Artemis Colony

List of Imbued active in the Blue Steel project and their classifications, some equipment available, and some other projects the Artemis colony is involved in.


Phoebe Reed Female, 25 years old.

Gadgeteer 2.2; Gifter 4.9; Tracker 0.7; Esper 0.8

Subspecialization: Brawler 2.1, Tracker 3.3, Transit 1.7, Tank 2.3, Infiltrator 1.1, Sneak 1.2, Sniper 2.5, Breaker ??

Core Field: Cybernetic enhancements

Subject is capable of integrating technology and organics, within unknown parameters. Power includes altering mundane and Gadgeteer technology into Gadgets that interact directly with the human brain and/or nervous system. Seems to include knowledge of all forms of technology and medical understanding needed to do so. Has superhuman perception of human body language.

Has used parts from a cell phone to grant functional telepathic access to the internet. Breaker status assigned after showing ability to incorporate Gadgeteer devices into organic tissue. With sufficient technological resources (mundane or Imbued), her upper limits are unknown.


Integral. Male, 34 years old

Gadgeteeer 1.3

Subspecialization: Breaker 4.4

Core Field: Hybrid Technology

Subject can understand and repair other Gadgeteer technology, but is incapable of creating his own. Able to take multiple Gadgets and rebuild them as a single integrated device which retains all the abilities of the originals, though usually at reduced maximum abilities. Upper limits unknown, but with each new Gadget used in the process, the final output will be larger and each individual power less potent. Point of diminishing returns estimated at three Gadgets.


Professor Abigail Abernathy, Female, 44 years old

Esper 4.1

Subject can ask a single question and recieve a one word answer. This ability may be used five times per day. Question must be phrased in a way that can be answered accurately with a single word. Example: “how heavy is this object” is invalid and will not be answered. “How many kilograms (or pounds) does this object weigh on Earth” is valid and will be answered. Power operates only in present and past tense and cannot predict future events in any manner, even ones where an answer is obvious from observed past events or other modes of asking the same question can reveal the information. “Will drinking this liquid harm me” is not valid, while “Is this liquid dangerous for human consumption” is.


Chantelle Pretorius, Female, 29 years old

Gadgeteer 1.3

Subspecialization: Maker 2.7, Gifter 1.1, Summoner 4.2, Infiltrator 2.5

Core Field: Mutagenic Hybridization.

Subject uses mutagenic chemicals to cause rapid “forced evolution” of a lifeform. Process typically involves adding multiple lifeforms to a vat and allowing them to merge together, creating chimera type organisms, but can also mutate existent organisms rather than construct new ones.

Subject can control direction of evolution toward personality traits, strength, size, lifespan intelligence, or other factors by altering the mutagenic recipe. All mutates and chimera are programmed to recognize subject and protect her with their lives.

Use of mutagens on humans by South African Guerrillas in an attempt to produce super soldiers resulted in cascading, uncontrolled, and eventually fatal, mutations. Autopsies suggest deliberate sabotage of recipe by subject. Subject refuses to discuss events or entertain possibility of using mutagen on humans ever again. Considered potential Class 5 Event risk.


Jacob Mazur Male, 32 years old

Core Field: Communications Technology

Gadgeteer 3.9

Subspecialization: Infiltrator 2.2, Tracker 5.1, Esper 2.1

Subject constructs tracking and spy tech including extreme long range sensory tech, the ability to record audio and visual from behind walls, and closed-circuit FTL com relays unimpeded by mass or distance. Also effective at hacking computer technology.


Tian Han, Male, 43 years old. Lead engineer for the Icarus Project.

Gadgeteer 1.9, Breaker 3.7

Core Field: Metallurgy.

Subject can create unique alloys by means of exposing existant metals to exotic radiation and specially modified EM fields. Creator of several unique metal alloys used in the Icarus Project. Recently developed metal known as ‘blue steel’, which has properties similar in most regards to titanium-steel alloy. Also absorbs most forms of energy, including unidentified energy associated with Imbued abilities, and converts it to electricity.

