Announcement, Aug 18, 2016

So, random conversation now becomes announcement. The possibility of me providing an “editor’s cut” after the end of the novel, in which I explain all the little subtleties I put into the story. Sort of a “making of” interview with myself, where I explain the thoughts and logic of my story. If I get enough money to make it happen, I’ll do it verbally and post it on youtube. In fact, if I get that much, I’ll go through and explain all prior novels via youtube in their own sections.

So that’s the best I can do as far as incentives go. Now for an incentive lineup.

100$- A written out, mostly comprehensive list of all the little thoughts and details which went into Threefold, including thoughts on important characters, the planning process, the research process, and those subtle little hints and details I dropped into the story. Not everything, by any stretch, but expect the equivalent of a full bonus chapter.


150$- Same deal, with the Blue Steel series.

200$- I go back and do In Triplicate.

250$- With that, I can justify a reasonably powerful new computer (I gotta replace the sad creature I’m currently using, anyway) and decent enough recording software/microphone and it goes up on youtube. In lieu of cash, I might also accept donated hardware. Penny saved, penny earned, and all that jazz.

Oh, and if any of you are still interested in Interlewds, that’s still a thing.


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