Price In Triplicate, Chapter 32- Chloe

The funeral was smaller than I’d expected, with only about twenty people. For the first time since I got my powers, I wondered about my lack of grandparents. Before I’d always accepted the story that both my parents were only children whose parents died when I was too young to remember them. Now, given that I knew the majority of Imbued came from broken homes, I had to wonder how much deeper the story went.

I dismissed the thought on the basis that it changed nothing. All it might accomplish was some Freudian excuse for why my parents were scumbags. That wouldn’t make it better, nor would it make what they did acceptable. Plenty of people had fucked up childhoods and didn’t become scum. Near as I could tell, Domenic was one of them.

I looked at the small gathering of Mom’s friends. That was the source of another pressing question: how many of these people wore costumes? Which ones were heroes, which were villains, and which were playing both sides?

I looked at the grave my mother was buried in. Does it even matter? Mom was dead, and everything I had to say to her, every question and accusation, would remain unsaid forever.

These were the thoughts that occupied my time while the officiate rambled on and on, despite his being a stranger with nothing of value to say.

There were Speakers that could do better. Espers with powers that could bring such closure, for both good and ill. Such things were not for the funeral of a woman who was both a hero and a Nazi. Especially not when the deceased was important enough to be first page news.

I slid in my seat to get a little closer to Jay. A Speaker wouldn’t help anyway; my feelings weren’t worth what it would do to my brothers. Even if it might make me feel better, which it wouldn’t, it would devastate them. After what felt like an insulting amount of time, the officiate decided he’d run out of things to say, then Dad stepped up to the podium.

Dad took a minute to gather his thoughts. “I met Amanda twenty-nine years ago, in Boston.” His voice sounded tired, hollow. I ran the math, that would be when Dad was in college. “I was having a bit of difficulty with some people, and this seventeen year old girl jumped into this argument to save this college guy she didn’t know. I found myself wondering who this girl was, where she came from, and how she made everyone there look like chumps.”

Some people chuckled, others sobbed, and I watched in rapt attention as my Dad described a story I’d never heard before. He’s all but confessed they met in costume. He wants people to connect the pair as one in the same without making the announcement himself.

Starfall did have a brief career in the New York region. To the best of my knowledge, Quash only operated here, in Raleigh, but gravity manipulation wasn’t a rare power, and anyone could change costumes and names.

Dad decided he’d let people think long enough. “After she was done chewing them out, she went to town on me and my buddies. I think we would have been better off if she’d just left us to deal with the problem ourselves. A few bruises would have been better than what she did to our egos.”

“Sounds like Mom.” Adam’s voice was loud enough to be heard, but not enough to overshadow Dad’s voice. It was a calculated maneuver, which elicited the murmur of agreement it deserved from the crowd.

“Long story short, she chased my friends off and it was just me and Amanda with our conversation.” Dad let out a sigh. “We went to some dive bar I can’t remember the name of. They carded me, but not her. By the end of the night, I knew I’d found the the most amazing woman in the world.” He paused for just a beat. “She told me so herself.”

Some of the laughs were polite, others legitimate. Despite my mind filling in the blanks with words like ‘racial violence’ and ‘Pairbond Interaction’, I still smiled at the story. Dad again gave us our moment before finishing his speech. “Rest well, Amanda. I’ll pick up where you left off, but I’m afraid I’ll never quite measure up to your standard.”

Dad stepped away and walked toward us, head down. I looked down, something about seeing my dad hurting like this felt wrong. Dad took his seat next to Adam. By some unspoken agreement, it was the furthest position away from me. Adam stood at almost the same moment as Dad sat down, and gave our father a pat on the shoulder before he made his way to the podium.

Adam took a breath once he was in position. “I know I have a bit of a reputation as a speech giver.” He wasn’t wrong. “Mom always insisted I keep that in check, so in honor of her I’ll make this brief for once.”

He turned to look at the grave. “You were always the one who pushed me to try my hardest, and to make certain I knew I was responsible for my own mistakes in life. Because if I messed up, no one would make me as sorry for it as you would. I promise not to slack off in your absence. I love you, Mom.”

True to his word, Adam ended it there. He gave me a meaningful look before sitting on the other side of Jay. I swallowed down my fear before making my way to the podium. I took my place, looking at everyone. My father and brothers, the spattering of other friends and family, the cameras in the back; they all expected me to say something positive about a woman I knew to be a Nazi and fraud.

