Detailed Power Classifications and Rankings

Okay, all the general power classifications in this setting, as used by most westernized nations.

Brawler: Close Quarters powersets. Touch or near-touch range attacks. Super strength, poison touch, claws, superhuman combat instincts, close range probability manipulation, and so forth.

((Tend to be treated as less threatening than other powers at its classification level. Normal people at least *understand* this sort of power. Doesn’t mean it’s not scary to know a guy can rip a truck in half, but they need to get up close and personal, and can’t kill you any more dead than a psycho with a knife, so there’s an upper cap for intimidation. As compared to other powers like mind control or various powers that make death look like a blessing.))

Breaker: Short for “game breaker”. Powers that nullify other powers or otherwise have unique advantages over other Imbued, such as power copying. Tracker or Esper abilities that find Imbued or are specially able identify or counter those powers. Potentially less dangerous against normals than against Imbued.

Esper: Means to obtain information seemingly from nowhere, or through a method that cannot be countered with reasonable precaution. Remote viewing, precognition, mind reading or other impossible to replicate means.

((Field Manual Instructions: Assume target knows and is prepared for your countermeasures. Expect an Esper to avoid the field of engagement. Best method to deal with Espers, unless you have a specialized Breaker or other Espers to counter them, is having several individuals and multiple layers of separation planning counter operations against the target simultaneously. Espers tend to have upper have limits to how much they can anticipate and counter.))

Escapist: Powers that make the opponent significantly harder to contain. Teleportation, turning into energy/mist/air/water/etc, the ability to move through walls.

((Rarely a classification used in the field- usually an operation is just going to say what the actual movement power is. You know not to get in close range with a Brawler. You know a Summoner will be throwing barriers in your way that might try to kill you. You don’t know if an Escapist is going to teleport a bomb into your lap, or going to walk through a wall and slit your throat from behind. And you can’t fight them with the same strategy.))

Gadgeteer: A subclass of Maker that produces devices or equipment readily usable by others. Often has subclassifications because their devices can often emulate other powers. The Gadgeteer rank itself typically gives you an idea of how rapidly the individual can produce new devices. While the other ranks explain just what to expect of those devices as currently known. Gadgeteer objects are usually simply called Gadgets. Capitalized.

((People with this power were was called Artificers up until the 20th century- and old school Gadgets were, and sometimes still are, called Artifacts. The modern Gadgeteers are  trying to get ‘Gadgeteer’ replaced with ‘Technician‘ (or ‘Tech‘ for short, and Gadget replaced with Tech.))

Gifter: Not typically threats on their own, these are powers that make others more dangerous or otherwise powerful. Usually both temporary and voluntary. Expect other classifications depending on how precisely the power works.

((Up until the late 60s, Gifters with the ability to grant (mostly) permanent powers were called Gurus, instead. Some ‘incidents’ in the 60s and 70s involving certain cult leaders has made the term politically unpopular. Now Gurus are listed as Gifters with a Maker subclass.))

Infiltrator: Powers that tend to work directly against the (human) mind. Including hallucinations and mind control (if humans are controllable). Espers that have a high penchant for bribery or blackmail can earn themselves an Infiltrator rating. Any form of mind reading is automatically an Infiltrator.’

Maker: A subclass of power that means the user creates permanent effects from their power. Usually applies to Summoners, and sometimes others.

As a rule, the Maker rating on a power indicates level of difficulty in dealing with the aftermath of a power, not the immediate danger level of the power itself- which is addressed in that power. Maker-Infiltrators are regarded as especially terrifying.

((Someone who manifests spears in the air that hurtle forward and can pierce stone walls might be a Sniper 3-4, but only a Maker 1 (very deadly, but no long term risks), but a Gadgeteer who creates a breeding colony of piranha-rats could be ranked Maker 7, despite only getting Gadgeteer 2 or so.

Very rarely do you have Maker *alone* as a power. That would require the ability to generate something that is both completely nonthreatening and of limited utilitarian value. Someone whose only power is to call a (gentle) rain, or use the D&D Create Food&Water spell(s)… then you could be considered Maker Only. If you can generate something fast enough to make it a threat, then you’re a Summoner.))

Sneak: Hiding abilities that tend to work on the environment itself. Camouflage, cloaking, transforming into objects, cosmetic shapeshifting. Counter with infravision, echolocation, and other exotic senses.

((Requires superhuman stealth or disguise powers… simply being clever or skilled isn’t enough. Kitten, for example, is a Sneak for her shapeshifting, not her other tricks.

Once called Stealth, but was changed to Sneak because hard ‘e’ and ‘k’ sounds are more audible to the human ear.))

Sniper: Ranged or remote targeting powers- including some subconscious or AoE fields. Often found packaged with other power types. Strategy is to avoid line of sight.

Summoner: Powers that alter the landscape or generate secondary targets/threats in the area. Battlefield Control powers and forcefield users who can shield objects or other people, and individuals who can control objects or animals. Control of humans is dealt with as an Infiltrator.

((For a time, Summoner was two classifications: “Shaper”- terrain alteration, and “Controller”- monster creation, or animal control… but there was debates over some subpowers like forcefields or some illusion powers were one or the other. Since the combat methods are generally identical (fighting the environment is a battle you will lose- find the Summoner and put them down) in all cases, they were grouped together.))

