Price In Triplicate, Chapter 36- Chloe

“That can’t be right. Mom died in a car accident. I know your mom was a racist bitch and had a power that could get away with it, but what motive did she have?” Domenic was inscrutable behind his armor; it hid his features and disguised his voice. I couldn’t tell if he was upset or not. “I think you’re jumping at shadows.”

“Believe me, I hope I’m wrong.” I pray I am. Isn’t everything else enough? Why is my family so toxic? “But it makes too much sense. If you’re a Mark of Cain, you’ll have powers to beat the killers. The way you stood up to my dad’s power alone is-”

“You stood up to it, too.” I didn’t know how to explain to Domenic how wrong he was; I took a small amount of the splash effect, but Domenic was dead center. He went through much worse than I did. “Quash is powerful, sure, but fighter pilots survive worse all the time.”

The Greenwitch cackled. “The Dawn-Child has the right of it.” I shivered; something about the old woman terrified me. Perhaps the way she seemed to have all the answers, despite her delusions of sorcery. “You, Thrice-Blessed, were baptized in the blood of a Loa’s priestess, chosen as an agent of revenge on those foolish enough to strike down one of their own.”

I wasn’t surprised that the Greenwitch knew about Retributive Imbuement Transferal. After all, the phenomena was recorded near the beginning of the bible.

I floated toward Domenic, still unwilling to use my mangled leg. “It… it doesn’t have to be your mom. Maybe your father, or another relative? But, roughly six years ago Starfall got into an incident with a new vigilante. The woman didn’t survive her injuries. It fits the timeline.”

Domenic stood there in silence. I wanted to put my arms around him. I wanted to beg him for forgiveness. I wanted to gloat that now he knew how I felt about Hunter and Killer. I wanted to flee in shame. I wanted to perhaps kill my father so he wouldn’t have to. Unable to decide, I floated uselessly in the air.

“This changes nothing.” Of all the things I expected Domenic would say, it wasn’t that. “There was never a chance I would get away without a rematch against Quash. I hate to use the old cliché, but there isn’t enough room in our town for the both of us. If you’re right, it only means I won’t feel as bad about beating a middle aged man to within an inch of his life.”

I wanted to say something, as if there was anything I could offer to make this better. If I had a chance to trade my power for something that gave me answers I’d have made the exchange without hesitation, but no such offer came.

“The answer of a fine young king in the making.” I’d almost forgotten the Greenwitch’s presence. “Your arms carry no weight, but the crown still sits heavy on your head. Make your choices wisely, for they will ring forth into your future.”

Domenic took a breath. “First thing is first, we still have to stop Hunter and Killer. They won’t stop killing until they’re made to stop. And I think, to do that, I need to know what happened when we fought them.” No. I’d almost let myself hope he’d forgotten. “Our powers changed in the battle, and one of them found a way through my armor. I need to know how it happened, if it can be stopped.”

The Greenwitch cackled, pointing toward me with her long, bony finger. “Why ask Granny, when you know the Dawn-Child can answer the question?”

“I don’t know. I guess I was hoping you’d say something else.” Even with his armor warping his voice, his words carried his disappointment. “Chloe, please?”

“What she wants me say is Pairbond.” I had to force myself to spit out the word. The same as Mom and Dad had. Knowing everything I desired my perfect relationship to be was an artifact of their powers disgusted me.

“Pairbonds are a special sort of Power Interaction, ones that let the users share feelings empathically. But that’s impossible. Pairbonds only happen between two people. Thus the name.”

The Greenwitch let out a raspy chuckle. “Impossible? Granny has lived enough to know that to the Loa, nothing is impossible. They set down the Law. They have changed it before, and they may yet change it again.”

“Jibberish.” I turned to face the withered woman. She was ancient, bent, and small even compared to me. I wouldn’t let myself be intimidated by her. “Imbued may look like they disobey the laws of physics, but that’s just because our understanding of physics is incomplete. Clarke’s Law- just because it looks like magic doesn’t mean it’s not science.”

“This Pairbond? How does it work? What does it mean?” Domenic interrupted me.

“Ah, to ask that is to ask about love,” the Greenwitch answered. “It has as many answers as there are people feel it. The Loa gift us with their power, their contract is written not on flesh or mind, but on the soul. A melody shaped by both the priest and the Loa and birthed in our world. Your songs are not in harmony, but you have found one who completes both.”

