Price In Triplicate, Chapter 33- Cecelia

Cora put her arms around me. Even though I’d lost most of my shapeshifting when my powers changed, I still kept some abilities. Abilities my sister now had, alongside the power to know how to fight and kill anything. How long until she points that power at me?

“Cecelia, we should go.” She was still new; she didn’t realize she no longer needed to be afraid of anything. “They’re scary and my power says we can’t beat them. We need to leave the city.”

My fate-sense agreed with her. Nine out of ten possible choices led to our deaths, usually at the hands of the werewolves or the super creepy Esper. It was like navigating a hurricane while trying keep a candle from going out. Still, the call of Fate drew me forward. “This is Fate, Cora. You can sense the dance, can’t you?”

“Sort of.” She clenched a little harder, trembling, but it was fading as she dipped into her power. “It’s not as clear for me, you know that.”

My one advantage over you, Sister. “That’s because you’re not looking hard enough. You’re too caught up in what you see, try looking for what you don’t see.” I pointed at the glowing girl in the sky, hoping from one building to the next, and the steel covered man she carried. “What don’t you see?”

She looked, dipping into the strings of chance and possibility. Her power was so elegant and beautiful in its singular purpose. I was getting turned on just from watching. “I don’t see anything. There’s no way for us to win that fight.”

Disappointment cooled my excitement. She found half the answer I wanted. “I don’t see anything, either.” It wasn’t the girl that stood out, despite her glow, but the man she carried. The calm in the midst of the storm, his bladed armor slicing the threads of Fate with the same ease it could human flesh. “He’s invisible to Fate.”

“Is that even possible?” Cora tugged my arm.

“No, nothing escapes Fate. That’s why we have to face them. It is its own form of Fate.” It wasn’t just that the boy had power, he had a power that should have been impossible. “He’s my mirror, you see. I craft my flesh, he crafts steel. I dance with Fate, and he defies it entirely.” He offends me. He has a power over me like no one since… “You see it as clearly as I do, right?” There is no world in which both of us are allowed to exist. “It’s our Destiny to fight each other.”

“But you might die.” Cora bit the back of my neck. “Wouldn’t it be more fun to just leave and let them search for us forever? We could watch and laugh from Canada. I don’t want you to die.”

The idea was tempting, but the idea of letting that boy survive was intolerable. I preferred death to allowing him to live in the same world as I. “Alone I probably would, but with you-” I could hear the hammering of her heart. “We’re sisters forever, not even death can separate us.” Her heart calmed, and knew her answer before she spoke.

“Okay. If it gets bad, my power says we can still outrun them.”

Not an option, not while he lives. “I can get us to them without a problem.” He might have been invisible, but the girl was nothing special. I followed the strings as best I could, brief glimpses at a time. I didn’t have the power to alter them or create new possible futures the way my power’s prior owner did. All I could do was grab hold of a path follow until I reached the destination.

If Cora ever learned how pathetic this new power was, how little it did, she might leave me. I was weaker now than before, and my sister so much stronger. At least her new power could do something. My only real advantage as being able to see where others twisted the threads of Fate to their own ends. Except that boy.

It took us the better part of an hour, ducking through alleys and taking advantage of our speed. They knew we were shapeshifters, so they relied on Espers and Trackers. They hoped to take away our mobility, and so staying mobile was our best weapon.

The targets went into a parking garage through one of… whatever those openings parking garages used were called. Much as I loathed to admit I didn’t already know, I looked at Cora and asked the question. “Did they realize we’re following them?”

“I think they’re taking a break to have some fun.” Cora’s voice trembled a bit. Paths bloomed where Cora and I could have some fun of our own; she always was a voyeur. “And now that we’re closer, I think the guy was hurt before. Sorta like what I saw from Starfall. It’s weird, I don’t know where it comes from.”

