Analysis of Pairbonds

And Chain interactions via the only three-way Pairbond on record.


Power Interaction: An unexpected reaction caused by two or more individuals whose powers react in a manner that alters one or both’s effects on their targets. Statistical average identifies around a 5% chance of any given power of having an Interaction with any other randomly selected power. As such, Imbued with multiple Primary powers have increased odds of Power Interactions. As the average number of Primary powers possessed by Imbued is 1.48, the average odds of any two Imbued having an Interaction can be assumed at 7.4.

Powers acquired during Retributive Imbuement or combat Surges may have higher odds of Interactions with those involved (unconfirmed).

Having an Interaction with one individual does not appear to alter the probability of having Interactions with others. (See Chain Interactions and Pairbonds) However, Power Interactions tend to disrupt predictive Esper and/or probability altering abilities (known by the slang of Scry Screen), which renders prediction difficult.

Chain Interaction: A Power Interaction which involves three or more individual powers. Typical Chains involve two people having an Interaction, when a third further alters the parameters. As an Interaction already involves two powers, there is an 11.75% chance of another power adding an additional reaction.

In most (85%) of Chain Interactions, at least one individual has an Interaction with both of the others. In a rare few (2%), one of the individuals has no interaction with the others except during the chain. Chain Interactions tend to generate a much more powerful Scry Screen than normal Interactions.

Pairbond: A special form of Power Interaction which is typified by overt (75%) or covert (25%) emotional bonding between subjects, and often (60%) offer blanket power increases for both individuals.

98% of Pairbonds have two or more Power Interactions with one another, which suggests  an approximate 1 in 3,000 chance for any two Imbued to have a Pairbond interaction. This number increases to 1 in 400 when eliminating all Imbued with only one Primary ability.

Numbers on Pairbonds are difficult to finalize, as once a Pairbond is established, it is impossible for either subject to form another, even if the original partner dies. In theory, a Pairbonded individual might encounter several others  who could have bonded with them, if they were not ‘taken’. The ability to form other Power Interactions remains normal, and in fact their odds of Chain Interactions increases by virtue of having multiple Interactions active through their Pairbond.  In addition, Pairbonds tend to have stronger Interactions and maintain them for longer periods, increasing their Scry Screen disruptions.


Study Sample: the only recorded case of a three person “Pair”bond Interaction.

Subject: Cecelia Fuentes, AKA Killer, AKA Spark


Shapeshifting (formerly double Enhancement aspect, both aspects acquired as Retributive Imbuement, one lost during Surge exchange with Starfall). Low level self centered biomodification ability now offers secondary cosmetic shapeshifting and ability to alter chemical properties of bodily fluids, as well as rapid healing. Retains boosted physical abilities and venomous saliva glands from prior power.

Fateweb Navigation (Analysis aspect acquired from Cora during Surge, blended with Fate aspect acquired from Starfall)- Able to track probabilies and construct them into a realistic mental model of possible future events. Does not require or grant understanding of scenario outside power’s ability

Bioelectric Generation (Electricity aspect (acquired from Chloe during Surge), links with Analysis and Enhancement traits)- Generates slow trickle of electrical energy, stored in own cells to further empower her other abilities to greatly increase the speed at which they function at cost of physical and mental exhaustion. Alters electricity so that it responds to organics much more actively than normal electricity, at loss of effectiveness on inorganics.

Subject: Chloe Harrison, AKA Daybreak, AKA Plasma


Hard Electricity Field (Electricity and Strength aspects)- Generates a bioelectric aura which suffuses her body in the form of a structural integrity field at all times. Stored energy is directed via time dilation field which allows a massive release of kinetic energy to occur in a non-explosive manner in apparent violation of Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Static Battery (Electricity and Time aspects) Gathers and stores power from the environment for use by forcefield powerset. Side effect of resistance to damage from electricity, heat and light based energy.

Subject: Domenic Hinton, AKA Damascus, AKA Ballast


Ferokinesis (Water and Distance aspects) Has the ability to convert metal to a liquid-metal form by altering formation of molecules of steel to possess fluid properties and distorting space to generate formations. Lesser control of iron and other non-steel iron alloys. Power limited by ability to concentrate and pay attention, with a rough maximum of 75 gallons (283 liters) of steel. Practice and more simplistic shapes may improve total mass. Lower amounts of controlled mass increases speed at which the metal can be shifted.

