Threefold (defunct) Final Thoughts

Or something like that. The fact that I know I’ll be going back to rewrite the beginning and middle of this story makes it weird to talk about the ending… but… here we go…

I love the ending of this story. I really think those last seven or eight chapters are some of my finest work, and a testament to, if nothing else, my improving as a writer over time.

… What I hate is the story leading up to it. I didn’t build up properly, I didn’t maintain suspense the way I should have, I broke some critical rules to storytelling, and I treated one of the keystone characters as if an extra with nothing to contribute.

I did it knowingly, with intent to get a payoff on a symbolic level. I took a risk in the name of art, and it failed.

It happens. Important thing for me to do now is acknowledge that was a failure and go back to fix it. Which is what I’m doing.

Essentially what’s going to happen is I’ll go through and edit in at least five but probably around ten new Cecelia chapters.

A couple of these will be lighthearted chapters with the trio, told from Cecelia perspectives as she’s introduced to this thing called “normalcy” which she’s never experienced (one’s a D&D game with Dom’s friends… which is done for several reasons, actually).

At least one chapter devoted to the building of their underground base. I also want to introduce one of those fun scifi things that allows the Price universe to remain at more or less the same tech level as our world.

Skirmishes with Heritage shall occur before that three way fight between them and the unknown outsider group.

A chapter or two to make said unknown outsiders more interesting and important, build them up before the fight, which will also serve as a bit of exposition chapter for how powers work.


Spread out and clean up the Adam and Greenwitch chapters. The first Greenwitch chapter will be the first chapter of the edited version of Threefold. The other chapters will be inserted where I see fit throughout the middle of the book. As I see it now, of these four chapters, only the last chapter will be at the end of the book.

I’ll probably make all but that last “first person perspective” fitting the rest of the story. I had a reason for the third person switch, but the more I look, the less I like.

I may also implement suggestions from the peanut gallery, if you guys have ideas.

Also, including a preface to let people know I’m rebuilding Threefold and express a hope to avoid spoilers.

Aaand I think that about covers it. If all goes as planned, I’ll have the chapter layout(s) edited and arranged for the rebuild, two edited chapters, and one wholly new chapter up by Wednesday. Though if we’re honest, it’ll probably be Thursday.

See you there, I hope.


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