Like Starfall? Is it damage caused by twisting Fate? Still, I can use that. Just knowing he could be wounded made me feel a thousand times better. “You’re the best, sis.” I trailed a hand up between her thighs. “Let’s get closer.” I hoped that after we dealt with the boy whose power defied Fate, I’d have some fun with his girlfriend. I wouldn’t allow him to live long enough for Cora to enjoy.

They were holding each other when we got up the stairs. Both still clothed, but it they weren’t the first supers to do it with their costumes on. It quickly became clear they weren’t going to do more than just hold each other, however. I picked that moment to step out.

“Running off to have a quicky in the middle of a mission?” They jumped, turning toward us. Violent, bloody paths opened up from the girl. She hates us. We can use that, too. “Got room for two more?”

“C- Daybreak! Stop!” The boy shouted, but the girl was already rushing us, sword drawn.

She screamed something, but the crackle of energy made her voice impossible to understand. I dipped away, pushing my power into speed. It was easy to avoid her attacks; she was all power, no finesse. Each path was simple to grab, every move easy to predict. The frustration was there was no way to hit her back. She is stronger than us.

“You can fight her alone,” I said to Cora. She couldn’t win, but she wouldn’t lose either. Pushing more power into my legs, I dived under one of the girl’s amateurish attacks and right for the steel covered boy.

Where she was unskilled and stupid, he was just slow. Faster than anyone in hundreds of pounds of metal should have been, but both human and injured. Against me, he may as well have been a statue.

I kicked him in the neck, since it was the most likely place to be vulnerable. My foot collided not with joints and mesh, or even liquid metal, but with solid, unbending steel. Spines sprouted under my foot, but I was already rolling away. I jumped forward again, pretending to aim a claw for his genitals. In predictable male fashion, blades formed to protect him there, but that left him vulnerable to the claws on my toes.

I kicked right under his armpit, and my enhanced hearing caught the crunch of shattered bone. Unfortunately, it was my bones. Pain exploded from my foot before I turned it off. Cutting off my sense of pain meant I was slower than I should have been. Against anyone else, it would be a problem, but metal-boy wasn’t good enough to take advantage.

I flipped backwards on my hands, only to have to jump sideways when he swung a ten foot long saber at me. Sparks flew where the blade hit the concrete. I sensed it coming through enhanced hearing, rather than my new power.

I can beat him, I’m smarter and stronger and more skilled and better in every way, but he’s impossible to hurt. “It’s not fair!” It wasn’t until I heard my voice echo through the garage that I realized I’d said it out loud.

“Welcome to life.” Metal-boy’s words were joined with another slash of his weapon, which had shifted to be something closer to a spiked bat. It was easy to avoid, but the second blade that popped out of his left hand almost caught my shoulder. “Hold still. It won’t. Be your problem. Anymore.”

His breathing was pained. If I keep this up, maybe he’ll do me a favor and pass out from earlier injuries. I can kill him then, while he’s vulnerable, just like… “No!”

I launched forward, attacking with instinct and speed, too close for him to use those weapons of his. I had to have hit him a dozen times, but every one was stopped by his armor.

There are no flaws, no weaknesses. I don’t have the power to get through, and my senses aren’t giving me a path to victory. I jumped back, sparing a glance at Cora. She wasn’t having much better luck than I was. The girl had a weakness, a limit to how much damage her shield could take. But Cora and I didn’t have the power to get break through.

We’re not good enough. We killed Him, and we’re still not good enough! I felt the pressure around me, of storm of power waiting for me, and all I had to do was open the gates.

“Cecelia, what are you doing?” I barely noticed Cora’s voice, or metal-boy’s attacks; I could evade those in my sleep. I needed a power that could get through this metal, and hurt the man underneath. I needed a way to hurt him, or at least hold him in place long enough to break him.

I will not let them win, I will not allow myself be weak. “I am not a coward.” I broke the dam, allowing myself to be swallowed in my power, no matter what it cost me.

The threads changed, dancing in chaos as I defied Fate’s will, and it selected the punishment for my hubris. I would pay for what I did, it was inevitable, but it would not happen today.

Orange light danced across my fingertips. Fate roiled in confusion as my new power and punishment locked in place; Cora had followed my lead.