Fero-sight: (Distance aspect) Ability to isolate and detect concentrations of steel visually, at expense of sacrificing normal vision while active. Also allows the ability to detect light which has encountered his metal (see redirection ability).

Energy Redirection: (Water aspect, Acquired from Retributive Imbuement) Steel under control gains additional properties to redirect energy (re: Faraday Cage), above and beyond steel’s normal conductivity. Includes ability to redirect even distortions in space and time, granting the metal itself immunity to gravity and resistance to many other exotic effects.

Subject: The Spark-Plasma Pairbond Interaction

Boosted Durability. Recipient: Spark (Electricity > Strength) Grants Cecelia a defensive-only copy of Chloe’s structural integrity field. Strictly inferior due to lack of battery storage feature.

Boosted Versatility. Recipient: Plasma (Electricity > Enhancement) Grants Chloe reduced energy costs for her abilities. Boosts Chloe’s healing rates and resistance to poisons and disease.

EM-Relay. Recipient: both (Electricity > Electricity). Grants shared access to the other’s power supply, also grants range to interactions despite both having powers limited to touch range.

Subject: The Spark-Ballast Pairbond Interactions

Flowmetal. Recipient: both (Water > Enhancement) When exposed to Cecelia’s bioelectricity, adds additional properties to Domenic’s metal which makes it significantly easier to control, roughly tripling the amount of mass he can move for the same concentration. Grants Cecelia lesser control of small amounts of Flowmetal, which she can use at short (>10 meters) range.

Fate Filter. Recipient: Spark (Distance > Fate) A sub-function of Domenic’s energy-redirection, allows Cecelia to filter through minor distractions more easily by using Domenic’s metal as a sort of screening lens, making long term insights less difficult.

Subject: The Plasma-Ballast Power Interaction

Augmented Steel. Recipient: Special (Water > Strength) Metal under Domenic’s influence which is enhanced by Chloe’s, then returned to normal state forms a unique molecular structure which increases tensile and yield strength, heat tolerance, and resistance to chemical corrosion by ~15 to 25% over base material.

Subject: The Plasma-Spark-Ballast Chain Interaction

Flowmetal Battery. Recipient: all (Water > Enhancement > Time) The cornerstone of the trio, allows Domenic’s metal to store large amounts of Chloe’s energy within it in liquid state. In addition to an approximate maximum of keeping roughly ten times as much energy as Chloe can normally hold.

Flowmetal Augment: Recipient: Ballast (Water > Analysis > Strength) While empowered, metal is also somewhat more durable than normal steel should be and can intuitively react to incoming attacks, using fluid nature to direct blows away from Domenic’s body mass.

Relay Boost: Recipient: Plasma and Spark (Electricity> Distance> Analysis) Grants range/ease of use increases to most of their shared abilities by around double, and allows them to use each other as relays for their collective ability increases.

Fate Protection Aura. Recipient: special (Water > Time > Fate) While most Interactions include some level of protection against Esper and probability effects, and Pairbonds moreso, the presence of three individuals with Temporal/Fate powers, two Pairbonds, and a Chain Interaction between them creates one of the most effective Scry-Screens on record.


2 thoughts on “Analysis of Pairbonds

  1. A/N- I actually feel ashamed of myself for only, finally, *now* thinking of the term “Scry Screen”. Much retcon of earlier books will happen, because it’s too good NOT to use, especially in the Blue Steel books.

    Anywho, have a bonus ’cause someone asked for either this or another smut scene between Bea and Dom… making it what appears to be the fan-favorite pairing for reasons I refuse to understand. So you now have some idea of where and how they picked up all their features and everything they can do with one another.

    The really *huge* stuff is the upgraded battery, and the ability to do what should be touch powers at range… especially that battery, since it lets Chloe and Cecelia tap into features that should exhaust them for an hour, while only costing backup reserves.

    Also turns Domenic from being a walking tank into a deadly Assassin package who still has insane Tank features.

    Being able to flat no-sell what are otherwise some of the most difficult powers in the setting to counter… doesn’t exactly hurt, either.


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