No! “No!” My power swelled out, burning the weeds closest to me. Orange lightning jumped over my skin and the armor Dom gave me. “The bitch who killed my mother is NOT my fucking soul-mate!” I approached the Greenwitch. I didn’t need to listen to this garbage.

She uttered some sound while gesturing at me. I landed on the ground hard; I’m sure I’d have screamed if not for the drug. The lightning was gone, my strength was gone. For the first time, I realized just how heavy all this metal of Domenic’s was. I couldn’t pick myself off the ground without my powers there to help me.

“Chloe!” Domenic hobbled toward me. For the first time, I realized how hurt he must be. Even the old woman was faster.

“Do they no longer teach children not pick fights with a priestess in her home?” I watched the witch in an entirely new light. She shut off my powers with little more than a wave of her hand. It likely wouldn’t take much more to kill the both of us. She watched me right back. Instead of creeping up my spine, my terror danced merrily across my everywhere.

“The Pairbond, song, whatever,” again, Domenic cut in. “It still sounds like it’s only supposed to be two people. Why’s it different for us?”

The Greenwitch looked toward Domenic. I could have kissed for distracting her gaze away from me. “There are many who will harmonize with each Loa’s song, but once they find one they will not seek another. If your Third had met one of you first, her harmony would be denied to the other. But she found you both at the same moment. You are two made one, twice.”

“Doesn’t make sense. If this is some sort of other half of the soul thing, it should be complete two halves, not three.”

“No one has half a soul, Thrice-Blessed. One plus one is equal to one.”

I shivered, weeping in my spot in the dirt. “Why?” It’s not fair. My one, my only, wasted on a monster. Stolen from me. “Why couldn’t I have a Pairbond with Domenic? Our powers could interact, right? Metal and electricity are a perfect for each other.” It should have been him.

“The Loa provide the instruments, but it is the priests who play them.” I couldn’t lift my eyes up to look at the Greenwitch. “The song must be completed, not repeated. The Lover and the Fighter, the Provider and the Builder, Seamstress and Soldier, Queen and Jester, Dragon and Knight, dances repeated through history. The same, and yet the opposite. Two sides to the same coin. Both your songs complete your Third, but not one another.”

“I take it we’re both knights, in this analogy.” Domenic sounds tired. “Set up to slay the same dragon. For us to have… what Chloe and I experienced can’t exist without Hunter?”

“You were closer than most. Had your souls been marked differently, it may have been enough.”

I grieved for every word she spoke as it damned me further. It’s my fault, I’m so headstrong and stubborn. If I’d just been less pushy, maybe Dom and I could have had something. Now it’s impossible. I’m stuck with a monster.

“How powerful are these bonds?” I’d learned enough about Domenic’s voice through his armor to recognize the moment of introspection. “I get they’re false emotions, an Infiltrator effect of sorts. Can they be blocked?”

Greenwitch’s raspy laughter reminded me of a horrid chain smoker. “One right question, one flawed belief, and a wrong question. Perhaps the Dawn-Child will give you the answer you seek. She can tell you what you already know better than Granny or Greenwitch.”

Curse you, you evil sadistic fossil. She’d taken from me even the option to lie to myself. I looked at Domenic. “Strong enough to make me… attracted to you. Even right now, a little bit.” Forgive me.

“We have no choice in the matter at all? We’re forced to feel what we felt by these Loa?” The faded reflection of our temporary bond gave me insight into the part which disgusted him most, the violation, not just of our flesh, but of our minds.

“You cannot deny who and what you are, Thrice-Blessed.” Granny hobbled a little closer to me as she spoke. “We gave ourselves to the Loa, offered our souls as their temples. They give us the strength to defy the laws of this world, but we follow other laws in their stead.

What a fancy way of saying we made our beds, and now have to get fucked in them. I stared at the mud below me, feeling as if somehow I dirtied it with my wallowing.

“Then there’s nothing we can do,” Domenic said. I wanted to yell at him for how cavalier he was. “But how do we fight her? Pairbonds mean our powers react to each other, but we couldn’t do anything before. She took control of my metal and almost killed Chloe.”