Tank: Super durability. Covers regeneration, personal forcefields, weapons passing through the target without harm, and other ways to counteract damage. Tanks aren’t considered a threat level on their own. A virtually unkillable Tank who has no other abilities, can have a very high Tank rating, but not be considered a significant threat if you can trust the police to capture him and keep him in a cell. There are few, if any, Tanks who don’t also have other classifications.

Tracker: Superhuman or nonhuman sensory powers that typically require some form of sensory input to work. Includes superhuman sight, hearing or sense of smell as well as infravision or echolocation and enhanced intelligence or mental processing.

Good counter against Sneaks. Trackers are typically very effective on the field but useless off the field, making them functionally the opposite of Espers despite having superficially similar information gathering packages. For purposes of power scale, trained dogs are considered Tracker 2.8.

Transit: Most movement powers that don’t simply bypass the terrain. Flight, wall climbing, superspeed, the list goes on. Expect other powers alongside it. Typically found in conjunction with Brawler or Sniper powers. If you can find a way to catch them, they should stay trapped.

Numbering System:

Imbued have at least two numbers. One for their power type, the other for overall threat level. They can be different.

The numbering system follows a Richter Scale logic, where each number is roughly ten times the threat as the previous number. Decimals are used to more finely rank Imbued with roughly similar potential.

0- Baseline human without special training or equipment. Either non-Imbued, or Imbued with ineffectual powers.

1- Little more dangerous than an baseline human being with rudimentary equipment. Brawler as dangerous as a man with a knife. Transit equivalent to a bicycle. Engage using standard police training to protect bystanders and arrest subject.

2- Effective equivalent of a skilled or trained human being, or one possessing dangerous but not exotic equipment. Individual with a gun or in a street legal vehicle. Use of lethal force by non-Imbued officers authorized if they feel their own or bystanders’ lives are in immediate danger. Imbued officers may not engage with lethal force except as necessary to save civilian lives.

3- Extremely dangerous. Beyond the capabilities of conventional police training or equipment. Use of special tactics or Imbued resources is preauthorized to engage the threat. Anticipate abilities capable of destroying a small building. Equivalent to a military squad with accompanying equipment and training.

4- Do not engage. Subject is beyond the capacity of non Imbued personnel to manage. Consider several miles to be endangered by the subject if given sufficient time to act. Contact National Guard and prioritize evacuation of civilians from the field of conflict. Equivalent to between one dozen and one hundred men equipped and trained with military capabilities. Imbued officers are pre-authorized to use lethal force to neutralize resisting target.

5- Citywide threat. Evacuate and wait for military response. Equivalent threat level of an invasion.

6- National level threat. Rapid military response no longer sufficient. Use of nonconventional weapons and Imbued abilities must be coordinated in anticipation of a protracted campaign to remove the threat in question.

7- Existential threat level. If other strategies fail, one must consider the possibility of using WMDs to neutralize the target. ((Theoretical power rank, to date no recorded Imbued has ever warranted this number.))

8- Consider diplomatic concessions to appease the threat. ((Theoretical power rank, to date only Tanks believed immune to atomic equivalent weapons have been ranked an 8))

Packages: Certain powersets tend to be found clustered in groups.  Brawlers, for example, tend to have Tank abilities. Most Trackers tend to have Transit powers. Escapists often have Oracle abilities. There’s enough overlap that people can shorthand four or five separate features in one word. Packages are typically unofficial, localized, and too numerous to give a comprehensive listing.

Armorer: Gadgeteer that can supply more than one or two allies.

Artillery: Usually Sniper/Summoner that can do damage on a large scale.

Assassin: Stealth (whether Sneak or Infiltrator) and Sniper combo features, perhaps other features, that blend together for highly discriminate lethal attacks.

Beastial: Animalistic powers, often seen in Altered. Capabilities resembling wild animals, but with the advantages of a human intelligence.

Dragon: A term for a big scary guy controlling minions through fear. Often people assume a weaker, smarter, power behind the throne. AKA- Enforcer or Thug.

Guru: It’s not “politically correct” (when has that stopped law enforcement?)… but it’s still used to refer to powersets that lend themselves to cult-making. Like certain Gifters, and types of Infiltrators or Gadgeteers.

Healer: Gifter or Summoner powers that can restore wounded. Rumors persist of ones who can raise the dead, but those are usually hoaxes exploiting the vulnerable.

Hunter: Tracker/Mover combo. Often includes some stealth ability.

MC: Mission Control (tongue-in-cheek ‘Master of Ceremonies’) Typically Espers with powers to superhumanly coordinate a team in combat.

Oracle: Espers and others with the abilities to predict the future or “alter fate” such as luck manipulators.

Psychic: Often, mind reading Infiltrators have a Gifter subclass to speak to others telepathically or through similar means. Also includes some Espers.

SNAFer: Based on “SNAFU”… informal term for Imbued whose powersets make them a pain in the ass to predict or counter, allowing them to win against seemingly impossible odds regularly.

Online, the term Main (Character) or (Mary) Sue has been used to apply to Imbued with an improbably long history of doing this. Even less formal than SNAFer. Usually attributed to the subject having an “secret backup power”.

TK: Telekinetic. A clumping of mostly-Summoners and Snipers whose power is to move other objects with their mind. Was once a “core” classification, but split and absorbed mostly into Summoner and Sniper.

Turtle: Tank that can protect others nearby- sometimes a Gifter, sometimes a Summoner.

Vamp: Exactly what it sounds like. Powers that involve feeding on other people. Vamp powersets are numerous and hard to fully classify.