I looked over at her grave, steeling myself for a performance which needed approval from Truthsayers and loving family alike. “Not long before she died, Mom said something to me that I’ll never forget.” I closed my eyes to keep from crying; no sense in blowing my secret identity on stage. “She told me that as long as I left the world a better place than I found it, she’d be proud.”

I opened my eyes. “It’s a beautiful sentiment.” Even if spoken by a liar. I looked over at her headstone. “I promise I’ll live my life for that goal, Mom.” But my better world will be nothing like yours.

Having performed my part in this show, I hurried back to my seat. I was confident the Truthsayers wouldn’t pick anything damning out of my words, and those who wanted to hear it as an affirmation of my mother would do so. Only Dad and I would know I was condemning her actions in life. It may not have been perfect, but it was enough to keep my integrity without hurting the innocent members my family.


I arrived at the rendezvous point under my own power that night, beating Dad by a fair amount. I wasn’t anywhere near the fastest flyer, topping out at roughly forty miles an hour, but I didn’t have to obey traffic laws.

A number of other heroes and even villains got to the meeting before me. They took positions in clusters that showed their respective alignments.

Included in the bunch were three guys wearing only loose fitting swim trunks, and cheap paper masks. All were pale, scrawny, and covered in way too much body hair. I was surprised they were even here, since I didn’t see them at the last gathering and they certainly didn’t look like professionals.

I almost cried when I saw Domenic’s liquid-steel profile near the corner. Filled with equal parts dread and joy, I dropped down next to him. “Hey, I, uh, didn’t expect you to come.”

He stood perfectly still, but that meant nothing. The way his armor formed made it impossible to know if he turned his head. “It’s a pair of powered serial killers; I can’t go through life wondering if there’s anything I could have done to stop them from taking even more lives.”

Thank God you’re the person I thought you were! I swallowed down my emotion. “Glad to have you.”

“I see you have a new costume.” It was impossible to decide his tone through the distortion of his armor. “The sword’s an interesting touch.”

I let my hand drop to the scabbard. “It’s borrowed. I don’t know if I like it, but for Hunter and Killer, I might need it.” There were far too many eavesdroppers for us to have the conversation I really wanted. “I’m not too clear on what we’re supposed to be doing. Did someone find out where they’re hiding?”

“We’re distractions.” Domenic turned his head this time, to look at where Judge, Jury and Executioner stood. “Or, that’s what the trio’s been telling us.”

Distractions. I traced my hand along the sword. I’m not here to be a distraction.“My powers are better on the front line.”

“Sorry, Mushroom,” a velvet female voice spoke behind me. I swirled only to find my face inches from Jury’s impressive cleavage. “That’s precisely why you’re best suited to run distraction.”

I leapt back, and held myself in mid air. I looked back at where Jury’s partners stood. I hadn’t seen her move at all, but she was no longer there. Wiki said she was some kind of illusionist. “How did you-“ know what my parents call me?

“We were doing this for a living while you were in diapers, Mushroom.” Jury’s perfect smile was visible; her mask started at the bridge of her nose. “But this is still the beginning of the show, and Judge is the the opening act.”

“You shall keep the monsters fearful in their shelter.” Judge’s voice was everything I imagined Death Itself to sound like. Bone being splintered by some medieval torture device couldn’t have sounded any more horrible. “As they cower, I shall follow the scent of their sins. There they shall be dispatched.”

“Translation: they’re hoping that if we’re running patrol, Hunter and Killer will stay inside while they sweep the city.” Domenic’s voice, distorted as it was, was a welcome sound compared to Judge. “I’m guessing Judge’s power can see through other forms of protection, so all they have is a range limit. If the psycho twins stay in one place, it’s just a matter of time before they’re found.”

“You are a smart boy.” Now Jury was right up in front of Domenic. I didn’t see her move, not even vanishing and reappearing like one would expect of teleportation. She simply went from being in one place to being in another. “Tall, dark, handsome and smart. Where were you when I was your age?”

That bitch! She’s flirting with Domenic like I’m not even a factor. The fact that I wasn’t a factor was irrelevant.

“In diapers, apparently.” Somehow, Domenic managed to convey snark through his armor. I almost giggled, but thankfully kept my dignity. I didn’t bother to hide the smile on my face.

“Such a pity.” My head snapped to where Jury was now standing next to her partners. When did she teleport? Did she teleport? Was it just illusion alone? And if her illusions are that good, can I trust any of my senses? “The night is wasting, so we’d best get to the job. The visible forces go out and stay as visible as possible. We’ll search block by block until we have them spotted. That’s when we call in, but don’t be surprised if we have their heads before you get there.”