Hopefully this time her power isn’t better than mine.

I jumped forward, and where I struck the metal, orange lightning danced across his armor only to vanish into the ground. I have electricity attacks.

It was a solution, at least. I was faster, too, my muscles answering to thought-generated electricity rather than waiting for signals from my brain. I could be stronger, if I wanted, but using that strength would destroy my body.

Cora went after her target while I tore into mine. Purple light radiated around her, creating flecks of ice on her body. Armor plates of frozen water protected her, and now I could see Cora’s power was again stronger than my own.

My lightning only slowed the boy down. Electricity always took the easy route, and metal is easier than human bodies, so the energy was going around instead of through him. My power was normal energy, and energy could be controlled.

Meanwhile, my sister’s power drained all heat from what she touched. If she used it on the boy, it would cut through his armor like he was naked. Against the girl with her forcefield, it would take longer, but it would get through her defense in a few minutes.

The girl screamed, dropping to the ground and holding her leg. Or it could take seconds. My Fate-threads were confused; it never should have been that quick. Cora’s combat senses are stronger than they were, she found a weak spot to strike.

She is so much stronger than I am, now.

I screamed as I hit the boy with everything I could. My maximum power, whatever that measured out to be, poured into his metal. He stumbled, but was still not harmed by the attack. Why can’t I hurt him?! I paid the price, I’m supposed to be strong enough now! That’s how it works! Then I felt the flow of his metal infused with my electricity.

I smiled, while my fingers sank into the metal. I could feel his panic and fear as I peeled away the armor, shaped it with my power. That’s how I can beat him. My power was less obvious than Cora’s but it gave me what I needed. I thanked the source of my powers as I felt into the very mind of the boy. I could claim my victory with a simple pulse to stop his heart, but that was not what I craved.

My hands full of the boy’s liquid metal, I yanked back, extracting a beautiful spear of solid steel. Its liquid state lost now that it no longer touched the rest of his metal. So that’s his weakness, he’s limited to touch range.

So am I, but I have ways around that. I raised the spear even while pumping electricity into it. Fear radiated from the boy. He thinks I’m going to kill him. And I will, but not yet.

I turned to face the girl, now struggling to fend off Cora. One leg was useless, her sword nearly frozen, and barely enough power left to stay in the air. She wouldn’t last much longer with or without me, but the kill had to be mine. The boy panicked, realizing what I was about to do. I followed the threads of Fate, allowing me to throw the spear with perfect skill and accuracy. Either the electricity would cook her, or she’d live long enough for the metal to pierce her heart-

Oh god! What have I done!?

The threads of Fate danced around the girl, highlighting her beauty and her death. She’s dead. She’s going to die. I killed her. I didn’t even register the blade that stabbed through my side; the physical pain meant nothing to the emotional.

I reached out at the spear that left my fingertips somewhere between an instant and an eternity ago. I can’t stop it. I can’t save her. Please, if there’s anything resembling a God out there, don’t let her die.

Through my tears, I watched the spear explode into the liquid metal I pulled it from. How? The strands of fate retreated, reshaping themselves as they tried to answer the impossible. Before they could decide, the electricity charged metal splashed all over the girl.

The garage exploded with all the fury of the most powerful lightning strikes. My eardrums exploded, and I only stopped moving because I slammed into a concrete pillar hard enough to break most of the bones in my body.

I pieced myself back together, healing my ears and eyes before focusing on the rest of my injuries. Cora, too, was busy healing. I could see the girl, wounded but alive. Instead of cooking her like that much electricity should have, it restored her shield to full strength and beyond. I never felt such relief before in my life.

I rushed toward Cora, putting my hand on her shoulder. “We’re running.”

She looked at me. “But, they’re vulnerable, we-”

“No!” I couldn’t allow them to die, not now. I sought a believable excuse. “Everyone in the city heard that explosion! We need to run!”