Abrem Galinsky (Alchemist), Male, 41 years old

Gadgeteer 3.7, Escapist 4.9, Sniper 3.3

Core Field: Molecular Physics

Subject can, in his own words, “alter the numerical values of matter and energy on the quantum level”. Has used ability to create teleportation chamber with record setting range of 500,000 kilometers by “changing their mathematical position in the universe”, and a cold fusion reactor by “setting the radioactive decay of matter within to maximum possible value”. Insists his power is limited only by the need to create the formula to express an outcome.


Doctor Koki Kobayashi Male, 43 years old

Gadgeteer 2.2,

Subspecialization: Summoner 2.9, Sniper 2.1, Tank 2.2

Core Field: Forcefields

Subject creates “soft forcefields” that deplete a certain percentage of all incoming energy and can exert up to 1.7 atmospheres of pressure. Forcefields are capable being controlled via computer to generate extremely fine manipulation, including noninvasive surgical procedures as well as selectively allow certain molecules through the field but not others.


Hugo Gérard Male, 25 years old

Gadgeteer 1.9,

Subspecialization: Sniper 1.2, Summoner 1.2, Stealth 1.8, Transit 2.1

Core Field: Spatial Distortions

Subject creates lensing techology that distorts space. Can make a person, object or environment the equivalent of 25% larger or smaller for purposes of effective size and distance between points.


Nikhil Neel– Male, 15 years old

Gadgeteer 2.1

Subspecialization: Sniper 3.1, Stealth 1.9, Tank 3.1

Core Field: Electromagnetic Waves

Subject can manipulate light in ways which the energy normally does not behave. Can create handheld laser weapons and light warping forcefields. Critical importance to the Icarus Project.


Nourah Kalil (Aka- Nora K.; Aka- Broken Mirror), Female, 21

Breaker 4.1, Infiltrator 1.4, Esper 2.8

Subject can emulate a weaker version of any other Imbued’s powers, though is limited to one at a time. Abilities range from 25-50% weaker than the original’s power, and original Imbued suffers no side effects (nor, indeed, any warning that their powers have been duplicated). Subject’s physical appearance adjusts somewhat to resemble current target (subject is an Arabic female no matter who she emulates, but changes in such a way that she could be visually mistaken as the daughter of her natural form, and the target). Also gains knowledge of target’s powers, how to use them, and use of their skills, though not specific knowledge or memory (as if suffering retrograde amnesia).


Huang Song (Chronicle), Female, 28

Gadgeteer 1.1, Esper 1.7, Infiltrator 3.9, Gifter 2.7

Core Field: Knowledge Transfer

Subject can construct machines that copy, preserve, and transfer skills and knowledge to a recipient during a 41 minute long subliminal download process. Transfered knowledge is temporary, lasting roughly until the next time the recipient sleeps. Recipients without the need to sleep report losing the knowledge within 2 to 3 hours on average. A single recipient can only have one skill upload active at a time, though there appears to be no upper limit on number of recipients, aside time it takes to recieve information.

Subject has a library of skills includin but not limited to: Every major and/or national language on Earth. 49 minority languages, 14 of which are expected to no longer have a living speaker by 2050.

All core medical and scientific disciplines.

Subject currently cornerstone of the Chronicle Imperative. Subject is a priority fugitive from China and cannot safely return to Earth.


Current Equipment available to Warren via Project: Blue Steel
Permanent Features:

Core Cyberbiotic Skeletal replacements: A Blue Steel endoskeleton can accept energy absorbed by the armor weave (or energy that bypasses all other defenses) and store it in battery systems installed in the large bones of the body. Cybernetic communications system allowing User to interface with all installed mechanisms at speed of thought as well as communicate back to base. Numerous reinforcements to protect or replace organs where necessary.