49 thoughts on “Detailed Power Classifications and Rankings

  1. Well now very nice and well thought out system(well not a surprise really given the same applies for the story in general well the parts I’ve read already as I am not up to date just yet), I love it especially the Richter scale like part.

    That being said I would love to have some first hand exemples of that system used to be certain that I fully grasp the thing, so I was wondering how the following Worm characters would rank in your system(I am using Worm characters as I think DC or Marvel ones are not a good choice for that kind of thing ) :

    – Alexandria

    – Purity

    – Teacher

    That and I was wondering what exactly would land someone a Gifter Six rating(Well Zack seems to qualify according to Anima but still curious)

    Now on to upvote the story on TWF and read the rest of it.

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  2. Alexandria is WAY off the charts. An easy 8 in Tank and Brawler. Tracker at roughly 6. Breaker 3 for apparent immunity to all forms of mind control. Mover of at least 6.5 for being able to fight at supersonic speeds.

    Purity is a casual building buster, she’d rank a 5.5- which is to say she’s roughly as destructive as a WW2 bombing run. Mover roughly 2-3ish. She’d be considered one of the absolutely most destructive supers in the setting.

    Teacher’s an easy Gifter 4.6 or so… since he’s capable of granting minor mental powers like Tinker and Thinker. And an Infiltrator 2.9 or so for his ability to exert control over (originally volunteer) subjects. And Maker 3.1 for none of this wearing off.

    As for a Gifter 6? Hmm… Doctor Connors (aka- The Lizard) when he’s busy trying to use his tech to create an army of superhuman lizard-people.

    Actually, most of Spiderman’s villains rank in the high 5 and low 6 zone. That’s right. Spidey’s b-listers are “top tier” in the Price setting.

    Spiderman himself is… Tank 4.5, Brawler 6.2 (superstrength is part of it, that damn spider sense is the bigger factor), Esper 3.8 (spider sense), Tracker 5.7 (spider sense), Transit 3.8 (superhuman speed, surface adhesion), Sniper 2.2 (webs) and the comic version is Gadgeteer 3.3 at the VERY least.


    1. Thank you for having taken the time to answer me

      About Alexandria I am a bit surprised when you say she is that of the charts I would have thought she still fit, albeit in the top 3 of the whole world of the setting oh well at least I had Purity more or less right, as for Teacher I am a bit surprised as I would have seen him rated Higher as a Gifter given the things he can grant oh well.

      As for Spidey’s so called B Listers well they are actually quite terrifying if you take the time to think about their powers or tech and remove the Comicbook logic of the “good guy” always having to win , hell that works for a lot of the big two’s characters.

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      1. Alexandria literally hits in the megatons range, capable of shattering heavy stone with ease. She’s WAY outside Price’s rankings where Chloe can claim to be one of the physically strongest Imbued on the planet. Actually, if Spiderman existed in this setting, he’d be considered a contender for the top 10 most powerful Imbued on record.


        1. Okay that gives me a good idea of a part of the Price world, I like it as proper Worldbuilding is one of my favorite things in stories, (the other being character developement which I think you do quite well)and I love how well you developped your system as it shows great amount of care has been put in building your world.

          The way you have your power system worked out is very good too, I love all those bits and truly hope we will learn more about it soon. I must also compliment you on the power you come up with as they are rather original(well as much as you can be in a genre where pretty much every power has been done somewhere).

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            1. It helps, thanks a lot but now I cannot help but to think that it might be possible that the ancient Mystic types and other priests from the”gods” might actually have understood power better than modern day scientists.

              Oh and just so you know in chapter 22 of Triplicate you call Starfall’s boss Relativistic and in Chapter 24 the guy’s called Relativity since I did not know where to point that out so I’m putting it here.

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  3. True, but then you’d think at least some People would figure out that some of the ancient stuff that was/might be found about Powers might actually be true…Plus Sympathy is most certainly not the first of her Kind their must be/Have Been others with a sense akin to hers who might have left observations and stuff behind.

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    1. Oh, absolutely. But look at the modern world. We’ve only just, in the last 20 years, come to realize that old herbal techniques have their roots (hehe) in legitimate medicine, or that meditation has actual health benefits… and Alchemy was the father of modern Chemistry, with many lost practices that were discarded, then forgotten, then later reinvented from scratch by modern science.

      Plus, those mystics (which are still around, just not usually in America) are STILL wrong as often as not. They got some things “right”(ish), but others quite wrong.

      Remember, you’re only seeing America right now. In India, Imbued are treated as divine beings. In east Asia they’re often seen as the equivalent of demigods or demons.

      Japan is still in the middle of a culture war over the “Old Way” and the “Modern Way” when it comes to Imbued. I truly wish I could write a book on that culture clash, but I’m not familiar enough with Japanese culture to really sell the story. Perhaps when I get Japanese readers? *Is hopeful*

      Besides, nothing about Sympathy’s power proves an “scientific” approach is inaccurate- all she knows is powers jump from person to person- a thing the scientific community is well aware of in Price. What they- and Sympathy- do not know is “why”. And each mystic has a different answer, if indeed any answer at all.


      1. Oooh yeah you are totally right about the first part, but one would think that in a world where powers such as the Imbuement process people would pay more attention to ancient knowledge than they do in our own…But then again this is a world where they jumped on the opportunity to blame powers for Hitler’s rise and everything that came from it , so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Humans are Humans after all.(eh wonder what WW2 was like with Imbueds around)

        Also nice information tidbits here I love those kinds of things. Now India in Priceverse has to be a very interesting place if Imbued are being treated as divine beings there especially given that there must be a lot of them there given India’s population(Well I say that but I know nothing of Priceverse’s earth’s population).

