Frequency of General Abilities

I decided to make a thing to get my brain back into writing with something “easy”. Or, more honestly, I’m already sick of my vacation and want to write something. So here, have a comprehensive list of how frequently given features or categories of powers are found within Imbued.


Auto-Corrective– Roughly 97% of all Imbued have secondary powers that allow them to compensate for inconvenience created by their primary powers. Pyrokinetics are generally immune to fire (Tank), or at least fire created by their power. Fliers have instinctive knowledge of how to fly (Tracker), finding it as natural as they find walking. Teleporters won’t accidentally find themselves inside of a solid object, even if they have no ability to sense the object ahead of time (Esper).

Transit– 52% of Imbued have superhuman movement abilities such as flight, surface adhesion, or enhanced speed. This is the most common general power classification.

Tank (Secondary)– 48% of Imbued have resistance or immunity to attacks similar to their power (related to auto-corrective). As an example, roughly half of pyrokinetics immune to their own fire are immune to all fire.

Tank (Primary)– 44% of all Imbued have some degree of damage mitigation, whether in the form of tactile telekinesis, regeneration, or reinforced physiology. Often in the form of a secondary feature related to other powers. Of these, subcategories, regeneration is the most common, and found within roughly 21% of the Imbued population.

Breaker (Specific)– Roughly 28% of Imbued have a power that will actively counter another individual’s powers. Typically, powers of this variety come from Retributive Imbuement Transferal or Surging in response to conflict with another Imbued.

Gifter (Secondary)– 31% of all Imbued have abilities which can be used to actively protect or enhance another without granting the target direct control of the ability. Examples include Gadget equipment, personal forcefields that extend to others, and most healer abilities.

Esper (Secondary)– 31% of all Imbued have Esper abilities, related to a primary ability, such as energy manipulators being able to sense the energy type they control.

Tracker (Secondary)– 27% of Imbued have sensory enhancements related to other, primary abilities.

Sneak (Secondary)- 22% of Imbued have stealth abilities resulting from creative use of a different primary ability.

Gadgeteer– 22% of all Imbued can create Gadgets or Artifacts. While one of the more common powers, Gadgeteers are amongst the least active of all Imbued, with an estimated 2/3rds preferring to remain unregistered.

Brawler– 22% of all Imbued have powers improving their abilities in CQC, such as superhuman strength or speed, combat instincts, or touch range special attacks.

Summoner (Telekinetic)– 22% of all Imbued have the ability to manipulate objects with their minds. Roughly 90% are limited to a single general material, such as water or stone, while the remainder can manipulate any object.

Summoner (Creation)– 18% of Imbued can create objects or illusions of objects that complicate the battlefield.

Sniper– 17% of all Imbued have offensive ranged abilities such as energy blasts or long distance summoning.

Sneak (Primary)– 15% of Imbued possess stealth powers that are not the result of features using their other abilities.

Esper (Primary)– 12% of Imbued possess core Esper abilities such as precognition, remote viewing, and other means of extrasensory information gathering.

Truthsayer (Secondary)– 11% of Imbued have some form of lie detection ability, almost always as a side effect of their primary powers.

Infiltrator (Illusion or Esper)– 9% of Imbued are believed to have powers that directly interact with or alter the mind or perceptions of a human brain. Distinct from Espers who acquire information by means other than telepathy, and Summoners creating illusory images by requiring a human brain as the target.

Escapist– 9% of powers have the ability to bypass obstacles via methods like teleportation and phase-shifting.


Tracker (Primary)– 9% of Imbued have enhanced sensory abilities unrelated to other, primary, abilities such as energy manipulation or shapeshifting.

Infiltrator (Controller)- 5% of Imbued have the ability to directly alter the behavior of other humans.

Gifter (Primary)– 4% of all Imbued have abilities which specifically grant powers or exceptional ability to other individuals.

Breaker (General)– Only 3% of Imbued possess the ability to actively disrupt other powers on a wide scale, making it the least common type of general power classification.