Endosymbiotic Fauna: Too numerous to list. Specialized chimera sensory organs provide enhanced hearing, vision and sense of smell superior to any natural living creature (but still within limits of organic chemistry). Chimera internal bacteria increase efficiency of biological processes by between 91 and 129%, allow survival in a carbon monoxide or methane rich environment, and can metabolize almost any organic toxin within minutes. Critical in self-contained environment mode. Replacement of fatty tissues under skin by Endosym allows for very limited cosmetic shapeshifting.

Ansible Node and Artemis supercomputer: Internal computer directly linked to Artemis colony via quantum tunnel. Through it Warren has access to a massive supercomputer with codebreaking, translation, extensive historical records, library of all known chemical substances, criminal records, facial recognition, schematics for most machinery, and huge medical library. As well as experts in several fields employed by Artemis where necessary.

Point Forcefield Generator (PFG): able to reduce incoming attacks of all types by roughly 27% regardless of amount and type of energy. Key feature in many other systems, including self-contained environment mode, stealth mode, travel mode, self-repair module, combat enhancement mode, and flowmetal reshaping.

Sensor Suite: Mechanical sensory augments granting vision into the IR or UV spectrums past where organic tissue can reach, see through walls, infra and ultra sonic hearing, no-light vision, and chemo-analysis system. Something of a power hog, also very distracting so usually left off unless immediately necessary.

Self-Contained Environment mode: Use of PFG and Endosyms can allow Warren to survive up to 3 days without access to an external air supply in the event of environmental hazards his enhanced body cannot tolerate. Possibilities include: exposure to vacuum, underwater, heavy inorganic air polution such as radon, and numerous Imbued powers that use inhalents.
Optional Features (Listed in likelihood to be in use during any given mission)

Combat Enhancement System: boosts equivalent strength by using PFG. Power hog.

Lens Drive Defense: spatial distortions make Warren the equivalent of half his size for purposes of enemies trying to target him, or his own aim for targeting opponents. Distance between Warren and opponent can be increased by 25%

Lens Drive Transit: distances are shortened by 25%, allowing for faster movement.

Biomed Analysis Suite: combination of sensory suite and point forcefields allow for medical scanning of self or others. Short range (roughly 10 meters, requires line of sight or only thin obstruction (works through clothes, not walls). Power hog.

Point-Stun Handgun: ranged handheld weapon that generates a pulse which activates various portions of the target’s brain. Can be used to induce sleep, emulate the effects of intoxication, or cause hallucinations or temporary emotional changes. Low range, only useful if Biomed suite isn’t available.

Radiation Laser Handgun: It’s a laser handgun with multiple energy type settings which range from painful to lethal. Includes microwave setting that does horrible things to electronics.

Other Handguns: Ranging from rubber bullets to metal jackets to standard lead slug. Sometimes, the classics are exactly what you need to get the job done.

Repair Module: If necessary, Artemis supercomputer can exert control over PFG and perform limited amounts of healing or other biological modification. Internal or very short range. Used to reshape Flowsteel as well. Extreme power hog.

Flowsteel Reserve: Warren carries five kilograms of Gadget-metal that becomes a non-Neutonian fluid while a specific energy field runs through it, then returns to solid state after. Can become any conceivable shape.

Blue Steel armor weave: Lightweight underarmor which absorbs additional energy attacks and disrupts Imbued abilities. Key component in anti-Esper, environmental, and defensive protection features. Reduces efficacy of many other pieces of equipment.

Ranged hack access port: Uses PFG to plug into a computer, then Artemis computer to hack system. If necessary, will use Repair module to physically rebuild portion of computer to allow remote access.

Cloak Field: heavily modified lens field can warp light around user. Cannot be used with Blue Steel armor weave. Takes up too much space to be used in more than one or two other optional system.

Mundane Equipment: Through its Department of Defense contacts, almost any mundane equipment (regardless of legality) can be acquired. Including falsified documents and passports, military weapons and vehicles, access to certain classified documents, and a bunch of stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting.


List of other projects the Artemis Research Colony is currently being used for (some Imbued are involved in multiple projects):

Artemis Geographical Exploitation Survey (AGES)

Project dedicated to analyzing the lunar composition for general scientific purposes ranging from discovering new chemical properties to gaining a greater understanding of how our solar system was formed.