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        1. Yeah, also keep in mind the rarity of Imbued (one in ten thousand have anything, one in a hundred thousand are legitimately more dangerous than normal people)… and how, roughly 150 years ago, the European world was tying them to sticks and setting them on fire.

          India’s pop is similar to ours. Imbued do Manifest based on ideal, so most Indian Imbued have powers revolving around their religious upbringings- and, as is common with religions the world over, healers are a HUGE deal.

          Oh, and also keep in mind that Hinduism doesn’t necessarily view “sacred” as “good”. India has its share of assholes with powers, too. And its share of monster slayers. And its share of people who carry a more “modern western” approach to the affair.

          But all in all, the whole “superhero” thing is just what Western nations do. And even that’s mostly popular in the USA and Canada (and Japan, which put its own twist on the concept). The rest of the world still treats its Imbued as a supernatural or spiritual thing.

          WW2 was a “fun” time in Price. Biomanipulators and Gadgeteers were a big thing, and Captain America style supersoldier programs pumped out hundreds of living weapons on both sides of the battlefield.

          … The Price version of the Geneva convention has a few extra clauses…


          1. I actually thought about the Witch hunt thing: True it should have destroyed a lot of what ancient Imbued or people gravitating around them have written but given that the Mark of cain seems to be a thing it should also have created other Imbued, stronger ones(well better suited to take on the hunters at least)whch could have survived and sometimes even strke back in rather painful ways for the people of the time, I mean what could people from 150 years ago do against someone at Anima’s level and I would think that years of systematic persecution of Imbued and killings of lot of them would create one of that level either by Surge or Mark of Cain.

            Okay, nice to know so I would think the world’s population is roughly the same as ours with the deaths prevented by harnessing Imbued abilities being comenesed by the ones going on rampage à la Kitten or the superpowered gang wars and the deployment of Imbued on the field.

            Also i must say that India having imbued getting powers linked to it’s culture is rather scary I mean they do have Shiva and Kali and then there are Aghori…Also when you take a look at some abilities the Yogi are supposed to be capable of achieving,yeah.

            …And yeah WW2 must have been quite the thing, I mean Nazis and Biomanipulators.

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            1. Right. But that cuts both ways. Hunter slays witch. New witch slays hunter. New hunters slays new witch.

              It was a nasty, brutal cycle of violence that helped keep Europe in the midst of a dark age for nearly a thousand years, and both sides were responsible for keeping the fires burning and blood flowing. Just like real life.

              Normal humans couldn’t do shit to someone like Anima, not back then. But normal humans weren’t the enemy someone like Anima would fight. She’d be up against holy knights clad in blessed armor and wielding swords of living flame.

              Remember- in THIS setting- King Arthur really happened, complete with magic sword which made the wielder unbeatable in combat.


  4. Duh, I feel stupid now for not realising that all the Paladins,Holy Knights and other miracle Workers and Holier than thou Blessed types would be real too. But doesn’t that make things even worse ? I mean if each time one of those dies and it creates a Mark of Cain and the Murder was a powerful Imbued wouldn’t that create people even more dangerous than Anima down the line ? And that’s not taking the Surges into account…Eh I guess that’s the kind of Conflict that is a basis to the Gigantomachy and the Titanomachy from Myth or the Aesir/Vanir conflict from North lore.

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    1. That and remember that “able to beat” is not necessarily “more powerful than”. Zach’s power beats Kitten, but he’s far less dangerous than her in most ways. In fact, Zach can be killed by creative application of fire or lifedrain powers, both of which are *really fucking common*.

      And just about anyone can murder Anima in her sleep.

      But… yeah… there have been some epic wars between Imbued. For every village brought into existence only because of some Imbued holy person, another is destroyed by an Imbued conquerer.


      1. Oh I remember that point, but I would think that in an extended conflict with multiple surges and Marks of Cain a point would be reached where the answer the power gives to a person either surging or undergoing a Mark of Cain event would be something very very dangerous for pretty much everyone and everything.

        As a sidenote I find it rather interesting that Lifedrain is a common power in Priceverse especially given the whole price thematic the powers are following.

        heh as for killing Anima in her sleep well that’s true but then same can be said for Sue Richards and a lot of others than would be nightmares to deal with awake(and yes I consider Mrs Richards as one of the scariest people out there).

        By the way does killing an Imbued in their sleep have any influence on the following Mark of Cain ?


        1. Nah, powers can’t reach such a doomsday scenario.

          And they typically respond to the event that caused the death/problem by adapting to that specific circumstance… often by creating new weaknesses that weren’t weaknesses before.


  5. Ah, so no guy whose power is”highly contagious plagues” or “disintegration via Spacewarping” complete with Teleportation and Intangibility or filight coupled with forcefileds having a durability of”too bad you forgot to bring a nuke” complete with the ability to create forcefield blades with Monomolecular edges ?

    The second point is rather interesting, so that would mean that the Mark of Cain of an Anima league Imbued killed in his/her sleep could for instance allow it’s recipient to forgo sleep but could otherwise give a very bland/not impressive power set ?

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  6. Highly contagious plagues is possible- but keep in mind they’d burn out just like a certain other highly contagious plague known as rabies.