Cora nodded. She followed me out of the parking garage window. A five story fall was nothing either of us had to fear. It was painful, but only ten seconds of healing and we were running faster than any human, or most wild animals, could ever hope to move.

“Cecelia? What’s wrong? You feel scared.”

Scared? Is that what I’m feeling? No, I’m not scared, I can’t be. “Just rattled is all. We’ll be back for them after I figure out what happened.”

“Okay, I’m just worried is all.”

I smiled; she was sweet in a crybaby sort of way. “Don’t worry about me. I’m the older sister. I protect you, remember?” Even if you’re stronger than me now.

“Right.” I wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth, or using her power to fake it. My senses weren’t good enough to tell, anymore.

Around us, the sound of yipping and howls started.

I pushed electricity into my fingertips. “Besides, I don’t think our fun’s done for the night.” I shivered as Cora’s power dropped the temperature around us to well below freezing.



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    1. Consider my back patted. Although I definitely did not see the exact circumstances of the triple bond happening. Of course, I am pretty sure that when I suggested it Cecelia hadn’t had her first Surge, so guessing she would have a second, and that it would electricity based, and able to interact with Dom’s metal and Chloe’s shield, would have required some serious leaps of imagination. Or possibly just a high level esper ability.

      Speaking of powerful abilities and shiny lights, is there a list of which colors correspond to what power level? I know in the Setting page you mention not wanting to give it all away, but I feel like it was mentioned enough in story or the comments to warrant at least a minor list. Just a thought, and I’ll readily admit it is because I feel too lazy to hunt through all of DoaH and its comments to figure it out on my own. So I can’t really complain if you shut that idea down.

      I know that the sisters’ chapters are a pain to write, but I am really hoping for either another Cecelia chapter in the near future, or a Cora one. Just for the scene where Cecelia explains/gives excuses for why they can’t kill Domenic and Chloe now. She is either going to have to explain to her sister that she has found the two people she is Destined to be with, and neither are her. Or try to feed her a believable lie while also trying to get near Dom and Chloe again. Don’t forget, pairbonds have the effect of making the people involved highly invested in being together and maintaining it.

      I am also going to go ahead and speculate that Cora kills Cecelia in the end, once it becomes apparent that Cecelia is willing to abandon her to be with Chloe and Dom. Cora is officially at the power level we know from DoaH, which includes her super murdersenses. And Cecelia has mentioned multiple times in this chapter that Cora is now stronger than her, despite the multiple Surges. Considering Cecelia’s willingness to Surge when things get tough (and boy is that a noticeable departure from most Imbued) and the fact that each time Cora has not only also surged, but come out stronger, it seems only natural that the only person who could put Cecelia down for sure is Cora. Anyone else would just risk her Surging again to win the fight.

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      1. I have the color and voice codes memorized. Can’t remember everything I revealed in the story thus far, but the internally consistent rules were created before ever starting the story.

        Imbued with a single primary colored are Stage One- it’s not *absolutely* true, but in general these are the weakest powers. They’re certainly the least versatile abilities, since they can only really do one thing. The psycho sisters actually got *very* strong Stage One abilities. Wiki’s a Stage One- and his is actually rather good, but the drawbacks are awful.

        Two primary colors is Stage Two. They have a second power and their first is usually changed to fit in with their new ability. Cecelia’s all pissy because she thinks her second power made her weaker- it didn’t. She definitely has fewer shapeshifting options, but the versatility of her Esper ability is freakin’ huge.

        It also went out of its way to show her how unfavorably she holds up (in combat) against most other Imbued, because sometimes your Price is the mirror from Snow White mocking you inside your own brain.

        Stage Three have a secondary color between their two primaries. This color falls in line with most “superhero” Imbued. They’re generally the top 10% of Imbued power levels- they’re the ones who are built for war. They’re also the ones who’ve been fucked over enough by their powers that they often don’t have a life waiting for them after their war is over, if indeed it’s ever over. Altered Imbued are also, typically, at this stage.

        Stage Four are the ones who can create black or white colors. Thus far, only two have been seen in the story, none in this book.

