Threefold (revised) Preface

Okay, for those coming in late who might not know what’s going on with this particular book. It’s a revision of the old Threefold book, which I feel was nowhere near the work it could have been.

… Although in the end, it won’t be much of a revision, more of “director’s cut” with all the stuff I should have included in the first, but did not. For the most part, the old novel will remain canon in all ways, and thus is a giant spoiler for the revised version.

I will be doing my usual MWF updates as planned for this novel, as well as additional Tu, Th, Sat and maybe Sun updates where I edit one or two of the original’s chapters per day in order to fit them into this new expanded novel.

Those won’t be so hard, perhaps an hour or two of work each to get them into proper shape for their new position in the story. As a matter of fact, some may require no edits at all.

For those who’ve been with me thus far on this journey- I ask you not to spoil future events in the story. For those who get impatient and read ahead, please save spoilery comments to the now defunct chapters.

For those joining after this project is over… well, you can pretty much ignore the defunct version, save if you feel like making literary comparisons between the two. I have no intention of taking it down even after the revised version is complete.

Given that I plan to comment on what I’m doing different in the notes beneath the story, hopefully this will clear up any future confusion.




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