Right, heads. “That might not kill them,” I added. “Their powers include extreme regeneration.”

“Thank you for the intel. I won’t ask how you got it, Mushroom.” I found myself wanting to punch Jury. “Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to tip you out of our bounty.”

“Assuming you get to it before I do.” One of the swimsuit guys said. I guess he was the leader, since he stood in front of the others. “They beat a luck manipulator, I expect Espers will have worse luck than Trackers.”

“Hmm, you may be right, Puppy.” Jury’s smile never wavered. “If anyone could beat us, it would be you. May the best trio win.” Jury and her partners all vanished, but we didn’t notice until Jury said ‘trio’.

The almost naked guy just shook his head and chuckled. “I love that bitch.” He turned to his companions. “Well, you heard the lady.”

All three of them hunched over as growls emanated from deep in their throats. Their bodies bulked up, growing muscle like pumping up a balloon while their hair became dense to the point of fur. Their loose swim trunks now looked like they were was painted on. Their faces had become muzzles, and their hands and feet sprouted deadly looking claws. In the end, they stood easily eight foot tall and had to be a half ton of solid muscle each.

“To the hunt, brothers,” the leader’s voice was now an inhumanly deep rumble. He took a running start, then jumped off the building. His ‘brothers’ joined him. They didn’t seem too worried about the idea of dropping three stories to the concrete below. That’s the guy who healed me. No wonder he stopped when he did.

Some others took flight, and a few started their way down the fire escape. I turned to Domenic. “So, what do we do now?”

“I have a route Jury gave me. I wasn’t sure you’d be here, so…”

“I guess that works. I can carry you. It would be more visible, right?”

“Yeah.” Domenic’s armor started to shift, creating handlebars for me to grip.

“Just point the way.” I took hold and then took flight.

Unlike usual, I stayed upright. Domenic would point, and I’d jump. We went that way for about half an hour before I set down in a parking garage, entering at roughly the third floor. “I need a break,” I answered his question before he asked. I was down to roughly a quarter power, and not recovering as fast as I was accustomed to.

“Sorry, it wasn’t planned with you in mind.”

“I guess it wouldn’t be.”

“I can draw out a better map for us to follow next time.”

It was a sweet offer, but I had to turn it down. “No, it might give hints to my power’s weaknesses.” Especially given Jury’s crazy Esper powers that let her know my childhood nickname. “Better just to follow the plan as it exists right now.”

Domenic stood silent for a minute. “Sorry. You’re right. So, umm, you weren’t in school today. And everyone wanted me to send their wishes. I, well, didn’t have the heart to tell them we broke up. Or however it works. I can give you the notes when you pick up your stuff.”

“Is that why you came out tonight?” I kinda wished he’d uncover his face, if only a little, so I could look at him while we talked. “To tell me that?”

“No. I was talking to my sister, and she said something that made me realize I couldn’t just sit back and do nothing.” I wondered what possible conversation that could have been. “Maybe I don’t agree with your reason for hunting down Hunter and Killer, but I can’t deny that they need to be stopped. I’d be a monster if I didn’t at least try to help. And, I wanted to apologize for being a jerk Saturday.”

My heart jumped. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed, as hard as I could without kicking my powers on. “You don’t have to apologize. I should apologize for being such a selfish bitch.”

“Well, maybe we can both apologize, how’s that sound?” Domenic’s hand found its place on my shoulder.

“It sounds really good.” Even pressed up against cold steel, I felt warm inside.

“So does that mean we just had a fake break up and make up?”

“I guess so.” I found myself smiling, and for the first time since Mom died I was genuinely happy, if only for a moment. “So is that why you told off Jury when she was flirting with you?”

“That and she creeps me out in ways I can’t begin to describe. I’m going with Wiki’s theory that she’s really a dude. If my girlfriend’s going to be fake anyway, I’d at least like the ‘girl’ part to be real.”

I smiled. “Well, I got that covered at least.”

“Running off to have a quickie in the middle of a mission?” A female voice echoed through the empty structure. I glanced around, trying to find the source of the words. “Sounds like something I would do.”

A girl stepped out. She was slender, with a lean musculature which reminded me an awful lot of my own body type. Her skin tone was darker, a natural tan that went with her black hair and dark eyes. Behind her was another girl who looked much the same, though with unnaturally red hair. “Got room for two more?”