Icarus Project

A joint project with NASA, CNSA, ESA, JAXA, ISRO, and RFSA. Dedicated to study of the sun by establishing orbital space probes as close to surface of the sun as is possible. Probes generally have massive sensor suites, forcefield generators, and Imbued exotic material hulls. Often FTL transmission tech to send the data back to Earth.

Chronicle Imperative

Dedicated to preserving skills and knowledges which are expected to be lost as the world transitions to a post-industrial and eventually post-national society. In addition to finding sources of obscure knowledge, the project is devoted to seeking a means to create a permanent memory upload. Project also serves several governments with tool-assisted teaching programs. The knowledge may be temporary, but the skills learned while in possession of them are retained in the normal way. In the end, it means languages can be trained in a matter of months, rather than years, and other skills see similar results.

Artemis Colony has a suite of equipment dedicated solely to tracking the Earth. Data is used in meteorological or other environmental studies, and locating anomalies that may be related to use of Imbued to manipulate the environment on a large scale.

SETI and other space observation technology.

While Artemis doesn’t transmit data into space (it’s a secret base, guys, seriously), it has a vested interest in scanning the rest of the universe in hopes of locating intelligent life. Or at least spotting any world-killing asteroids before they get too close.

Sister World Project

A project hoping to establish not just a colony, but outright terraforming the Venusian surface to support human life. The lack of Imbued able to influence the planetary scale makes it a primarily thought experiment project, rather than a practical one. Serves as a blanket excuse to run medical studies on space, radiation exposure, and research into low gravity environments that generally aren’t wide scale enough to get their own project names.


27 thoughts on “Artemis Colony

  1. Not strictly a chapter- and I will not count it as such for weekly production quota. Consider it a bonus and part of the “companion guide”. Most of it’s just edited and repurposed from my character info notes. :p

    A/N- and this, right here, gives you an idea of how governments survive in the Price setting. They have the tools, resources, and will to minmax the ever loving FUCK out of EVERYTHING. They got this Imbued stuff down to a science.

    Really, isn’t that what science and technology is? Minmaxing the natural laws of the universe? And governments are usually pretty good at science and technology. Or, at least, they’re good at paying people who are good at science and technology. And in the end that’s basically the same thing.


  2. This was incredibly fascinating. And I had that same thought when I read what resources Warren is able to access through his mental uplink thing. “Big defense budget + super powers = some serious shit.”

    I really liked the list of Icarus personnel. They have a solid list of Gadgeteers, and other support Imbued. I am wondering about Alchemist though. His power sounds pretty ridiculous from just that little blurb. I am having a hard time seeing how he falls under the Gadgeteer category, besides the fact that his reality warping can also lead to him making machines. I’m sure that there are details that aren’t in that description that would explain it but my initial reaction was “Jesus, that guy could murder anything with that power.”

    Professor Abernathy is also intriguing. I can’t tell if that is a pretty bad power and she is just making the best use of it, or it is such a good power that it had to come with super serious restrictions. On the one hand, information is always really important, especially in a big government run operation like Icarus. But damn does that power have a lot of strings attached. It sounds more like something a high level cleric would get in a D&D game than an actual super power.

    … Although I do like the idea of Professor Abernathy being such a huge tabletop gamer that once she finally got powers, they just fell into line with what she was familiar with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You mean “Artemis”, which is the colony itself. Icarus is a separate thing that they’re only part of.

      Well, Alchemist does have to build machines to do the work and/or calculations, which makes him a Gadgeteer. He’s also 41 years old, and in the two and a half decades he’s had his power, he’s managed to build *exactly two things* (plus or minus a few very low level experiments).

      Granted… one’s a teleportation machine that can go from the Earth to the Moon… and the other is a Cold Fusion (and/or toxic waste disposal) machine that can run on lawn clippings… so it’s two freakin’ awesome things… but imagine being a man whose power can do anything imaginable… but only if it’s imagined on the subatomic level and built up from there.