Right. Pairbonds are supposed to be, if not equal, then at least balanced. We should have been able to fight back, yet we were destroyed. Maybe that means it’s not a Pairbond, and just some weird Infiltrator ability.

“A good king must know when not to enter battle.” Of course she has an answer. “Inexperienced and wounded soldiers will always lose against a rested, skilled enemy.”

“So, basically, as long as we’re injured, we don’t stand a chance.”

“Granny’s surprised you hadn’t asked sooner, Thrice-Blessed. The Greenwitch can heal you.”

She didn’t wait for us to ask, or give permission, or whatever. I felt something alien and wrong course through me. It was like every part of my body was being massaged on the inside by worms. All of which had other, smaller worms coming off of them. Or maybe it was more like having tree-root tendrils moving around inside me. I was too busy shuddering in horror to take notes.

Domenic doubled over, his metal folding away from his face so he could empty his stomach on the ground. Moments later, the wave of nausea forced me to do the same. If I had access to my powers, I might have tried to kill the Greenwitch right then, just to stop whatever she was doing to us.

Then the pain started, like nothing I’d ever felt in my life. The root-system inside me was shifting things, pulling material away from one spot and pushing it into another like I was nothing more than soft clay. If I had the air in my lungs I would have screamed, but I didn’t and couldn’t. On top of everything else going on inside me, I was paralized.

I could hear the Greenwitch cackling, though I couldn’t move my head to look at her. “Granny’s sorry, but you were given a year of healing in seconds. Even the Greenwitch can only do so much to protect you.”

Now that the pain and worse sensations were fading, I could tell whatever she did countered the Gadget-drug. I managed to climb to my feet; a struggle, but one I could do now that my body was healthy again. Even my fatigue from poor sleep over the last few days was gone. If not for the taste in my mouth and the emotional rollercoaster I’d been through this last couple months, and the memory of how that healing worked, I’d even be willing to say I had never felt better in my life.

Domenic’s armor folded back to reveal his face. “I… thank you.” More diplomatic than what I might have said. Either way, I swore then and there that I would sooner die than go through the Greenwitch healing a second time.

“Y-yeah. Thanks.” I may have been less than enthusaistic about the experience, but she did heal me. The weight of the armor lessened. No, not that, I’m getting stronger. My powers are returning. With the metal no longer chafing and pinching my skin, I stretched, then returned to the air. I’d never been in an area so dense with plantlife for my power to draw upon, and it was amazing how little power I was losing.

“So, now that that’s out of the way, does this mean I can stop Hunter from taking control of my metal?”

“No.” Fuck. “It is her part of your song to share in the metal-craft, but she will be unable to harm you with your own weapon.”

“And it’s the other one that hurt me,” I added. “Maybe next time we’ll switch targets. I don’t think Hunter can hurt me, and you should be able to keep Killer at bay. We can beat them.”

“If we can find them.”

“Do not worry about that, Thrice-Blessed. Her Loa are tied to yours as surely as yours are tied to hers. Assuming you all survive, then your Third shall come to you. It is the will of the Loa.”

“Maybe someone will get to them first.” Even healed, Domenic looked tired. “If she dies first, we won’t have to kill her.”

My stomach clenched at his words. He’s right, we will have to if we find her. We have no other choice. “Or maybe they’ll leave the city now that they know we can fight back.” I didn’t believe it for a second, but it was a comforting lie to tell.

“I guess that leads us to the last question.” Despite his emotional fatigue, at least Domenic sounded stronger than before. “You said there’d be a price, and I’ve already agreed to pay it. Could you tell me what it is, now?”

“The Greenwitch demands the orphan born between two worlds, yet at home in none.”



21 thoughts on “Price In Triplicate, Chapter 36- Chloe

  1. A/N: This is why you don’t mess with witches, yo. She’s actually not as outright powerful as she appears in this chapter… but she’s quite versatile and has had a long time to figure how to get the most of what she’s doing.

    Part of why this chapter was “late” (re: only three days ahead instead of four) was me planning it with the next chapter and making sure there’d be enough material. Then making it a Chloe chapter, so you could see why she was so upset first hand.

    Next chapter should finish the convo with Granny Greenwitch from Domenic’s perspective. There’s probably only five or six more chapters left to this book, I think.

    Traditional vote and typo requests.