24 thoughts on “Price In Triplicate, Chapter 32- Chloe

  1. Know what I hate? I hate speech chapters. I despise them. If I had my way I’d never have to do one in my life.

    On the plus side, I happen to enjoy werewolves and awkward, awkward romances. Just not both at the same time because bestiality is gross. Not as gross as necrophilia (damn vampires), but still quite gross.

    So anywho… this was another huge chapter. You guys can show your appreciation with adoring praise, recommending me to all your friends, finding typos, and voting for me.

    Or sending me money. Won’t hear me complaining about that.

    Next chapter is going to be Cecelia’s… I am looking forward to it from a story development perspective… not so much from a personal standpoint… serial killer headspace, not a place I like to visit.


  2. Heh they expected a team called Hunter\Killer to go to ground when being hunted? Some people just aren’t as smart as they would like to think…or on second thoughts maybe it was a ruse to get lots of tasty tasty targets in motion, targets that would last at least a little while until the group running things get there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eh good chapter, I loved Quash’s recounting of how he met Amanda and how they ended together, plus it explains Starfall’s emotion spike when cecelia mentioned post rescue fun in the Chapter where Starfall bit it. Chloe mental commentaries were nice too as was her little speech, also reading that I wondered if Myriad was in attendance(yes given what we learned about her and her crush on Quash I am curious about that character and hope we shall see her soon)

    there is quite a crowd gathered to hunt down the duo and they all seem rather interesting.

    The werewolf trio is a nice touch with a gifter and two normals he gifted to help him, eh that’s what the guy that healed Chloe does when he pushes his power with the healing being a mere side effect of the true power. So that means the people being gifted had to train themselves to bear the power since the pack leader(Puppy ? Funny when you know that Cora will eventually be called Kitten)indicated he had to stop his power because Chloe was not trained. Eh wonder what ind of guy gets the power to be a Werewolf and make others…Also given the gifted’s apparent abilities that guy must be rather valuable.

    Jury is rather interesting too, especially given that she seems to know about Chloe’s life well at least enough to know the childhood nickname her family gives to her, and I am sure that knowledge does NOT come from an Esper power. For that matter I wonder what her real power is, I mean people think she is an illusionist but is that really it ?(of course Kitten file mentions that her power renders illusion useless on her so it stands to reason that she has fought and beaten illusion using Imbued and thus Jury could be one of those, or the one in case she only beat one)because for some reason I could see her letting people think that that’s what she does.

    Also once again interesting interaction with Domenic and Chloe once again being jealous which shows again that the two of them are Pairbonding more and more and that it influences them which is not a good thing at all…Is it normal that I find Pairbonding to be a rather scary thing ?

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  4. Anyone who reveres nature, strength, and the bond between brothers could theoretically get a power of werecreature production. I may never get the chance to say it in story, but his name is Loup-Garou (although that’s closer to a team name, with him being Alpha)… he’s a Canadian war vet, and his power does have nasty side effects.

    Chloe wound up with extra hair, hunger, and a general sickly pallor that came from even a brief taste. The people who experience it regularly deal with much worse. It also influences emotions, making people unusually emotional… but Chloe was already quite upset so it didn’t make much difference for her.

    For those who are exposed over long periods of time? It’s dependency forming, and his brothers will die without him.

    Expect to see more of Jury’s abilities later. You can’t expect me to build the team up this much and not give them a fight sequence, can you?

    Also… yeah, I find the Pairbonds rather creepy, myself. I leave it up to the individual viewers to have their own opinions on them… but a lot of people in universe think they’re fucked up and horrifying. Others argue that you’re finding your soul mate. Neither can be proven, both can be argued. Whether in setting or out of it.


  5. Hoh, Loup garou…J’imagine donc que ce monsieurs est Québécois and if he came from there that means that Quash has quite the pull(normal for someone having gravitational powers)but then he is rather wealthy.

    Also rather interesting criteria for someone to develop such powers, that’s the kind of thing that could most likely be seen a lot in ancient Druids and Shamans.(which may have created the werecreature legends in the first place in priceverse by the by was Dracula real there ?)

    Boy those are some nasty side effects and I would say that this is Guru material right there, I would say this is easily a Gifter 3.5 /4.

    Actually I do have a theory about Jury’s power: She is not an illusionist but a Breaker of some sort and that she somehow copies her partners’ power and uses them together as well as those of any other Imbued she can get a hold on. i think the”borrowed” powers have a limited number of uses and that when those are shot she has to recharge at the source with whatever method she uses to get the other’s abilities. Case in point in this chapter: She moved around using the power she borrowed from Executioner(whom Wiki said is a teleporter as well as a superstrong brawler) and used Judge’s Esper power to know stuff about Chloe(of course if that theory is right is blows my other one about Jury knowing Chloe’s family enough to know her childhood nickname)and when the three of them disappeared they used both jury’s charge of Excutioner’s power and Excutioner’s power to teleport away.

