Promotional Announcement

But not for me, because I still feel weird about self-promotion.

The author of Anathema is a friend of mine, and has been since before she began writing the book roughly two years ago. I’m semi responsible for inspiring her to get off her ass and actually write  And seeing her do it kinda inspired me to do the same.

Anywho. She’s published her first e-book on amazon. It’s got a promotional release discount this weekend, starting Saturday (May 7, 2016) for .99 cents. So this is your opportunity for a cheap buy.

I can legitimately promote this book; I’ve read the online version, and it’s good stuff. There’s a reason she’s consistently ahead of me on the TWF charts (grumble grumble).

The themes are similar to mine in some ways, though she’s gone with the “powers are recent, the world’s crumbling thanks to them” angle. Like myself, she looks at hard themes and deep character and world development, though with focus on different issues than my own- addiction, for example, and a world stumbling toward the apocalyptic.

Oh, and if you do slide by and give it a purchase, let her know I sent you. I don’t get anything special out of the deal, but maybe she’ll give me a few tips in case I go the webpublish route, myself. So, be bros for me if you do give her a visit and/or buy from here.

But don’t vote for her story. We’re still rivals on that damn chart.


2 thoughts on “Promotional Announcement

  1. Anathema is very good. That said, like a lot of web serials, I dont think there is a natural break in the action or partial climax or whatever…so it would be more like installment one than book one. I actually put it aside for a while since only one update a week was killing me. Looking forward to catching up soon.

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    1. Fair enough. That’s a couple pitfalls (serial lack of natural endpoints and slow updates) I’m proud to say I avoided. Anathema is totally worth the read, however.


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