Alright. So, as a writer, I have a sort of mixed feeling about “donation interludes”- namely, I hate them. The simple fact of the matter is, either your writing deserves to be part of the story… and thus you shouldn’t charge (extra) for it. Or it does not, and you’re asking money for nothing of value.

(As opposed to just begging for money from readers for the story you’ve given for free anyway… which is totally okay and I’ll freakin’ take every dime of that.)

On the other hand. I would like to make money. So here’s the game plan: Interlewds. Pun intended. Where I’ll write 1k or so snippets of unapologetic smut. Because, hey, if I’m whoring myself out, I may as well embrace it.

They’ll never go into the official story- even if canon pairings. For now, I’ll be putting up ideas and seeing how people like them. The starter is at 30 (us) dollars, price may go up later.

Da Rulez: You can request any pair (or more), as well as various kinks, with the following rules:

Characters and encounters MUST be adults- or at least not creepy young- and consenting. (AKA- don’t want to see any sickos asking for Kitten, but Zach’s almost 17 so he’s clear.)

I’m bi, myself, so gay is an option.

Open minded to various fetishes, but let’s avoid bodily wastes and/or horrific violence in the requests, please? Reason #2 for no Kitten.

No real people, or fictional characters that I don’t own. Obvious legal (or creep) problems with that. You have your own OCs you want introduced in for sexy fun times? We can discuss.


Currently On The Table:

More Laura/Glen (If someone has ideas, hint hint)

Anima’s power based gangbangs. So very not canon. Could include dragons. Don’t necessarily need to involve any human participants, actually. :p

Canon Phoebe Interlewd



Currently Complete:

Story incentives will be linked in the spoiler section as well as here.

Birth of an Imbued: The long, convoluted process with which I spawn new characters.

Interlewd incentives will all be hosted HERE.


16 thoughts on “Interlewds

  1. Quick question …I don’t mind the smut but what about request also? Say request on a filler or backstory of a secondary character. Or as you say to remain totally non cannon historical snippets or a day in the life of someone from your world building.

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  2. I’d like to see a book about a high level maker, and you could do some awesome psychological and theological internal conflicts on having that much power. That and the continental power grab that would realistically happen, as an external conflict that has a lot of potential. I just thought of this on this page if it seems at all unrelated, and let me know what you think.

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    1. You should read Amelia, then. :p

      Also- one of the core rules of Price is that there are no “continental” grade powers. The largest “real” numbers are limited to city wide threats.


      1. Sorry my wording was poor there. I meant that everyone would want someone who could just make things out of nothing on their side. what I was saying about high level was more akin to Zach’s or maybe higher I am not quite sure how they all scale. If each power has its own scale, or they are in a relative effectiveness scale. Also merry Christmas!

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            1. My point is that Maker powers aren’t that special… so there wouldn’t be any special desire to capture or manipulate them past the usual for any other Imbued. As I explained before, there are no “continental grade” powers in Price, so at most this guy could make enough to potentially threaten a small city. And then he’ll be assassinated if he tries.

              Essentially, your request is for something that does not exist in the setting.


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