Threefold Final Thoughts (Again)

Whew boy… here we are a second time for this book.

I am really, really glad that I took the time and effort to fix the screwups in this book. As such, here and now, is where this novel ends.

For now, Threefold is what I consider complete, with only minor edits, and it’s the sequel, which I’m tentatively naming “Triad” that’ll pick up where it left off… eventually… because I’mma be honest, this project was a struggle toward the end because I really hated having to rewrite something like that, and I’m looking forward to a new project now. Don’t get me wrong- I’m glad I did it- but it sucks that I *had* to do it. If that makes any sense?

Threefold ends at Beatrice dropping her shades and bragging. Because that’s where it deserves to end.

I’m making the Wata chapter the first chapter of that book, rather than the final chapter of this one (I have most of a Beatrice As Greenwitch chapter already written, but it was fighting me, and then I realized that’s because it should be part of the next book, not this one.

For those wondering about the other Greenwitch chapters? Don’t worry, I’ll be turning them into their own short story and posting them as a sort of companion to this one- a part of, and apart from, Threefold and the eventual third book. Linked at the bottom of Threefold, because that’s where it belongs for now.

This slip and fix is me still being caught up on Threefold and Triad originally being intended as one book, which would allow the Greenwitch chapters to slide in nicely. into the middle. Perhaps they’ll be the intro of Triad to set the tone for that book, or something… they wouldn’t hurt as a sort of “recap chapter” to get everyone on the same page… hmmm…

Regardless, all those decisions are a future me’s to decide. For now, all the content will be available for reading, including the Greenwitch short story and ultimately the first two chapters of Triad (the more I think on it, the more I’m leaning to naming it Tribunal instead), and after those are done, I’m taking my week off (because I really need it at this point) and returning to the characters which started Price. Anima as a main character makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and then I feel bad because of what it means to be a main character in one of my stories.

Also, that means I’ll be cleaning and editing the original Death of a Hero… I look on with both anticipation and dread (mostly dread) to discover how much my writing abilities have improved in over a year.

And here’s hoping to a wonderful 2017, where maybe I won’t screw up a novel.


9 thoughts on “Threefold Final Thoughts (Again)

  1. I hope everything goes well wothe Anima’s story. I am just a bit worried that you will lose the voice of the threefold characters, like you did after Bluesteel.

    I enjoyed this book, and I am glad you decided to rewrite it.

    Here is to a new year, and a new book.

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    1. I didn’t lose the character voices so much as I lost the pacing structure. Given that all stories other than the Blue Steel series use the same pacing, I should be okay.


  2. I’m looking forward to Anima as a main character. She seems interesting, especially given her powers and what they may say about her.
    She’s also more mature than Zack (I think), so she can probably shed some light on aspects of the whole… situation that we haven’t seen before.
    I am afraid for her, though – the last few chapters of Death of a Hero were nothing if not ominous.

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      1. Point. And once again I can’t remember names. Good going, me.
        Anyways, she is probably the most mature protagonist yet, outside of Blue Steel… and will probably still be after Triad/Tribunal gets published – I don’t see Bea adding too much to the “maturity” front.

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  3. Just finished this. It’s surprising how it feels barely any different than the original version, yet so much better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious a lot of work has gone into the rewrite. It’s just that somehow all the changes make it feel the same but better. Sorry I don’t have a less asinine explanation.

    I really wish I had some way to support you. In addition to Patreon and TopWebFiction, that is.

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    1. Thanks- that was what I was going for. I knew what I was going for the first time, and had a vision in mind, but I just screwed up some important parts that are now fixed.

      Spreading the word to friends is perhaps the best way to help out. That, and finding typos, but primarily spreading the word.


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