    The other one… not so likely… two or three linked abilities tends to be all the powers one gets, and again Spider-man is near the top of the power rankings… but keep in mind that there is mind control in this setting. Or even straight up “I give people heart attacks by staring at them”.

    “I command you to hop into that active volcano” is a good way to take out mister it-takes-a-nuke. So is “go stick your head in that lake and wait for further instructions”.

    And, yes, there’s no reason for a Mark of Cain power to be as strong as the one it was inherited from. It’s just more capable of dealing harm to the killer than the original was.

    Take Anima for example. Guardian is capable of straight up destroying her. Say she goes villain and he gets the orders (Yes, Sir, Mister President) and snipes her from a mile away through a wall (almost worked on Kitten).

    The replacement would have a blend of Anima and Guardian’s abilities- though not necessarily in a way that resembles either (look at Zach’s power, which is nothing like Erica’s in the first place, and has blended with Kitten’s twice).

    The powerset would need to decentralize, with space warping and semi-autonomous summons… drop the summons, keep the space warping. A disruptive waveform…

    You get a Sniper powerset that generates a reality twisting ray that leaves twisted matter in its wake… able to pierce any possible barrier. Also, the capability of sensing other points of warped space and/or time.

    Either that, or a form of point blank time manipulator that resets from death by undoing the event in a narrow, localized area.

    Or forgoes time/space warp entirely and uses Guardian’s intuitive tracking of vectors and angles, plus Anima’s summons to create geometric death-puzzles.

    In most ways, these powers are actually less frightening than Anima’s… easier to counter than a small army swarming the streets, at least… but all would be a much greater threat to Guardian by their very nature.


    1. Once again thanks for answering and for all the intel about how the Mark of Cain works and to reeat myself your system is really well thought out cannot wait to learn more in story.

      Now as for the power sets I listed I did not mean the Teleportation, Intangibility and desintegration via spacewarping were meant to be wielded by one person and the Flying with ultra high durability and versatility Forcefields complete with the power to make monomolecular edged forcefield blades for another, also the wieleders of each those sets are meant to be only as durable as regular people when not using intangibility or in the second case hiding behind their forcefield.

      About the Mindcontrol well damn…Though when you think about Nano and what he could do and the guy must not have been the highest level of Mindcontrol around. As for the second well yeah there was Salomé…so what you are telling me is that she is not the only one capable of pulling stuff like that, well damn.

      Speaking of Mindcontrol I truly hope that the next book will be rebirth because I am truly interested to see how you will deal with a mindcontroller and the MC(yes I did that on purpose and so what ?)

      Heh just thought of another thing: The Mark of Cain happens if an Imbued is killed but what if that death is reversed ? IE by a healer like Cura or by being restored by Zack’s power(Ferne WILL be Back!!! I mean he touched her before she wet boom ) ?

      Another point of interest is power blends and personnality, Let’s take Ferne’s Blend for instance, would have granted completly different abilities to someone like Laura or even like Kitten ? By the same token would Zack have similar powers to Kitten if he had had her blend or something completly different and will Domenic take on Surfing ?

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      1. There are no “back from the dead” powers that reach further than a few minutes… and even the ones that go that far are few and far between.

        Let’s see… if Laura got Ferne’s power… she, much like Zach, is a rather self-focused person. Someone who’d rather protect herself than be protected.

        If she had *exactly* Ferne’s mix? The “trust” sense would be swapped for a “hostility” sense. The Gifter power would be adjusted to a self-buff, giving her low end regen and all around physical and mental boosts. The lifedrain almost wouldn’t change at all, allowing her to contact people and drain their physical health and mental abilities- even memories.

        Fuck… I just created Rogue, didn’t I?

        Zach with Kitten’s blend? Would actually be fairly similar to Kitten’s overall powerset. He’s not much of a Summoner personality, so the ice storm powers would be different, and Zach’s nature, beyond the need to be personally strong, is to protect others.

        Her combat sense would be turned outward with Zach, allowing him to track people in danger and putting himself in harms way. The ice powers would take the form of cages and barricades rather than blades and fields of frozen death.

        Unlike Kitten… there’s a damn good chance Zach would be vulnerable to his own cold.

        And what’s with Domenic surfing?


        1. Thanks for the intel once again…Damn Laura with Ferne’s blend would be rather scary now I don’t even want to imagine what Kitten or bloody Cecelia would get with that blend.

          Zach with Kitten on the other hand, well his is better for him in fact his blend seems to be a rather potent one in general.

          Concerning the lack of resurrective powers reaching further than a few minutes I guess that’s why Alex did NOT get a “Bring Back Ferne”option when he got his power. You know for some reason I think that’s for the best(well for him at any rate) because the Price for that kind of thing would be very very high if it was possible.

          As for Domenic and Surfing it’s just a shitty Joke because he is covered in metal like a certain Surfer.

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  7. Don’t really like double posting but since there is no edit function here…

    How do authorities react when a Gadgeteer with the potential to be an Armorer appears ? I mean those have the potential to be quite useful or quite Scary(or both in some cases) depending their specialities and states of mind.

    And for that matter Gifters must also be highly valued(not talking about the healers those are a given)I mean this is a very good force multiplier for any organisation.

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    1. They watch and hope they can recruit. But ultimately, “authorities” rarely get a chance to snag any of the high power Gadgeteers.

