Deleted Scene

I deleted this from chapter 14, because bleh, pure infodump and boring. But it contains useful information.

One day I might recycle bits of it into the story, but for now it’s a stand alone “canon that it exists and happened, but deleted for not contributing anything of value”.


I’d learned there was a sort of percentage at work, each rank approximately ten times rarer than the last. kinda like the Richter Scale. One in a thousand people would get some kind of power, most were kinda pathetic, all considered. The power to eat sand as food, for example. To my knowledge, no one actually had ‘summon toilet paper’, but some weren’t much better. The people on this scale weren’t considered important at all. An unofficial “rank zero” of sorts.

Rank one was more more or less as an ordinary man with a knife. One in ten thousand or so.

Rank two started at the level of a firearm, and were one in maybe a hundred thousand. Still considered to be in the realm ordinary police could take with the right gear.

The three range was referred to as a ‘one man army’ scale of power- they were literally one in a million. Starting at the equivalent of a dozen armed men and scaling up to about a hundred. If what I was reading was correct, Kitten’s 3.3 Brawler rating meant the police believed her able to take thirty trained and armed soldiers, using nothing but hand to hand techniques.

Fours, the ones that could actually go up against a small army and win, were in the ten million range. Kitten’s 4.5 was them saying five hundred men weren’t going to be enough to take her down. She was halfway up that ladder, with probably less than twenty people in the country more capable than she was.

Rank fives were the sort of thing that involved calling in the army. One of them could, given time, conceivably destroy a city. Anima’s power, as an example.

The Imbued that ranked six were as dangerous as going to war against a foreign nation. There were only a handful of those on record as ever having existed, with conspiracy theories and other bizarre speculation about others.

So far, no one had ever ranked as a seven. A seven meant most governments would be willing to nuke one of their own cities to end the threat.

Eight were the ‘nukes aren’t gonna be enough’ rank. Oddly enough, there were rank eights out there. Not for total threat levels, but a number of Tanks ranked an eight.

It was the chart’s way of saying that there was no possible way to actually injure the target conventionally, and they should find a new strategy.

It brought a question about my own powers, actually. I was class as Tank Eight, but I wasn’t sure if I could survive a nuke or not. Kitten could hit me fast enough and hard enough to get through the defense of my clothing, and I had to imagine a fucking nuke was gonna kill me a lot faster than she could. Maybe enough damage to stop me from healing and thus kill me.


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