    I’m slowly climbing back up the ranks, but this book was never as popular as Death of a Hero. I still don’t know why. Personally I think it’s the better book.


    1. i think you seem to be misunterstand something. Its not only about how well written something is in this case i would guess, but how readers like the character. I didn’t like either Dominic or Cloe very much in the beginning or a bit less in the mid part. So didn’t check in so frequently and also voted less. o. Death of a hero was quite straightforward in some ways, when this book wasn’t. Maybe other people can chime in on this to

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wasn’t talking about the writing quality. I was talking about in general. I feel this one was more interesting, had better (main) characters, stayed on task better, and was just generally the stronger story.


    2. It’s possible that the sheer number of multiple viewpoints is a small problem, I read a lot and I find myself occasionally having to check the header to see who’s viewpoint I’m reading. Not often because the characterisation is usually enough to tell who I’m looking from, generally it’s only in action sequences where that characterisation is not present that I have to check.

      DOAH had other viewpoint interludes but the majority of the story was told from a single viewpoint.

      Could just be me though in any case I’m still very much enjoying the story and the reveal of more about how powers work in your universe.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I really enjoyed reading it, which is weird for me. Normally I’m not a fan of multiple PoVs. It feel like you often ends up losing some of the intimacy, with writers sacrificing depth for breadth, and it often goes hand in hand with parallel, unconnected story threads when I really just want to focus on one.

          That said, there are some pretty huge exceptions to the rule, and this story’s definitely one of them. I get excited whenever the PoV switches between Dom or Chloe (and I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to see the twins now), which is pretty irregular for me. I’ve never really had a problem with working out whose head I’m in, the chapter titles are more than enough for me.

          But if I was trying to point a finger at the popularity thing… I’d probably point to the intensity of the first chapter. I could see that being a turn off.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah. I KNEW I’d be losing people with that. Just like I knew I’d be losing people with switching to a new set of characters in a new book.

            But I believe both decisions were necessary. Pairbonds do come up in future Zach books… and I won’t have time to explain it there like I explain it here.


  2. I really liked this chapter, and am really enjoying the Greenwitch. Maybe it is just that she hits all of the right buttons for me, being a powerful and ancient entity that knows way more than the other characters but only uses language that is cryptic to them. Kind of like the witch Ravel from Planescape: Torment, if I can make a slightly esoteric comparison. Knowing that the Greenwitch isn’t actually that strong, but has just lived long enough to be very skilled, just makes her more interesting.

    So, Cecelia is the pivot for the pairbond. That is pretty much what I assumed once it was confirmed that it was between her, Domenic and Chloe. If pairbonds are based on physical attraction (even if only partially) it would make sense that the bisexual character would be the missing element of the interaction. The Greenwitch more or less confirms that Dom and Chloe had the potential, but her interests lying elsewhere seems to have been enough to prevent it from forming. Which really is a goddamned shame.

    The ending line of this chapter has me suddenly very worried about Bea. If she really was the result of Quash having an affair it would explain her being “between two worlds”, and depending on your definition she could probably be considered an orphan (dead mother, dead adoptive father, disowned/ignored/unknown by biological father). We know that Imbuement tends to run in families even if it isn’t genetic, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable for Bea to gain powers, and there is a rich history of the ancient witch stealing away a young girl for various reasons. Best case scenario Greenwitch takes Bea on as an apprentice and replacement, worst case is a body swap to keep her youth a la Pact.

    Also, I feel like this chapter adds a bit more legitimacy to the idea that Quash is Bea’s father. We just heard that it is possible to have multiple pairbonds, but that most people don’t because why would you go looking for it when you already found your soulmate. But what happens when you just happen to stumble upon another pairbond after you’ve found your first? We know that the bond has a habit of altering your thought process to make maintaining it seem reasonable despite anything resembling logic.

    So it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that Quash encounters Bea’s mom after she gained powers, they had an affair despite his thoughts on non-whites because of the pairbond, and once Starfall found out about it she got jealous and killed Bea’s mom since that is the only way to end the pairbond. Domenic gets the power transference, which usually includes some sort of defense against the killer’s power, hence him being a blank spot when it comes to fate manipulators like Starfall and later Hunter and Killer.

    Even if you take out the “Quash having an affair” bit the idea holds water. You would just need some other motivation/reason for Starfall killing Domenic’s mother.