      Anything, everything, no problem that can’t be overcome. Except you need math necessary to express the solution- math that no one else can do, by the way. Formulas that take over a decade to complete. That power is its own Price.

      Actually kinda want to do some interlude chapters featuring the various Gadgeteers. Maybe using Broken Mirror as the PoV, just so I have the excuse to show them all in their elements proper.


      1. Ahhhhhh, that makes more sense then. I thought that he was building regular tech, then applying a kind of reality warping power to change physics and allow them to work. I can definitely see how going from the other direction and having to building things bottom-up.

        The idea of the power you get being its own price is actually pretty cool, as opposed to it being more of a side effect (Zach getting detailed info every time he has any physical contact, Beth having to fight to make her power non-lethal).

        Also, I meant to ask this in my previous comment but did Phoebe help create Wiki from In Triplicate? I know he said that he was Imbued, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone lied to maintain a cover. Unless the telepathic internet access she gave was actually controllable instead of always on. In which case that is a strictly better deal than Wiki got.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, strictly speaking, “building regular tech, then applying a kind of reality warping power to change physics and allow them to work” is how ALL Gadgeteers work. Their tech works because the power makes the tech work, not because of any special knowledge of the secret workings of the universe (though a lot of them would disagree).

          And… no, Phoebe has nothing to do with Wiki. They’ve never even been on the same continent (Phoebe comes from Ireland, actually). Also… phone access to the Internet wouldn’t be able to do what Wiki does- which is *full access to the whole thing at once*. More of his power is dedicated to his brain not melting than anything else.


  3. It’s really cool to see all the gadgeteers hired here, and evenmore interesting to see how all their powers interact in Warren’s enhancements.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve gotta ask some sciency questions…
    First, about the cold fusion reactor. Fusion is when hydrogen merges with other elements to create heavier atoms. Cold fusion is the same, except in a less extreme environment. Radioactive decay doesn’t play into the process at all – that happens when heavier, undtable elements decompose into lighter elements. The main challenge, what differentiates fusion from cold fusion, is to create an environment where fusion can actually occur (that is, VERY high temperatures) WITHOUT needing to use fission to reach those conditions. Actually, it’s already possible without breaking the laws of physics to create a fusion bomb, it’s just that there needs to be a primary fission explosion beforehand to make it possible. It works, but it’s not cold fusion.

    Tl;dr: how does increasing the rate of radioactive decay translate to cold fusion? I’d understand decreasing the extreme temperature needed to initiate fusion, but I’m confused here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually… heat is a byproduct of fission/fusion more than a requirement. All you have to do is have two protons slam into each other really hard, so they break apart.

      Radioactive decay is actually a form of fission- which is to say, an atom breaking down and losing pieces of itself, in the process releasing relatively massive amounts of energy.

      So, really, it’s more like cold fission… but it keeps going until everything breaks down into energy, even individual protons, so it’s a waste free process that does exactly what the sun does, only more efficiently (and much smaller scale). And fits the technical scientific definition of cold fusion as a room temperature nuclear reaction.

      Also helps that powers don’t have to obey our world’s concept of the laws of physics. It is entirely possible for an Imbued to create an electronium hat that grants superhuman intelligence by harnessing the power of sunspots to generate cognitive radiation. Makes sense? No. Works? Yes. Why? Fuck you, that’s why.


      1. Yup, heat’s a byproduct, but it’s also necessary if you want to get two protons close enough together to fuse. Google “cold fusion lasers” to see what i mean.
        I like the idea of creating energy from large elements until they eventually decay into nothing. It would have to stop at a certain point though – once you get to the stable elements, decomposition would no longer occur spontaneously. Though if it does, “fuck you, that’s why” is a plausible explanation XD.
        Anyway, cold fusion does definitely refer to fusion, because “cold fission” isn’t enough of a problem to get a term dedicated to it. Just get a chain reaction started, and the rest will decay on its own. Fusion is another beast, because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get protons to collide. So far, we’ve been able to get some fusion going by increasing the temperature with frickin laser beams (!), but it hasn’t produced enough energy to become a self-sustaining reaction. There’s a reason radioactive decay happens all over the place, but fusion only happens in the middle of giant flaming balls of gas.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Fair, but the (fantasy) of that kind of high efficiency breakdown is still called cold fusion in most of the literature.