        Of course, these rules get broken often enough that no one trusts them completely. You have Imbued like Domenic and Jury who don’t create color at all. Both have stealth functions built into their powers (as if that wasn’t obvious). You also have Imbued who create illusions, and thus colors not associated with their power stage.

        As for sound-based power distortions? I haven’t explained how that works. Thus far your examples are Kitten, Anima, Domenic, Chloe Genius Loci, and Judge.

        Also: each color has a meaning. Red powers differ from Blue which differ from Yellow. In very specific, detailed ways.


        1. Eh, so I take it there is no stage five ? I mean most people won’t even get to the third given what they would have to pay for that but when you have people like”I surge as soon as things don’t go my way”Cecelia that’s a legitimate question as someone like that WOULD take this Surge if in a position to do so.

          As for the Color’s meanings I am sure searchers in setting have mapped what color gives what kind of power(or at least tried to).

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          1. Remember- every stage requires you surrender more and more of yourself, what keeps you human.

            By the time you reach Stage Four, there’s little left to lose.

            Stage Five *exists*, but only a very rare few have what it takes (to lose) to reach such a state.

            And, yeah, in-setting researchers have their theories. That are semi-accurate.


            1. I remember that part, which is why I think only very disturbed people would ever go for it and Cecelia and Kitten strike me as the kind who could be insane enough go there…But then they might not have anything left to pay for it…

              As for the Stage Five so it exists but I am pretty sure nobody ever reached it, or that might be where the legend of civilisations dying overnight come from: the Price paid by those fool accepting that deal, that is everything they ever knew or belonged to.

              Would I be correct in assuming that the force Imbuing people can theoretically give continent shattering powers or even more powerful but that those do not appear because nobody has enough or ever WILL have enough to lose to pay for those ?

              Yeah you stated more than once that Scientifical research into the power did not yiled much in manner of results, however is the research for the color’s meaning right enough to help those people having to deal with hostile Imbued by giving them an idea of said Imbueds’ abilities ?

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            2. Universe ending ????? Well Shit…That’s a force alright.

              As for time well I hope we will get to see Time Manipulators in action soon(not just Precogs)because those abilities have always been personal favorites of mine.

              Of course Imbued possessing those must be high end one because of the very nature of those abilities, so putting them in play might be tricky.

              Then again there is Relativistic in the city who DOES have time manipulation and a great deal of experience(who I am sure knew about Starfall by the way)so I have hope.

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            3. Of course- it can’t actually *grant* that kind of power- a human would break down into tachyon particles long before reaching that point. But it most definitely possesses it.

              By the way- I got banner art now. I’m trying to make WordPress put it at the top without making it tiny. WordPress is being a jackass. But you can see the small version.


            4. Eh not surprising given the toll exerted for far less powerful abilities, also it’s a good thing that nobody can get it.

              Oh and nice banner, I like it will you have other art made or just the banner ?

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            5. I’ll get more, I’m sure, but it’ll have to wait until I can afford it. Which is to say ‘not right now’.

              Gonna have to get another hundred and some odd dollars together for a computer- that’s my next priority purchase, because this laptop is starting to show its age.


  1. “If I keep we keep this up, maybe he’ll do me a favor ”
    I think you may have to remove either”I keep” or “we keep”

    Well now, that’s a thing Cecelia is now the third of the triplicate(I say now because I am pretty sure she was not before she surged during the fight, and I’ll add one more thing I am pretty sure thatit’s part of the price which is her relationship with the only person she had: Cora)well Poor Domenic as it will be Cecelia and Chloe together given their common orientation, although the bond might alter Cecelia just as it is altering Chloe so…

    Still that calls Cecelia’s death by the time of DoH into question: In Kitten’s file there is a 99.7% EV that she bit it however Cecelia is now an Esper herself(yeah can’t really call her a luck manipulator since she does not really influence it)and those are said to interfere with each other, but more than that she is part of a bond now which I think also interferes with that kind of thing and the interference here should be even greater given that this bond has one more Imbued in it than the others plus it has Domenic and his Breaker metal as a part of it. Plus I do not see Tananari introduce a triplicate to destroy it that fast.