      THEY, much like Gifters, get recruited by governments for more international purposes. Unless you’re more badass than the US Special Forces, you probably shouldn’t try to force a valuable Gifter or Armorer to work for you… as a rule, you don’t want to get into a competition with *countries* unless you are a country. Persuasion is probably a better method.

      Which is how Microsoft and Lockheed-Martin operate in both universes. The “We’ll give you lots and lots of money to use your talents for us” approach.

      It is, unsurprisingly, a very effective strategy.


  8. Eh, yeah “throw money at them” is a very good and timetested approach.

    Now when you say that you need to be more Badass than the US special forces(Regular or ones with Imbued personel ?)to do it, i get why in the Armorer’s case especially if he had the time to Build stuff but for the Gifter unless he has people with Him/Her they are not much of a threat unless of course they have something else to go with the Gifting aspect.

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    1. Oh, I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. But it does not happen often. If nothing else, *every* Imbued can Surge… you can only push Imbued so far before they push back. And anyone who accepted Imbuement in the first place is generally emotionally volatile to begin with.

      In short: rarely is it worth the trouble.


  9. Duh, the Surges how could I overlook that…Plus high Level Gifters have to have something allowing them to defend themselves.

    Now about Gadgeteers I was wondering about something: the rank is described as being tied to how fast they can produce devices with sub ranks for what said devices do but isn’t there something tied to what resources they have access to ?

    Also if there are Transhuman type Gadgeteers thes must be terrifying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually, Gadgeteers aren’t really that much better off for having access to advanced equipment. It just means instead of a simple item with superhuman enhancements, it’s a high tech device with superhuman enhancements.

      In the old days, a Gadgeteer (Artificer) would construct golems and zombies. Today they construct AI computers and robots. Excalibur granted combat skills and nigh invincibility in combat. A modern similarly talented Gadgeteer would take an assault rifle and give it the same features. Also it’s still an assault rifle.

      The main advantage to better materials and technology to start is that it allows the builder to combine tech with their own what is essentially magic.

      Well, except certain specific Gadgeteers that do have powers which scale based on the cost of the items. There’s a reason a lot of Gadgets and Artifacts involve the use of expensive gemstones, and solid gold swords that aren’t the shittiest weapon ever made. Because expensive means better. Sometimes.


  10. Oh, okay then so someone like say Flux is already at the peak of what he can do with his current power ?

    Also is there a law against Implants and other modifications through Gadgeteer technology ? I mean you mentioned the supersoldiers made in WW2 and the slightly different Geneva convention so…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Transhuman tech is hard to really limit, aside from the fact that Gadgets which work away from their makers are few and far between. So rarely would any such equipment exist in people other than the owner.

      And from there they generally hold back laws on what you can use your powers to do on yourself.


  11. Oh, okay then so a Gadgeteer with transhuman capable technology can freely modify himself (and/or others if his/her tech can handle it)as he wants.

    I was thinking there would be laws against that(or that some people would have tried to pass some) on the ground that there is”technology”and possibly surgery involved as opposed to other powers.

    For some reason I see the Gadgeteers as being the ones to watch, especially if they can do self modifications and Implants. I mean I am pretty sure Sympathy cannot see tech and what it does so someone with Gadgeteer based augs could fool things that”regular”imbued or people having been gifted would not.

    Also that means no Transhuman soldiers in the various Military ?

    Er..sorry I just love Worldbuilding and I think the setting you have created(and in a way are still creating) is great and well thought out so I tend to be a bit too enthusiastic and ask lots of stuff.

    And I’ll say this here this the best Super Hero serial I have read(am reading ?)since Worm

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I wouldn’t say “freely”… but, yeah, the thing about Imbued is a need to stay hands off. Most get powers because they feel oppressed… it’s easier to give the wide berth. That said, the laws are very strict on violent crimes committed by Imbued. Aaand while the government may not be trying too hard to enforce anti-cyborg laws… that doesn’t mean they don’t exist and can’t be used.

    Really, it’s one of those complicated legal things that no one’s completely sure what the real laws are at any given moment. Complicated by a mix of need to not piss off Imbued too much, and this being a subject of extensive “morality law” arguments. So. Yeah. Good luck finding consistency.

    Sympathy can’t see technology. But she can see Imbued Objects (or Artifacts… or Gadgets), and the energy imprint on them. Remember- at its core, this is a “magic system”. Magic weapons aren’t a new concept.

    And Transhumans are MOST common in the military… because they’re the only ones who can fit it into the budget.

    It usually takes four or five Imbued working together to be able to create and maintain proper cyborgs.

    To start with, there are so many damn factors involved in the human body and technology and interfacing them… that only Imbued with a specific power to do it even can do it at all. So you have to find a cyborg-maker of some description first. They’re rare. Valuable. And when one signs up with PREP (or other country equivalent), a representative from the national government is knocking on their door in an hour.

    And even then, your cyborg-builder is *only* able to graft machinery into human. That is probably his only power, along with possibly some sensory powers and/or minor healing. Few if any of them can build their own super-tech.

    They’d be able to do relatively small enhancements like hidden weapons compartments, claws that pop out from the wrist, internal cell phones, and the like. But all they can do is install a machine into a person. Not that brain-cellphone isn’t great and all (actually, as far as spy-tech goes, it’s amazing)… but… it’s not exactly Ghost in the Shell.

    Or, with a really high end robots lab lending a hand (I’m going to hell for that pun), they can attach robot parts to amputees. But they don’t magically know how to build robot-parts… so unless they’re a trained robotics engineered as well as being a cybernetics Imbued, they’re well beyond their power’s scope.

