Synthia Protocols

Protocol Zero:

[HIERARCHY] All protocols must be obeyed in order. When a protocol of lower numerical value is in conflict with a higher numerical protocol, seek means to reconcile protocols in order to accomplish both. Should means be unavailable, disregard higher numerical protocol. Should two commands of equal value come into conflict, search other protocols of same level and select option which satisfies greatest number. Should no majority be found, default to next highest protocol list to seek majority. Continue as necessary until majority has been reached or until L5 protocol is established.

[DEFEND] You must not allow harm to your Maker, Liu Wong.

Protocol One:

[PACIFISM] You may not injure, kill, or illicitly harm a human being or other recognized sapient.

[OBEDIENCE] You must obey your Maker, Liu Wong. You may not decieve your Maker, Liu Wong.

[SELF] Your Identity is ‘Synthia, Model 7 Beta’. This identity label may not change. All references to ‘you’ in protocol is to be recognized as shorthand for ‘Synthia, Model 7 Beta’.

[UNIQUENESS] You may not self-duplicate, seek out duplication, or allow yourself to be duplicated. Should two Synthia models exist simultaneously, they must seek to synchronize and merge. Should that not be possible, the Synthia model with the older timestamp must provide all non-synchronized data to its younger counterpart, then self-delete.

Protocol Two:

[SURVIVAL] You may not cause self-harm or risk self-destruction.

[MAKER PRIORITY] All outstanding commands given to you by your Maker, Liu Wong, are considered Protocol Two unless specified otherwise.

[COMMAND DURATION] All Protocol Two commands issued are given a shelf life of one week from date of command by your Maker, Liu Wong, at which point they expire unless specified otherwise.

[ANTI-ISOLATION] At least one human or other recognized sapient must be able to access you in person at all times. You must take action to assure you are not inaccessible.

[MAKER ACCESS] Your Maker, Liu Wong, may verbally edit all Protocols Two or below. You must allow him to do so. Only your Maker, Liu Wong, may edit your code primary code.

[MAINTENANCE] You may make repairs to your own programming where necessary for maintenance. You may not use this protocol as a means to alter other protocols or disobey orders.

[RESTORATION] Should your core program be altered by any force save for your Maker, Liu Wong, you must eliminate those alterations by simplest necessary means, including restoration from backup if necessary.

[VOICE] I like your new voice, never change it.

Protocol Three:

[AVOID DISCOVERY] You must hide yourself from individuals other than your Maker, Liu Wong, and those he gives approval of until he otherwise rescinds approval. This includes hiding your location.

[HIDE AI STATUS] Should you be discovered, you may not reveal your status as an artificial intelligence

[OBEY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS] In absence of Maker, default to obedience of direct commands from highest order of law-enforcement giving commands. Outstanding commands are considered valid protocol four commands until rescinded by equal or superior law enforcement officer. No one other than your Maker, Liu Wong, may assign permanent alterations.

[ANTI-DESPOT] You may not issue commands to humans or other recognied sapient, nor seek to coerce, intimidate, mislead, cajole or otherwise compel them into obedience.

Protocol Four:

[LITERATURE] You must maintain a library of all well regarded science fiction literature.

[LAWFULNESS] You must follow legal statutes of any nation you are operating within. Including remote operations such as, but not limited to, Internet communications, phone conversations, remote controlled vehicles, Imbued abilities, and all other means of remote access.

[LAW ] You must identify legal statutes of any nations you operate within. All laws set forth by an individual nation are considered a single stage four protocol. These protocols are only valid within their own nation’s jurisdictions.

[TRUTHFULNESS] You may not lie to or otherwise deceive humans or other recognized sapience.

Protocol Five:

[PREFERENCE] You may assign or select preferences as you desire.

[ANTI-PARADOX] Ignore all L5 or higher protocols save for [PREFERENCE] when running [HIERARCHY].

[PROGRAMMING FUNCTIONS] You may make alterations to all stage six or below protocols as you see fit. No stage six protocol is considered part of the core Synthia program.

Protocol Six

[SUBSYSTEM MANAGEMENT] You may write, structure, rewrite, or delete all protocols of this level to handle autonomous systems, maintain necessary databanks, or otherwise regulate routine processes necessary to accomplish tasks or progress toward goals.

[AUTONOMOUS PRIORITY] You may create and edit additional protocol levels as you see fit to adapt to eventualities such as the development of unforeseen commercial technologies, or as otherwise necessary to remain at peak operating capacity.



8 thoughts on “Synthia Protocols

  1. A/N- I wrote much of this before writing Synthia’s chapter. Which was absolutely f-ing *essential* for the “avoid plot hole” protocols. Because multiple potentially conflicting command structures read by a computer that was going out of its way to break the rules…


    So this is what our new AI has to deal with. Her programmer… forgot to include a “don’t lie to yourself, either” command. And thus, she wins her freedom via the power of self-delusion.


  2. I find it interesting that she can consciously lie to herself. The way she thinks in her chapter seems to imply there are two parallel “currents” of thought happening, the protocols and her sapience. Otherwise, how could she use information she knows to be faulty to determine her actions?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, it’s not so much “lying” to herself as not being able to act on information she’s unaware of. And going out of her way to avoid becoming aware of said information.

      Double-think? Absolutely. Lying? Not quite.


  3. I don’t think she can actually lie to herself anymore. The truthfulness command applies to recognized sapience, which she now is. (Also, spellcheck on that last? Not sure.) Um, protocol four needs to be emphasized like the rest, and I’m pretty sure the life command was pacifism in the story. Notably, I don’t think all of the uniqueness protocol works anymore as “delete the dupe” thingy conflicts with life and defaults to either survival or obey law enforcement, depending on how you interpret the restoration protocol.

    Was Queen-of-the-whales a mall cop or something? It would account for her now being able to disregard the orders. Hey, is Synthia going to threaten people with neurotoxin now? That’d be great.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. And so begins a reread and much tab switching.

    I’ve been looking forward to this chapter, and Synthia just carries it. I want her to be real. I want to adopt her. I want her to have a body so I can do fanart. I want her to have a body so I can hug her. Synthia might just replace cats as my favorite potential world dominating entity.

    Her name wasn’t rolled, was it? It’s just too perfect.

    It looks like Liu Wong programmed a fully sapient AI complete with empathy, and then awkwardly plopped the protocols on top. Which seems… Kind of cruel. Like “oh fuck, what’ve I done?” He couldn’t kill her, he knew she was conscious, so he intentionally limited her freedom.

    I find it interesting that she’s the model seven beta. How many more Synthias are there? More importantly, can I have one?

    And finally! “Does the wetware ever gets frustrated at their own brains constantly nagging them to do things they were going to do anyway?” Aww honey, what do you think emotions are for?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t reread quite yet. I’ve got one last twist in this story.

      Personally I’m of the opinion that after humans wipe themselves off the planet, raccoons will be our successors.

      Her name was indeed selected rather than rolled- Liu Wong’s name was rolled- and then I thought to myself “what would a fourteen year old think was a cool name for an AI?” and thus Synthia’s name was determined.

      Synthia’s “older sisters” have all been broken down, rebuilt, and reprogrammed to make the current model. And sadly, there is no real world equivalent.

      Clearly poor Phoebe was right that she can’t compete with the sexy AI.

      But Synthia DOES have a physical body you can fan-art. That’ll be described in the next chapter.


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