    The other interesting point is that when Cecelia looks into fate with power she mentions being killed by THE creepy esper not the whole team, wbhich might mean that the theory of that team being one Imbued may hold water, and if not that Judge is rather powerful.

    Domenic in a fight when seen from someone else’s perspective is rather scary, guy is a real tank who can create weapons on demand, lethal ones at that heh Cecelia is in luck the guy sucks in a fight. As for the explosion at the end I feel that this is a power interaction, and a potent one at that, well on the destructive side of things.

    The look in Cecelia’s mind was interesting, in particular her insecurities when she compres herself to her sister, nice touch. heh now I cannot wait for the next chapter, a Domenic one ?

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    1. The explosion might be a pairbond thing – Chloe can absorb Cecelia’s electricity when it’s passed through Dom’s metal.

      Considering how Cora acts in DoaH, I’m pretty sure Cecelia bites the dust. The question is, who kills her? Not Chloe or Dom, if pairbond stuff stopped even Cecelia from killing Chloe. Maybe some of the other groups we’ve seen, maybe even Cora.

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      1. You are right on that one, the way she acts seems to indicate Cecelia bit it, or at least that Cora believes so. I mean if Cecelia was still alive and fooled the Espers she might also have fooled her sister and the Price for both their surges during that fight could be this: Cora losing the only person she ever cared about and who ever cared about her and Cecelia being forced to chose between her sister and her…Bondsmate ? and choosing them over her knowing that she’ll never be able to see her again if she wants too keep her bond and hurting every single day because of that.

        Then again I like the Idea of Cecelia dying and of Cora being the one one who did it, hell Cecelia could get herself killed by her sister trying to save either Domenic or Chloe, because it was fate.

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    2. . “She’s dead. She’s going to die. I killed her. ”
      To add to what I said before: I think that doesn’t come from Cecelia’s mind but from Domenic’s and that it was broadcasted into her by the bond: she was holding one of his metal spear imbued with her power while he stabbed her with one of his blades.

      In fact I do not think Cecelia has a direct interaction with Chloe, but she has one with Domenic who is already in the process of bonding with Chloe and when the two bond with him they will also happen to bond with each other and that’s how the Triplicate shall be born.

      “Jeez, maybe it’s time I get an account so I can correct this crap XD”
      Eh, so should I to add stuff to my previous commentaries when I think about it instead of making another comment and also to fix my ungodly butchering of her majesty’s English.

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      1. Pairbond stuff is spoilers.

        But I have an account (duh) and can’t edit my comments on other WordPresses.

        I can edit my own (or yours, for that matter- convenient for removing spam and/or sad little trolls) here… but that’s it.


        1. Well again since you said you loved speculation well I speculated did not really expect to get answers on the subject.

          Also nice to know about the account thing, oh and do you happen to have lots Trolls ?

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          1. Eh, haven’t seen any in a while. The SJW crazies seem to have forgotten me for the time being.

            I did get some loser bitching up a storm about how I’m a god awful writer because the chapter where Domenic rejected an Imbuement was a “waste”. To which I said “nope” and, well, it was pretty sad. I deleted it because why give the trolls the credit?

            Mostly I just have to delete spam… I get something every week or two.


            1. DoaH… then I bragged about the death threats and they went away.

              I don’t think they knew how to handle someone whose response was “Death threats are awesome!”

              It’s kinda annoying that the SJW nuts who posted reviews on WFG are still highest on the list of my reviews.


  2. I can’t help but thunk Dom got his powers through Mark of Cain – they’re just too perfectly “fate-negating,” plus the timing’s excellent. Cora and Cecelia killed someone who trusted Dom, and their power went to him. In the process giving him the perfect counter to the twins’ powers.


