New Year, New Book

Death of a Hero should be done around New Years, so I’m thinking forward to the next story in the Price anthology.

While it may be a bit premature, I’m both pleased and disappointed in my work. I’ve gone over the desired wordcount by almost 50k. While I think it was *essential* to draw the readers into Zach’s world the way I did, to get the appropriate impact from the story, I worry some of the early chapters are more “filler” than “material”. In any final draft, I expect to see a lot of those chapters slimmed or destroyed during the editing process.

Also, had a chapter I outright removed for being a mistake to write in the first place. It’ll probably go into a future book, however. So that’s something.

When DoaH (which needs a better final title, I’ve decided) ends, I’ll take a week off and then move on to my second book. I’ve got a list of future books planned below, and the bold ones are the ones I’m considering starting next. By all means, reader feedback requested.

Planned Future Stories: (All have “Price” in front, because I’m a namedropping scumlord who likes puns).

In Triplicate: Possibly the first story that explores the pairbonding effect in significant detail, following the only known bonded trio. Also gives a look at Kitten’s past. There’s the possibility of this being two books, actually.

UnspokenArianna’s story. A story that plans to focus on transgender issues, with a FtM main… and he happens to be a mob princess. Also some thinly veiled jabs at real Chicago politics.

Nothing Given: Tentative title for Anima’s turn as a main character. While it’s the direct sequel to Death of a Hero, it will not be my second book. No matter what, In Triplicate comes first.

Buyer’s Remorse: Sequel to Nothing Given.

Overdue: This book ties the In Triplicate and Death of a Hero series together. As of right now, it’s the final planned book in both series. But, hey, by the time I finish all currently planned books, it’ll be 2018 or so. I’ll probably have more ideas by then.

Paid In Blood: Where we have what is functionally a succubus as a main character. Unsubtle reference and exploration of hypersexuality as a disorder. Treated with respect.

Double Billing: A story of pairbonded siblings, one a hero and one a villain.

Of a Dream: Follows a character whose power is to enter and influence the dreams of other Imbued. A story where I *legitimately* delve into race relations, and the cycle of violence, from both sides of the fence. Sort of indirect sequel to Double Billing.

Rebirth: Featuring a mind control Gadgeteer as the hero protagonist.

Swan Song: Involving a singer, a stalker, and a convoluted murder mystery. From the perspective of the police employed heroes.


11 thoughts on “New Year, New Book

  1. I admit to being interested in how you deal with pairbonds in this world as opposed to Amelia, so I would have to say that In Triplicate would be the one to get my vote. Any will do, however, as long as you keep writing such interesting stuff :)

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  2. I am voting for any of the politically touchy stories – race, trans, or hypersexuality. Many authors stumble on those, or avoid/mitigate them due to potential reader backlash. I would like to see you take on any/all of those issues and write them well. By that measure, I am quite interested in the follow-up from the last chapter – many potential problems remain and I hope you avoid them.

    But in any case, good world, good writing. I look forward to your future works.

    A potential plot hole: many, many Imbued died when taking on Kitten and her sister (Hunter/Killer?). By the Mark of Cain concept, some of those powers should have been reborn into ones that were designed to take her on. Why is Zack the only one going after her?

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    1. It’s not, of itself, a plot hole. For one, Kitten tends to migrate a lot… that makes a difference when your enemies don’t know where you are. Could be dozens of Imbued out there created in her wake.

      For another… don’t forget unreliable narration. Even in-universe, some dismiss the Mark as myth and superstition born of natural fear of just killing all your enemies. Kitten believes it, but she’s also not entirely sane. She also has this thing about ‘destiny’, which may or may not be real. In their world or in our own.

      To borrow from Ferne “I don’t know, all I know is you don’t know, either.”

      Surges, on the other hand, are absolutely known as fact… so… killing just lets your other enemies know that they have nothing left to lose if you’re going after them. Which is a problem whether you believe in the Mark of Cain or not.


  3. I want to vote for “In Triplicate”. I like the premise, and I love your work. I am a setting geek who always reads the fluff for RPGs and MMOs. Some of the trivia I pull out when people ask about games I like is ridiculous. More history and setting material is something I would dive right into, teeth first.

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  4. My money is also Triplicate. Pairbonding sin general sounds interesting, so adding in a third party is exactly the kind of curious thing I would want to read about.

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