10 thoughts on “Frequency of General Abilities

  1. For Auto-Corrective, how exactly does that work?

    Does the power tag flames the user produces and keep track of them or would the flames themselves be somehow fundamentally different from other flames such that the defensive aspect of the power set can nullify them?

    And let’s say a plank of wood is alight on one end with natural flames and an Imbued lights the other end with their powers. The flames burn along the plank and meet in the middle. Is the Imbued with an AC power immune to the merged flames?

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        1. :P
          Quash is slightly different, since we haven’t eliminated him subconsciously not affecting the area around him. Plus, if he really is immune to his own gravity, that still leaves the chance his clothes aren’t, and that could have some pretty nasty effects all on its own. According to Chloe, tanks’ protective powers don’t generally extend to their costumes.

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  2. Maybe they are only immune to their own flames *as* they project them? As in, they project a heat-immune layer over their hand, then spew fire from on top of that layer?

    Like having a protective funnel around the mouth of a flamethrower?

    So, like an ordinary flamethrower, setting the floor on fire would be a bad idea? Only the parts of their body that are continually spewing flames would be (temporarily) insulated against *all* fire, but the rest of their body could succumb to burns or the effects of the intense heat in the air surrounding them.

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  3. Hmmm very interesting intel I like it and I must say I was kind of surprised by some of it, for instance I expected Brawler type abilities to be a lot more common than they are nor did I expect Gadgeteers to be that common I thought them rather rare and same goes for all the secondaries.

    The auto corrective aspect of the power is interesting as it denotes that whatever gives Imbued there abilities does not screw them over completly, eh reading that I see that Crucible was shit out of luck when he got his abilities.

    I wonder if his daughter Dawnstar could offset that particular problme for him with her power while she was alive(I am not talking about protecting him with force field but about making the guy immune to fire when enhnacing his power with hers).

    Also Gifters(well primary ones)are just as rare as I thought, from that batch I wnder how much have a Guru aspect to their power à la Ferne or Loup Garou and how much have secndaries allowing them to be dangerous on their own.

    It is interesting that all around Breakers are the rarest power, but it makes sense I guess, heh that shows how rare Sympathy is given the apparent potency of her breaker aspect.


  4. I am really interested in whether these numbers are out-of-universe, Word of God information, or what is commonly held to be true in-universe. Mostly I’m curios just how accurate some of them are.

    Gadgeteers are listed as being the least active Imbued in the setting and that most go unregistered. But if they are unregistered then how sure can people be of those numbers? There could easily be more Gadgeteers that are able to create less obvious Gadgets, who could fly under the radar and cause those numbers to be less accurate.

    And that is probably the least scary scenario. Primary Sneaks, Espers and especially Controllers are by definition going to be harder to test for/find, and if the numbers listed are in-universe estimates than I would immediately assume that the reality is higher than that, maybe even significantly so. Primary Sneaks are listed at 15%, but the whole point of that powerset is to get around without being noticed or caught.

    The number I’m questioning the most is the Controllers. Mind control is an inherently terrifying power and I can’t imagine that public opinion would be in their favor. If that 5% number is accurate, and not just the rate that obvious powers or indiscreet Imbued get caught, then I will eat my hat. There is even evidence for some of this theory in DoaH, when the Controller in the bank pretends to be a Gadgeteer to throw people off. Any person with a modicum of sense who gets Imbued with Controller abilities should catch on pretty quick that not advertising that power is Rule 1.

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      1. That is kind of what I was expecting, tinfoil hat theories aside. I don’t imagine that there would be entire hordes of secret, uncaught Controllers running around since the more of them there are the more likely they are to screw up and be found out.

        But as soon as I read that their rate of showing up is 5% my inner voice immediately scoffed “Yeah, that you know of.” I may be slightly more critical/paranoid than average…

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        1. “Competent” doesn’t necessarily mean “perfect”, after all.

          Besides, most studies on the abilities of Imbued are done by scientific researchers… your average Joe isn’t that interested in how many of x type exist, they really are mostly concerned with what the people with powers are doing with them.

          The numbers are reasonably accurate, for what amounts to a census study.


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