F. Powers: Regeneration, Combat Instincts, Cryogenesis, Superhuman Physiology, Bioscanning, Low Level Shapeshifting.

Classification: Brawler 3.3, Breaker 1.3, Esper and Tracker 2.7, Infiltrator 1.5, Sniper 2.2, Sneak 1.5, Tank 2

Threat 4.5

Com: Real name classified. M. Powers: mental projections that he can communicate through.

Classification: Esper 3.8, Summoner 1, Tracker 2.7

Meteoric: Real name classified. M. Powers: Flight, gains durability with increasing velocity. Generates shockwaves on collision with solid surface.

Tank 3.8, Brawler 2.2, Transit 3.7, Sniper 1.2

Genius Loci: Name Unknown. M? Powers: takes telekinetic control of a location, approximately 40 foot radius, can exert up to 20psi of strength/pressure. No physical body. Cannot influence living material, human or otherwise.

Tank 8, Summoner 0.8, Tracker 1.9, Infiltrator 3.9, Threat 3.2

Ryu: Name Classified, F. Powers: Hydrokinetic, charges water with a powerful EM field that can heat water to the boiling point or generate potentially deadly electric shocks. Immune to own heat and electricity. Unknown if applies to others.

Alexander (Alex) Bennett, male, 16, student at Adams. Caucasian, Brown hair and eyes, Six foot three inches tall.

Cassie Banks, Female, 17, Student. 5’8, Blonde, dark brown eyes.

Secondary Characters:

Laura Anne Parker, female. 24 years old. Hair dresser and tattoo artist.

Dustin Parker, Zach’s father

Amanda Parker, Zach’s mother

Los Fieles: “The Faithful”. Major Hispanic gang, controlled by Vertigo.

Lightbringer: Major white power organization controlled by Crucible.

Mrs. Schmidt, female, Home Ec teacher at Adams Central High.

David and Amy: 17 and 13, respectively. Siblings and students at Adams. Both skinny, light brown hair

Bernard (Bear): 17, male, football player

Ferne Sinclair, female, 16, student at Adams. Powers: Grants low level powers to others, has limited empathy senses. Gifter 2, Esper 1

Coach Murray, male, Teacher at Adams

Miss Harmon, female, history teacher

Erica Cooper, female, 23, Deceased

Eddie, Male, 17

Amber, female, 16

In Triplicate Characters

Daybreak: Chloe Harrison- Blonde, 16, F, “electric” blue eyes, fair skin w/freckles

Jason (Jay) Harrison- Brown hair, 13, M, blue eyes. Younger brother

Adam Harrison- Blond, 22, M, Grey blue eyes. Older brother.

Quash: Michael Harrison- Brown hair, 45, M, Father. Gravity manipulation, selectively immune to own power.

Starfall: Amanda Harrison- Blonde, 43, F, Mother- Darkness field and probability manipulation.

Damascus: Domenic Hinton- Black hair, 17, M, brown eyes, dark skin.

Beatrice Hinton- Brown hair, 16 F, blue eyes, medium brown skin.


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