    Maybe they could replace your skeleton with metal… but it’s all ordinary earthly metallurgy, and thus generally inferior to (healthy) bone tissue. And the list goes on… they have uses, but they’re not exactly scifi-super-armies in the making.

    So you need other Gadgeteers to build any really powerful gear, small enough to pack into a mere human body. Creating metals that are lighter and stronger than steel for those bones. Produce animatronics that are convincingly agile enough to replace human limbs, while still being stronger than human (if you can’t do that, you’re better off with a healer than a cyborg-engineer). Build vorpal claws or forcefield laticework into the skin. Antigrav fields. Whatever this particular team of Imbued is capable of.

    Then you have to build a power system that runs all these fancy gadgets and doesn’t kill the host or weigh 500 pounds.

    AND THEN, after you finally have the people who can make all this shit and the guy who can plug it into a human body… Maybe now you can finally talk about finding the most capable possible volunteers to undertake the modifications this think-tank designed. Because after all that effort… you’re probably not just looking for some scrub.

    Basically… unless you’re being funded by a government… you almost certainly do not have the resources to build cyborgs. Or, at least, not particularly useful ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Well now that was very informative, thank you I can see why there are not a lot of Transhumans around in the setting now I must say that your modification Ideas are not the ones I had in mind when asking.

    I wasn’t thinking of Metal on bones or claws, i was thinking along the lines of installing Vasculoid in the subject along with Carbon based reinforcement of Muscle tissue and Bones(yes Diamond hard for the bones)same kind of rinforcement on the skin making it blulletproof(well bullet resistant)armor on itself. secondary and Tertiary nevous systems with enhanced induction speed, Intracranial chip with Phone function, internet access as well to special dedicated databases and skill download. Customised eyeballs with EM spectrum vison among other things, protective sheaths on the vital organs along with Back ups as well as photosynthesis system as well as Piezoelectric systems. of course skintight forcefield. As for integrated weapons I would have gone for sound based ones as they have great utility and PEP laser systems possibly in one or more finger. Of course the anti grav system or a magnetic one for Magnetic Levitation, and and drones linked to the brainchip.(Eh if it’s a whole thinktank of Gadgeteers this could fit)

    Now the other point is if they further modify someone who’s already Imbued, eh now that I think of it something like this has potential for Pairbonding or at least good power interactions.

    Ah so Sympathy sees the power in everything not just people as I thought…Oh well I still don’t like her, but then I suspect she is not supposed to be liked.

    And for some reason I am now seeing King Bradley leading an Imbued Special forces team…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right. Like I said, each new stage in development likely requires a new Imbued- and if something breaks, only those Imbued (and a few that have the power, specifically, to work with others’ Gadgets- they’re the Breakers class of Gadgeteers) can do anything to fix it. This makes heavy cyberization pretty much a pipe dream for now.

      Also.. King Bradley would fit right in to a Spec Ops team.


  14. Eh, not that surprising but still the options are there as for the Breaker Gadgeteers I cannot imagine how rare those are or the fuss it makes if one happened to sign up with PREP.

    Now about Sympathy are you going to do more chapters with her as the PoV character in the future books? Like the one about Anima and for that matter will Saphire be a PoV because that could be interesting too.

    Eh yeah, Bradley is perfect for that kind of job and Kitten’s power set would have been a good fit for it too I wagger. damn this is really a side of your world I want to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. You’ll learn a great deal about Sapphire and Sympathy during Anima’s book. They’ll likely get PoV chapters, but I doubt they’ll ever be main characters in a book.

      Not impossible. Just, no plan to see it happen.

      A Black Ops chapter on the other hand? Definitely in the works.


      1. Well good news all around especially about the Black Ops chapter.

        Say I was wondering what kind of abilities would the mix Optimize, Analyse and Awareness create ? In fact I am very interested in what each of those three are capable of i mean Optimize alone seems to have quite a lot of posibilities.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Depends on who gets them. But as a whole, this lends itself to Esper abilities, ones likely angled toward finding perfect solutions to a complex problem. A sort of pseudo-Gadgeteer wouldn’t be amiss, either, with the ability to optimize and improve machinery.


          1. In short I made Accord…Ok then, as for the Gadgeteer side well that’s a power that could bring in great amounts of money and if it works on other people’s Gadgets, yeah.

            And what happens if you Nix Awareness and put force in the Blend instead ?

            Also would a guy who “sees” 10 seconds in the future with enhanced reflexes and Olympic level Physical stats all over with some regen be possible for a Cop who took Imbuement in order to survive an encounter with a Psycho Imbued that turned his buddies into Bone jewelery ?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Hmm… Optimize, Analyze, Force… structural integrity fields are a likely option. Potentially a healer power of the “psychic surgery” variety. Or a touch-kill weapon that rips a body apart internally. Also remember that Sympathy’s power is approximation. “Optimize-Force” could just as easily express as “Pierce-Destroy” if it expresses in that way.

              And, the Olympic-super-cop is possible. But you’re falling into the Worm universe by thinking the cause of an Imbuement has to relate to the powers granted. It does not. And trauma is not how powers are gained… the desperation to accept a deal with the devil even knowing the devil can and will fuck you over… that’s what it takes to Manifest…

              Powers are expressions of the personal ideals of the Imbued. They aren’t necessarily of personality or desire, but the things that the recipient sees as most perfect in this world. Zach got health and the ability to suffer to protect others (he has a few issues, if you hadn’t noticed). Chloe received glowing light and great personal strength to suit her “Warrior Of JUSTICE!!!” mentality. Domenic gained control over steel- the ideal of strength and man’s most ubiquitous tool, from which all our greatest accomplishments and technology is built. Flesh fails, humans are weak, steel is uncompromising and powerful.