    1. *think
      Jeez, maybe it’s time I get an account so I can correct this crap XD

      Anyway, I thought it was impossible since Dom only became imbued when he heard about Bea, but then I remembered that’s exactly what happened with Zach. It looks like Mark of Cain gives you the *potential,* but you still need some kind of trigger.

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    2. Domenic’s first chapter happened before Cora and Cecelia got there. Also- they didn’t have fate powers until they fought Starfall which was about a month after Domenic got powers to begin with.


      1. Well to play devil’s advocate, Slayer was still kicking when the sisters got the Mark of Cain from murdering him, hell they use those powers to Murder him so i think Domenic having the powers from Starfall’s Mark of Cain adapted to kill the Twins who had Fate powers when they killed not to be that much of a stretch even if it’s one month before.

        I think the real flaw with that theory is that I do not see why in the seven hells Domenic would get Starfall’s Mark of Cain, there is not reason at all for that.

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      2. Hmmm

        Maybe Starfall did something we don’t know about then.

        Or it could be any Imbued. He also has resistance to Quash’s power after all, stands to reason it works against most other powers too.

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  3. …Death threats ? Seriously, mah you certainly attracted the “nasty” ones(heh well nasty when they are behind a keyboard at any rate) What the hell did they threaten for ?

    Also for my comment not to be only on those people let’s put in some speculation:

    Am I right to think that the Higher the Imbued’s stage the more possible interactions and Pairbondings they have ? Thus making an Imbued who surge develop and Bond or Interaction when there previously wasn’t one.

    Also was Starfall a third stage or am I wrong on that one ?

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  4. Apparently female-on-male rape can’t happen, and some bullshit about it marginalizing “real” victims of rape or some crazy crap like that. You know, the usual repugnant bigotry.

    And Starfall was definitely third stage, you know by the colors.

    Ooh, that reminds me that I royally fucked up. Time to go do some edits to add in color effects from powers.


    1. …I don’t even have words for the sheer stupidity of those kinds of statements, or the ignorance hell scratch that for the Stupidity AND Ignorance of those kinds of statements.

      Ah and I saw your edit on the latest comment, so one of them put a review of your story WFG dissing your work…Tsss pretty sure they have their friends make sure those stay highest, or they do it themselves. Note that I use the singular on the SJW from WFG as those are the kind to create sock puppets that agree with their points.

      Ah so I got that one right, good because I have not idea Quash.

      …And now I have a doubt if Jury’s lack of color effect is a thing or just an authorial fuck up, personally I hope it’s the former because her moving like she does with noonee noticing anything before she moved is just plain awesome.

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      1. Yeah. Really quite pathetic, moreso because it’s working than anything. I asked for some people to vote up the actually honest review I got, but it didn’t happen.

        Quash is second stage- he’s powerful enough, but there’s precious little versatility in his power.

        Jury’s lack of color was very much intentional. There are certain powers that, as a feature of their power, don’t have colors. Domenic has such an ability as well. His power, like Chloe’s, has influence over sound.


        1. …I don’t have a WFG account so I cannot help with that sorry(I think it is need to vote if it isn’t then I’ll be happy to upvote the honest review, I must say that I usually never go or even read reviews on WFG so…)

          Ah okay, it was indeed the potency of his power that made me doubt his stage…Also yeah not much versatility as he did not get the full spectrum of gravity manipulation.

          Ah good because as I previously said I like Jury’s movement style however she does it(Illusion, teleportation, borrowed teleportation, perception manipulation…)

          I guess to colorless Imbued must be a problem for people as they cannot identify their stages and such, also Loup garou lacks colors too doesn’t he ? and speaking of the guy could a person receive both his gift and one of Ferne’s or any other gifter ?

          Also is it just me or does Cecelia see her power as lackluster because she does not grasp all that can be done with the thing ?(Well that and her own insecurities).

          Liked by 1 person

          1. “He offends me. He has a power over me that no one has since… ”
            Hmm… I think you meant”He has power over me that no one had since..”