    Also I think she is really just that hot and might have gotten that way because of her Imbuement and I am also sure that she somehow doesn’t age anymore.

    About the Pairbondings yeah…so it’s not just me good to know.

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  6. Well, LG’s been around long enough to be a long-running rival with JJ&E. More money to be made monster-hunting in the ‘States, you see. As long as you’re willing to sign the right forms and kiss the right asses, you can get away with murder. And then get paid for it.

    Also, in what country other than the USA could a violent mostly-naked wolfman that eats red meat raw off the still-struggling cow truly feel at home?

    Dracula was definitely a real thing in Price… because bipolar sorcerer that can’t die… yay.

    As was the story of Frankenstein. Actually one day want to write a story which focuses on Frankie’s castle and his monster, but I need more familiarity with Europe to make that work. I know precisely shit and jack about Ingolstadt, as an example.

    It would be kinda cool to retell the story of Frankenstein through the lens of modern historical investigators chasing the clues in the story. But I’d need to be a historian to do it right, and I little more than a dabbler on the subject.

    As far as Jury’s powers? Still not gonna reveal anything.


  7. I meant to ask this last chapter, but is Chloe’s nickname “Mushroom” an Amelia shoutout, or just a happy coincidence. Because every time I read it it made me chuckle. Although as far as we’ve been shown her DNA is probably not even that fungal…

    Good chapter, as always. I think you actually nailed it with the speeches, they felt pretty on point as far as the family and what they said went. I’m also glad that Dom realized that he is exactly the kind of guy that would kick himself if someone got hurt because of the killers in his city, and he didn’t do anything to help stop them.

    I’m on the fence on whether Dom and Chloe will actually get together by the end of the story. On the one hand, it feels like she is starting to notice that she has feelings for him and that sexuality is not a strict binary system. On the other hand, Tananari hates his readers happiness and those two are just ripe for tragedy. I’m pretty much in “Hope for the best, get tissues ready for the worst” mode.

    Jury is pretty interesting. I’m kind of leaning on the idea that the whole team is a single, very strong Imbued with crazy strong illusion powers. If those illusions were so good that they could affect people physically it would let them fake a ton of interactions. If Jury receives feedback from their illusions (sight, sound, etc.) then they could also double up as scouts and spies. Taken together Jury could “sniff out the Sins” of someone by tracking them with tiny illusions, then off them with a solid-illusion.

    I don’t actually expect that to be what is going on, but I do always love a good bit of misdirection when it comes to powers. And illusion feels like the natural pick for that.

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  8. Eh, understandable the guy went for that as it is a good way for him to make money and have his entertainement, I wonder about the rest of his pack though given the Alpha’s power side effects: Are they guys who were with him when he first got his power and only discovered the side effects afterwards and thus stuck with him or are they people who volunteered for some reason knowing what to expect ?

    As for what other country a violent half naked Wolfman eating meat from still living cows could feel at home in ? I would say Russia

    Ah, so Dracula was real uhm to be expected in retrospect eh he must be one of the most well known Vampire package and he was a gifter too…heh wonder if some Imbued play the whole bunch of vampire clichés because they have the fitting power sets. BTW a pity Ferne died before we could see the results of her using her power on an imbued who’s not Zach.

    Yeah historical works are hard to do properly without proper research, btw do when you say you want to make one on Frankenstein do you mean for the Priceverse setting or an independant one ?

    As for Jury, I also thought about her being her whole team(or at least one of them being the whole team)but I do not think that’s it I realy think they are three Imbueds, on the other hand the threee of them Might not have been present for the gatherng, with Judge and Executioner already hunting while Jury(if she is an illusionist which I still think is either just a part of what she can do or a cover for her real power)attended and made illusions of her team mates to cover for them.
    About Jury I will also add that I noticed that unlike most if not all powers there was not Light or even sound effect when she moved which I think has some signifiance.

    Also I am not asking anything to be revealed about her power before it is in story, but you said you liked speculation so well I speculate.Besides I think that we might see her and her team in some of the other books(yes even if they get killed here somehow because non linear stories )


  9. Nah. If he was Russian they’d be bears.

    I’m not sure what all I plan to reveal about Loup Garou in the future, so I won’t go into too much detail right now. He might even become a more integral character in a future book.

