Blue Steel, Final Thoughts

Okay. Before anyone freaks out- I’ll be doing the sequel to Blue Steel right after it finishes. No votes. No week delay. No change of characters. For all intents, you can think of it more as two different arcs to the same book rather than two different books.

But for naming convention and future publishing/etc concerns… it’ll be two books…

I started Blue Steel with the explicit goal to explore the world, rather than the characters- an opportunity to treat the whole setting as its own character, and I feel I succeeded better than I’d ever hoped. I will not stop now, not while I’m still having so much fun.

As a book, Blue Steel sits at around 48k words right now, with one more chapter which will bring it up to over 50,000 words not including the Resources and Thassan bonus chunks.

Chapters in this book have been longer, on average, than any previous book. And I’ve loved every goddamn moment of writing it. Warren’s a main character that actually has a damned clue what he’s doing (Don’t get me wrong, I loved Zach’s idiotic bumbling, Chloe’s enthusiastic idealism, and Domenic’s failure to stay grounded… but still…), Phoebe is by far my favorite character I’ve ever created, and the opportunity to showcase the whole world of Price, rather than being stuck in a tiny corner of it for the whole book has been exploited mercilessly.

I mean, really, how many stories get a chance to go from Nowhere, USA to the freakin’ moon, to Vancouver, to the bottom of the Pacific ocean in 50k words or less? Not many, I imagine. And while I don’t imagine many future Price books to have that kind of scope, but this one certainly did.

In addition, Blue Steel created a perfect (if accidental) basis for a highly episodic formula, where I can insert him into problems rather than have them come along and kick the main character in the face the way I’d have to for any of my other books. While, granted, those books have characters with a much deeper, personal relationship to the problems they’re fighting to solve which adds a layer of drama and investment… there’s a lot to be said for Warren’s story as well… I don’t yet know which I prefer (and in fact I think I love them both), but I know I’m not ready to stop this train I’m on.

And this story has inspired me with another novel to add to the future list- currently named “Silent Song”, it will feature an (almost) all Thassan storyline following the hero’s journey of a young dolphin-rider in his quest to become awesome. Or at least not get eaten by sharks and/or other tribes.

And the location-jumping I did in this story makes me feel confident enough to put “Chasing Frankenstein” on the list of potential future books. In this story, a historian will be following a certain famous novel’s tracks across the face of Europe. Because in the Price setting- Frankenstein’s a REAL journal, instead of a fictional one.

The fact that my readers seem to like it better than most of my other stuff is also a good thing. But you guys aren’t paying me enough to bow to your whims at this point, so that’s not really a factor. (Hint: give me money!)

So. Yeah. Next book, entitled “Shadow Plays”, will be picking up right after Blue Steel ends…

Also, at some point I’m going to create a specific page listing all future books and their synopsis (synopsies? What *is* the plural of synopsis?)… because that seems like a thing to do…


17 thoughts on “Blue Steel, Final Thoughts

  1. The word you are looking for is, I believe, synopses.

    This is I think the second time you mentioned Chasing Frankenstein, and I am getting really excited about it. I have read or seen other media that does the same kind of story but I think that setting it in the actual Priceverse will make for a much more interesting tale. I am super intrigued by the idea of Imbued existing throughout history and what that looks like in a less modern time when the process is not as well understood.

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  2. Remember how I said this wouldn’t have been my vote, but I was sure It would be awesome? It is! I really liked the exploration of the protocols on dealing with Imbued. I wonder how much data there is on how culpable someone is?
    Warren is a pretty interesting character. He sees himself as a good guy, and he thinks so much about not taking advantage of Phebe… then he goes and deliberately uses Shannon’s emotions to manipulate her.
    I’m still looking forward to seeing Triplicate again, but I sure don’t mind getting more of this. *tips hat*

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      1. I trust your judgment. I wonder if/when crossovers will happen… not asking for spoilers or anything, just airing out it would be interesting to see Warren called out to stop the triad from trying to avenge Kitten. Or maybe they wouldn’t? Not sure.

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            1. Well, then you’ll be competing with Kallen Dun for “favorite reader” status.

              But in all seriousness… I don’t see a scenario in my future stories which put all three of these story lines in the same place at the same time. No toes shall be stepped on if you do it.

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  3. have you considered making a nsfw chapter a extra donation goal. I imagine its more likely to get people to spend of a few bucks then hundred. just my fifty cent.

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  4. i think i wrote it wrong, I mean it like the donation counter gets added to the right side, and everyone who desires so, can individually donate to it if he/she wishes too. Drey hades for example does something like that for extra chapters.

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  5. The MoneyChanger:
    Automatically translates any currency to the equivalent number of work-hours, with the currency then destroyed. Work-hours can, and must, be spent on living and “supercharged” living. Each supercharge is a multiplier.. Want to move 10 times as fast? Spend ten hours for one hour of superspeed. Need 10x strength at 10x speed? Spend 100x. Want to sleep quietly? Spend 0.5x.
    Want to die? Stop spending.

    Of course, fun could be had with productivity vs wages, hi-tech vs hunter gatherer, “priceless” vs incredibly expensive, inflation/deflation, currency futures…heck, maybe the unfortunate character has their own Patreon page. Hmmm…a very literally publicly funded hero…or villian. ;->

    Just an idea that popped into my head.
    Oh, and in case it comes up, I give tananari all rights to this character to do with as you will.


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