            And yes I just realized that it was not in my last coment as it should have been

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Many Gifters *can* work to bolster a single person (some of the most insanely powered individuals in the setting come from this practice)… but Ferne and Loup Garou, specifically, would have a great deal of trouble doing so with each other. Both have powers that focus on something between trust and absolute devotion. That sort of emotional connection is hard enough to form with one person, let alone two.

            Different, less Guru-centric, Gifter types would have a much easier time of it.

            And if you do get double-Guru powersets… well, there’s a Pairbond interaction for you. Fortunately for the world, it will never know if there was room for a Loup-Garou/Muse Interaction. Because they’d be worthy of being their own big-bad in a book. It would be a horror novel.

            No. Seriously. Think dozens of super smart werewolf sleeper agents spread across the city capable of going wolf whenever they need to. Instead of a pack of three otherwise normals who are limited to within a block or so of each other.


            1. …Yeah I can see how Gifters can create really powerful people and why a bunch of them working together can be terrifying especially if they can work on each other and Imbued at large. Plus I think that this kind of thing is a military thing to exploit, also the way you talk about it I think we might see the result of such an association in story and for some reason I think that this kind of practice was abused to hell and back during WW2 along with the Gadgeteers.(and perhaps even before in the time of Myth)

              Ah yes the devotion angle…I wonder if stick to our exemple with ferne and Loup garou, would Ferne being devoted to Loup garou and see him as her father figure and loving him and him loving her back as if she was his daughter, thus creating a bond between the two, make it easier for them to use their power on the same person. of course if they felt like that towards each other it could come from a Pairbonding…

              Yeah I can see that, it would truly be a bbig problem for a lot of people and be downright terrifying, but Ferne’s power can also give other enhancement than mental, which can mean that on the top of the Super smart Wolf infiltrators you could also have real tanks even stronger and tougher than Loup Garou’s regular betas, which means that they would have operatives tailored to different tasks…Yeah good thing for Priceverse that this interaction won’t see the light of day.

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            2. It’s the sort of thing even powerhouses like Anima and Kitten couldn’t beat.

              Not to say it couldn’t be beaten… but any scenario where the USA has to deploy an aircraft carrier against its own soil… is a bad scenario…


  5. …Damn, well then I am pretty sure that when a bunch of Gifters begin to work together it has to rise all sorts of alarms, hell a single Guru must do so especially if they are like Loup garou and can power themselves up too.

    And now I am even more convinced that this type of thing already happened in Priceverse, also why do I get the Impression that with his luck that’s just the kind of thing Zach would stumble upon.

    Now that I think about it, there is another terrifying thing about a Loup Garou/Ferne interaction: Ferne gained a Slightly better version of what she gave to her various…Partners, so if someone she gifted also gets the Wolf set wouldn’t Ferne also end up with a version of the Wolf gift with better stats ? Or perhaps just an enhanced version of the strength and other physical attributes from the werewolf form without turning into a Werewolf herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, most high end Gifter combos are under Government control- whether US or not is another question entirely.

      That’s what happens when you can literally print your own money, and pick who is and is not allowed to live.

      You get first pick of all the best stuff.


  6. True, unless the Gifters are a bit touched in the head and do not care about money of course there is still the part of trying to kill them but even with high end resources I imagine some abilities make that part tricky.

    As for the Government control well I would think all countries have their own high end Imbued and yes even North Korea.

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  7. Indeed however not everyone believes it in setting as shown with Guardian or the various groups actually hunting down and kiling Imbueds like Cecelia and Cora.

    I mean JJ&E and the Loup Garou are certainly not the only ones on that market, there must be quite a few of those groups.

    Eh, there must have been some Imbued in Hiroshima and Nagazaki when the bombs where dropped, that must have had some…interesting consequences.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah ok, I got a little confused since the whole sentence seemed…odd? At the beginning she says she CAN beat him but at the end of the same sentence she says he’s impossible to hurt.

        “I can beat him, I’m smarter and stronger and more skilled and better in every way, but he’s impossible to hurt.”

        It makes sense if she’s just thinking to herself for a boost. Thanks for the clarification.

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