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    1. Is sad that the best RPG not named Chrono Trigger is an “esoteric” reference. There was certainly some ‘Ravel’ in Granny Greenwitch’s personality.

      As the crazy lady said:once you find your Pairbond, you *cannot* find another. If you stumble across another who could have been after… there will be a power interaction, absolutely, but none of the emotional aspects.

      It’s also not physical attraction that selects the Pairbond. It’s the nature of the people who have the powers. If Chloe had been straight, she and Domenic would have fucked each other senseless by now- you don’t need a Pairbond for that- but still wouldn’t have had a Pairbond until Cecelia came along.

      Also, statistically there’s no evidence that powers run in families outside a Mark of Cain. Or the fact that Imbued tend to have relationships with other Imbued (but that’s a matter of logistics and culture). Chloe is a one in ten thousand rarity just like all other not-Mark Imbued, her powers unrelated to her parents.

      Domenic and the psycho-twins are Mark of Cain transfers.


  3. Oh, a Chloe chapter ? Nice, it was good to see things with the Green Witch from her point of view and boy does she need to learn when to shut the fuck up…She is rather lucky that all the Witch did was shut off her power.

    The way Granny healed the pair is intriguing: she said that she gave them a year of healing…if that means that she made so their body are as good as if they spent a whole year healing that means that Chloe’s leg might still be an issue since it had signs of necrosis on it.

    So Dom’s mother was a vigilante and was killed in an encounter with Starfall, that’s intriguing then again that’s all Chloe knows about it so there might indeed be other reasons for that. Now I am happy that Dom will get to fight Quash because I really hope that guy bits it.

    Hmmm…Interesting, so Dom and Chloe would not have been bound if not for Cecelia having ben there, and SHE would have been able to become pairbond with either of the two. The scary thing about that is with the effect bonds have on people it is quite possible that by the end they will not even want to kill Cecelia, hell the bond might even make them love her and as stragne a it sounds her love them…and yes that includes physical attraction too.

    Hmmm…Now what does the witch want with Bea, I might have an idea about that but I hope I am wrong: I think she wants to “ride” her(no get your minds out of the gutter, I do not mean it like that)just like the Loa are said to do in Voodoo ceremonies, but unlike in those ceremonies I think she would make it permanent and thus take her body from her.

    For that matter if Nanna went to the Witch she must have paid some kind of price if she wanted Granny’s help, I wonder what that was and if it plays a role here.

    Also if there are only Five or Six more chapters of this book that means it will be Shorter than DoaH(well in chapters as I did not count the words) oh well.

    As for the books I like this one quite a bit, but quite frankly I find it difficult to really like Chloe while I enjoyed all the main characters of the previous book and I do not think I am the only one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. I thought it’d be good to see what she thought- especially since she was the one who knew about what a Pairbond *means*- plus her own “true love” ideals yanked away from her like this (there’s a reason I put so much effort into establishing that). I’m an asshole to my characters.

      There’s probably a bit more words-per-chapter to In Triplicate. But yeah. Also… this book is being split in two, and this is arguably only the halfway mark.

      But whether I go through with the second In Triplicate book or move to a third set of characters, I haven’t decided for certain.

      This is why I take a week long break between books, so I can cleanse my palate and get my thoughts in order.


      1. Well if you think about it the saddest thing is that in a way she has a true love there: Domenic, what he feels for her fits the bill…But well he just happens to have the wrong parts for her.

        Hell she felt what he feels for her, and so did Cecelia.(of course those feelings might come from something else’s influence and not entirely be his)

        Oh and would I be right in presuming that all Pairbonds are in a spectrum between”extremely good friends who might end up having sex from time to time” to “Bloody hell they are at it again, get me the fucking crowbar” once the bond is in effect ?

        Ah you split it in half, okay I guess that once we get to that part’s last chapter it will make sense why you chose to do so. Taking a break between books’s a good idea, especially if you go to a new set of characters.

        Personally I would like you to continue the Trilicate story after that so we have as much for those characters that with have for Zach and friends before moving to a new setting(which I think would Unspoken)and it’s characters.

        Also for some reason I could see Jury as being the protagonist of Paid in Blood after the events of said book, dunno why it just clicked.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, there’s definitely a spectrum, and it’s not often sexual. Including bonds on both side of the hero/villain line.