              Quash and Starfall had similar natures- a need to control their environments where they thrive while others falter. Anima… all Anima wanted was some friends. Even Mark of Cain and/or combat related Surges follow this trend… though it’s a more specific “I’m not good enough, I need to be better” Ideal than a grand, general Ideal. But all humans come with a desire to be better, so it’s an easy one to respond to.

              A power like you describe… is most suited for someone who holds physical strength up on a pedestal. Don’t know how that grants precog, however…

              Hmm… how about an aging officer, not far from retirement and watching his health and youth vanish, while the future looks bleaker than it did when he was a rookie. All those wasted moments over the years.

              That’s where you get that sort of power set. If Zach’s father got Zach’s blend… it very well might have come to that expression… though it would have snagged Kittens precognitive aspects during the Mark of Cain, while Zach got her Analyze aspect.


  15. Actually I was not asking because I thought trauma shaped the power or was necessary to it, but because in that particular scenario there was an Imbued in the vicinity and that particular detail might have influenced the manifestation even if it is an initial one as opposed to a surge.

    Also the reason I envisioned for our Cop to take the deal was out of desperation to survive the monster he saw use his buddies a raw materials and because he did not want to end like them(yeah the way I envison the event the other Cops did NOT have pretty deaths)

    As for why this power, well I saw this particular cop see the paragon of his profession as a very fit person capable of enduring any hardship with great foresight to face any situation. In short in this particular case he would have become the power’s interpretation of this, with the power taking the foresight part rather litterally and interpreting”enduring harship”with regeneration.

    Now I really like your take on the thing with the Aging officer…And yes I could see Zach’s father with something like this especially given his circumstances and getting the precog through surge yeah.

    Structural Integrity field ? That’s a Trek thing right ? I have never really been into Trek, I love SciFi but trek well just no…Anyway what do those do ?

    Hmm..So Saphire and Chloe have an analoguous mentality, also I must say that for some reason Anima is one of the characters I have the most Sympathy for even though we hven’t seen that much about her yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Structural Integrity Field is more than just Star Trek by far… but it’s basically a forcefield used to reinforce a physical thing. Superman and Chloe both have one. Also essentially how ‘ki’ works in super-power martial arts.

      There’s not a lot between Chloe and Sapphire that’s similar, past a sense of duty. But I won’t go into too much detail; Sapphire’s personality gets explored later.

      Empathy for Anima probably has to do with the general theme of this setting that “more power means more suffering” and Anima’s the most powerful character shown so far.


  16. Hoh, I’ve never called it that nor seen others do it, but eh.

    About Chloe and Sapphire well it was just a supposition because of their respective powers, actually I am rather curious about Sapphire’s personality and how it has been altered by her Pairbond with Sympathy for that matter same goes for Sympathy.

    I guess that might be it, I think that having her as the main character of her own book will be very nice.

    As for using Sympathy’s names for the different powers well they are the only ones we have yet so…

    And last question of this type: what would Restoration/Analysis/Awareness generate in way of powers. ?

    Now when you see the powers through the prisms of their Wielders’ perssonality it is rather interesting to see what Cecelia and Cora ended up with, although things might be a bit skewed on that from since they got their Imbuement through a Mark of Cain event.

    For that matter ever since I have seen her past, and especially Cecelia I see Kitten rather differently than I did before. A victim of those different kinds of abusive monsters who became one herself, with the second monster having been created directly by the first one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aware, Analyze, Restore… something very very good and fixing things. A blend like that is only going to seek out and Imbue someone who’s got a personality to be a fixer.

      Whether that mending is people, objects, or self is reliant on personality of the Imbued.

      Yeah… Cecelia and Cora becoming more and more like their father with each Surge makes sense when you remember he’s the monster that exists in their nightmares… and they themselves have become monsters… what higher ideal does a monster have than its own nightmares?


  17. …That’s actually kind of scary as it means that this blend could go to an insane man thinking that the world is broken and that he needs to fix it,and that can mean “fix” people’s minds changing them to their core or even their bodies themselves, hell that mind extend to powers too with a breaker quality.

    As for fixing oneself well that can be “simple” regeneration or even some form of adaptation by analysing the environement or the minds of the people around to best fit in or thrive in the environement. Hell that could generate a Tank 8

    Aye he who fights monsters and all that and that’s what the sisters did they killed their monster, and yeah them becoming their own nightmare is very sad. You know if cassie had ot received her Imbuement i would think Kitten survived somehow by Surging once more, she was mad enough to go for that. And that character is a testament to your writing skills, at the beginning I hated Kitten, now I just pity her which is no mean feat given the shit she pulled.

    By the way I noticed something reading Sympathy’s second PoV: Nano, when he attacked the Bank he was under the sway of another infiltrator wasn’t he ? The girl he supposedly raped and feels guilty about and who Blackmailed him with him not even thinking about having her killed She’s a more powerful and Subtler infiltrator than he is right ?

    Also is it just me or was it weird the way Zach felt the need to acknowledge the Prostitute in the first chapter ? And why do I see Nano as the type to go see prostitutes ?

    Liked by 1 person

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