    Frankenstein as a character in the Price setting, yeah… it might be cool as its own universe setting as well, but I feel it has a lot to offer for exploring Price’s culture across Europe. The original Frankenstein traveled everywhere from Germany to Scotland to the arctic circle and focused heavily on obsession.

    This story would be much the same, with our heroic researcher following the trail left in the book as well as various other notes. Also lots of character exploration. Not much by way of action, but obsession and madness are their own fun drama, right?


  10. …Point about the Bear thing, still in story Loup garou is not a US citizen and feels right at home there, I was merely point that Russia would also make him feel right at home. Eh wonder what Imbued are like there.

    Ah good, so he is one of those characters that once you write them you feel you need to include them more even if it was not the plan.

    Yeah that would be a very nice story and a good way to learn about Europe in Priceverse. Germany has a lot of potential for this as it would be nice to show how Imbued are perceived there after WW2 and everything that came from it, especially if people at large believe Hitler was an Imbued himself.

    Also character exploration is always a good thing and the turmoil in of people’s mind can make great stories indeed.

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    1. I know. Was trying to be funny.

      Well, most of my characters are like that. I have a habit of testing my secondary characters out in minor roles, and if I like them I expand on them. If not, they’re forgotten.

      Laura and Genius Loci both got that treatment, actually.


  11. Okay…So the Joke got completly over my head, though a Russian citizen getting Loup Garou’s set might indeed end up as a Werebear if I understood the rules correctly, mah that might actually be terrifying when you think about it.

    Ah, so that might explain why Flux got saved by Cura and gets to be on Zach’s…er…Laura’s team. Now I must say I like Laura quite a bit, Genius Loci is not bad either now I wonder about the forgotten.

    Eh, Kitten first appeared in DoaH and we get her story now I wonder if there are some appearing her whose story we will get in one of the other books, hell perhaps even main characters of thos books. by the By have you decided on which is next(not asking you to tell me which it is, only if you have already chosen)

    By the way does Lying qualify for Judge’s power ? because if it does that’s a good way to use his powr to know a lot of things about people since EVERYONE lies.

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    1. Vertigo, as an example. I gave her an interlude and complex backstory and everything… but she just wasn’t interesting for me, and so she died.

      Lanza turned out to be more fun to write. So he lived.

      Honestly… In Triplicate’s come to the point where I’ll need to write its *sequel* before moving back to Zach’s story. I’ll either do that right away… or I’ll jump to Unspoken then come back for In Triplicate 2.

      Judge’s power’s pretty sensitive… but the greater the sins, the “louder” it is for him. At the same time, since no one is completely pure, there’s a lot of background noise he has to push through to locate the target.


  12. Oh well…Eh that means we will get to see Lanza again and Cura too, I must say that from those two I find Cura to be the most intriguing and potentially interesting.

    Hoh, well then this makes me even more curious about the rest of this particular book I expect things to kick into even higher gear once we have our triplicate revealed/made.

    Unspoken ? Hmmm…so no Paid in Blood or Rebirth (granted it was farfetched still I had hope, I mean Mindcontrolling Gadgeteer as the MC what’s not to like ?)? Pity that, oh well…

    Yeah this guy seems to be a very well adjusted person as there is no way at all that his power could drive him mad, no sir. The things this guy must learn about people…eh the twins must be shining beacons to him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just to make things clear: I have nothing against Unspoken as exploring the Outfit and it’s working in a world with Imbued as well as the story of a Transgendered person and all the issues that come with it(by the way, since Imbuement can modify bodies as seen with Glen or to a lesser extend Shadowboxer or the guy from Los Fieles can’t things like gender change happen ?)but the other two I mentioned just seem more appealing to me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, gender’s a psychological condition, so it doesn’t exactly get touched by powers. Biological sex- either apparent or even genetic- can be altered, but powers do not touch the brain of the recipient, except to plug in new sources of data.


        1. You are right my bad, in fact I don’t really know why I wrote gender instead of sex…Brainfart I guess, then again I worte that whole comment rather hastily.

          Now, with it being established that Imbuement can change biological sex Arianna must have been bummed when she did not get that as part of her blend(I mean I am pretty sure she didn’t)even though she might have gotten an otherwise Nice/Useful power.

          Liked by 1 person

  13. > “Hey, I, uh, didn’t expect to come.”

    … makes a little more sense if she’s saying “didn’t expect you to come”?

    –Dave, no, get your filthy minds back up in the gutter


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