          Magneto and Prof. X, for example, could exist in this setting… they’d totally fit the bill for antagonistic Pairbonds.

          One day, I hope to focus on such a pair. The line “we could never be friends, but we are the best of enemies” will happen.

          No, this part’s last chapter will show why I chose to end it there. Because it’s a satisfactory end to an already 100k words-long story.

          Both books will be able to stand on their own- if I break them here.

          As for Jury as a main? No promises, but it’s certainly a thought.


  4. …Hmmm yeah more of an emotional thing I would think, with the process of the bonding varying depending on the bonded’s personalities, with it taking longer with independant outgoing people than with the ones not having much in way of friends and other interests.

    I take it as more time passes and the link forms the bonded will rationalize and find mmore reasons to spend time together and to interact, being by fighting, having sex and marrying or just being together doing stuff. To achieve this the bond warps the personalities just as does feeling one another’s emotion all the time, leading to gruff people mellowing or normaly calm ersons becoming rather emotional or a straight bonded falling in love with his/her bondsmate even if they are of the same sex as themselves, but this without otherwise changing their attractions or rather the bonded won’t have eyes for anyone else, and bonded will just rationalize this somehow not being scared or otherwise weirded out.

    That would also mean than the loss of one’s bondmate would be incredibly traumatic and leave the survivor in a rather bad state and perhaps even in certain cases prompt their suicide. In short the bond is a truly scary, creepy and unhealthy thing.

    Hell if I am right about the Sapphire/Sympathy/Anima thing is a good exemple of it: Sympathy and Anima seem to be more or less of the same age, they may have been friends(unlikely given Anima’s issues, but you never know)or have been to school together or shared some other activities that made it so that they knew each other. Then Sympathy gets her power, and Sapphire, who would be Anima’s mother, suddenly wants to be more and more around the girl, and Sympathy enjoys being around the older woman. This leads to Sapphire progressivley neglect her daughter and culminates with her leaving to stay with Sympathy(for whatever reason she rationalizes)thus abandonning her daughter and potential family for Sympathy, oh there is no sexual thing here despite what some people may have thought at the time, but they just had to be together and in the process destroyed other people’s lives without even realising it.

    For some reason I can’t help to wonder how things would have gone if Cecelia had met and Bonded with Domenic and that whole clusterfuck with Starfall(including Chloe finding out about her parents)had not happened.

    Oh yes, I even said that it will make sense why you chose to break the book once we got to that part’s last chapter, I was just giving my impressions as of now. I am completly open to any of your other books, they all seem great(I have some favorites based on the blurbs you wrote about them but I am stocked for any of them)

    As for Jury, well from what I have seen from her she DOES have MC potential(yes both the normal meaning and the power category one)I like her and having her origin and following her team could be very nice. then there is the fact that her description and way of acting fits what could be the Protag of Paid in Blood.(obviously after she got some experience with her imbuement and everythingelse but still).

    Eh, wonder if they have a Pairbond on that team.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “In short the bond is a truly scary, creepy and unhealthy thing.” Just like love. <3

      Paid in Blood is Akaihana's story. Jury's powers are a very different thing. But sometime (probably this weekend) I'll be putting up an announcement/open dialogue about which stories might come next.


      1. …Yeah, it fits even though I think Pairbonding is worse

        Um…at the risk of sounding like an idiot who’s Akaihana (other than a red flower of course)?

        Ah okay then, I believe it will be after you put on the next chapter curious to see which story shall be avaiable as choices for the next book.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Damn, I forgot about Akaihana. I honestly don’t know if I’m ready for that level of depressing, fucked up power issues. Not that I don’t want to read it, I just need to start bracing myself for it first. Your chapters from the Cora and Cecelia PoVs were all very well written, but hearing the internal monologue for damaged people is always going to be a bit hard. From what I remember about Akaihana she is going to be a tough, if satisfying, read.

        I kind of want to keep hearing about Domenic, especially after the Greenwitch started talking about him becoming a king and what not. But I also felt the same way when DoaH ended. So really, I’d be happy with whatever story you decided to run with next. You are officially on my short list of writers who I trust implicitly to tell an enjoyable story.

        Liked by 1 person

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