          The point is- his machine forces the decay to continue into stable elements. Then keep continuing until eventually even all the individual protons have decomposed into pure energy. It’s like watching the entropic decay of the universe in super fast forward.

          Matter-Antimatter grade annihilation. Although measured in half-lives rather than continents destroyed. The Artemis Colony is still running on the same bag of trash that was tossed in when the reactor started in 2001. And will be for the next 30 years. In fact- the biggest threat to the reactor isn’t running out of bag of garbage, it’s the death of the maker.

          Because the number of people on the planet who can fix the damn thing can be counted on your fingers.


          1. Would you mind linking some of the literature you mentioned? I’d love to read more! Most of my knowledge of nuclear energy comes from intro level chem class and Ars Technica. XPPP.

            Oh, and I googled “cold fission.” Apparently that term exists, but refers to something completely different!


  5. And also some biology questions. Yay!
    First, sense augmentation. The biggest challenge wouldn’t be building a sensor that can go beyond human or even animal senses, it would be translating that information in a way that the human brain can understand. I can go into more detail if anyone actually wants to know this stuff, but for now I’m just asking if Warren’s brain itself was altered for these senses.
    Was Warren’s entire skeleton replaced with blue steel? If it has the physical properties of titanium-steel alloy, it would be HEAVY. In addition, bone marrow is important in creating new blood cells. Not to mention the regular touch-ups that would be necessary since a normal human body can’t repair bones made of metal.

    I honestly don’t mean to be a party pooper, I swear I’m just curious!

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  6. Nah, it’s cool. I like questions.

    1- Phoebe’s power at work. Only she (and others with very similar powers) can do it. She can translate human-to-cellphone and back, which is probably harder than human-to-animal senses.

    2- Titanium’s not that heavy. Only about twice the weight of bone.

    Bone density is about 2200 kg/m3 for men.

    Water is, by intention, 1000kg/m3 (water’s freakin’ heavy, but not as heavy as bone).

    Iron’s about 7850. Stainless steel 8,000. Titanium’s only 4540 or less, depending on alloy. A bit over twice human bone weight, for durability comparable to some of the strongest steels (they’re going for a relatively low resilience titanium at that- the human body melts long before the softest steels.

    Warren’s height and weight suggests total bone weight of ~20kg… so he’d be adding another 20, evenly distributed throughout the body. It’s really not that much more for someone with his physical conditioning. Plus he now has superhumanly efficient endosymbiotes performing a lot of functions, not just those once done by bone marrow. The thing where his appendix used to be is like 5 times better at doing everything the liver and kidneys do than the liver and kidneys combined. Plus it does other cool stuff like reoxygenate blood.

    A lot of his intestines have been removed, replaced with a way better symbiote, to make room for other machinery.

    And he has something called a “repair module”.


    1. Sweet!

      The thing with the senses isn’t interfacing, it’s that the brain literally has no way of understanding certain concepts. So if you add new types of olfactory receptors, the brain can’t extract meaningful information from them because there’s no context. It’s never experienced them before. If we’re generous, Warren would need lots more experience to get used to them. Same with UV and IR light. Would Warren just be seeing a representation of them in familiar colors, or would he be seeing a new color altogether? And resolution – if Warren’s new eyes have higher resolution than Warren’s old eyes have rods and cones, it’s not guarantees that his brain has a highly developed enough occipital lobe to actually process all of that. You could say cibernetic enhancement takes care of it though…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Superpowers be bullshit, yo.

        Phoebe would say that the human brain has a lot of untapped potential and regularly deals with massive chunks of information the conscious mind is never aware of. She’s just tapping into hidden bandwidth the same way the internet does with phone lines.

        Warren would say “it’s like learning to flex my fifth arm”- a line that’ll come up soon enough in the story (it’s been planned since the beginning)… there are difficulties and a learning curve, especially with the complex stuff (like the telepathy), even with his brain adapting at the same rates a toddler’s does- which is to say very, very fast.

        But we people in the universe where the laws of physics are more than politely worded suggestions? Eventually we just gotta shrug and accept it like a Star Trek episode.


        1. So superpowers help Warren’s brain retain plasticity equivalent to that of a toddler’s? Cool, I’ll buy that.
          (I’ll take that last sentence as an invitation to bugger off already :P )

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well, Phoebe’s power is doing more heavy lifting in the “able to use this shit” department than Warren’s at this point.

            And by all means, keep chatting away. I’m not complaining. I like seeing my story make people think. And if it helps future readers get their heads around things, that’s bonus material.


        2. Something Ozzien mentioned made me remember a few things from Human Factors Engineering class.

          So Warren’s enhanced sight comes from more receptors being added? I ask because I feel like a lot of stories will mention enhanced sight coming from something like the structure at the back of a cat’s eye, reflecting the light back onto the receptors to catch more of it. What they tend to ignore is that while that lets cats have great perception of movement and in low-light it also makes their vision super washed-out compared to human vision in well-lit conditions.

          Also, do his visual enhancements do anything to increase the size of his fovea? Because in the standard human eye it only gives you optimal visual acuity within something like a 1 degree range of the center of your visio and detail falls off sharply as you move to the periphery.

          Do his saccadic and smooth eye movements still work the same? For instance, do his eyes still automatically do smooth tracking of moving objects?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Warren’s enhanced sight comes from a chimera being grown to have what looks like human eyes (part of Chantelle’s projects include growing organs for transplants), only perfected and without all those flaws evolution doesn’t fix. Then those eyes were taken from the chimera and installed into Warren by Phoebe.

            Warren’s eyes have all the best features of a hawk, a shark, and a human (we do have wonderful features rare in the animal kingdom- lets us watch TV when most animals can’t).

            If a hawk and shark were genetically enhanced and bred together then artificially refined for a thousand generations solely to get the best eyesight something shaped like a human eye could achieve… that’s what Warren’s rocking right now…

            Cats were bypassed for not being good enough.


            1. So how much of cyborg-Warren is his original biomass? For that matter, did they restrict themselves to his original volume or did they fudge it?

              Liked by 1 person

            2. Let’s see.. Brain… nervous system… most of the circulatory system… muscles… and lungs are all his own, but they’ve got minor enhancers. The rest of him? Well, a lot of his torso is missing or modified.

              I dunno… half, maybe? I don’t know which bits of biomass equate to what amount of mass or volume in the human body. He’s still pretty much the same shape as before, but that’s it.


  7. One thing popped out at me in the Icarus section. Are FTL communications only used for data transmission? Because I feel like that would be even more useful for sensor and shielding adjustments.

    Also, did you just run up all these details when you were getting Blue Steel ready or do you just have oodles of detailed setting information constantly waiting in the wings?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sensor FTL doesn’t. It has to *sense* something first, and that’s still traveling in normal space rather than wormholes or subspace or whatever excuse a particular Gadgeteer uses to make his power work.

      I have oodles of detailed setting info. I sat down before writing the first book and asked myself “what would be different in a world with powers? I decided police budgets would be higher, there’d be more disasters and the costs associated. Then I asked how governments would survive and technology would continue at more-or-less real world pace despite not having as much government funding.

      The answer was “the problem is also the solution”. Icarus, for example, is the answer to all the funding the Large Hadron Collider isn’t getting in the Price setting.

      And there’s the spec-ops programs like Blue Steel that keep the peace in the shadows. Although the specific details of Blue Steel itself was only dreamed up a month or two ahead of time. They’re not the first joint defense project on the market.


      1. If the Blue Steel details were created 1-2 months ahead of time, does that mean you also generated details for all the other stories you polled about doing for the 3rd story? Seems like that could add up to a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

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