Future books

Here is where I’ll list all future novels I have planned for the Price setting, and a brief synopsis of each. All titles for all novels- including completed ones- are subject to change, because some of them I’m just not happy with.

Naturally, as new ideas enter my mind and I complete old ones, the list itself will also be subject to change. Listed primarily in the order that I thought of them in the first place, there’s also no particular order in which I’ll actually begin writing them.

UnspokenArianna’s story. A story that plans to focus on transgender issues, with a FtM main… and he happens to be a mob princess. Also some thinly veiled jabs at real Chicago politics. I’m a lifelong native of the region, so, yeah.

Buyer’s Remorse: Sequel to Nothing Given. I… can’t actually think of a synopsis to this one that doesn’t spoil Nothing Given. Uh… things happen… the heroes deal with these things?

Overdue: This book ties the In Triplicate and Death of a Hero series together. As of right now, it is the final planned book of both series. But, hey, I’ve got enough novels to last me ’till 2020 at this rate, and I’ll probably have more ideas before then.

Paid In Blood: Where we have what is functionally a succubus as a main character. Unsubtle reference and exploration of hypersexuality as a disorder. Addiction of all sorts is a difficult subject to approach, but I at least hope I can make it work here.

Double Billing: A story of pairbonded siblings, one a hero and one a villain.

Of a DreamFollows a character whose power is to enter and influence the dreams of other Imbued. A story where delve into race relations and the cycle of violence, from both sides of the fence. Sort of indirect sequel to Double Billing.

RebirthFeaturing a mind control Gadgeteer as the hero protagonist.

Swan Song: Involving a singer, a stalker, and a convoluted murder mystery. From the perspective of the police employed heroes.

The First Supervillain: Written as the memoirs of Maestro (an oldschool villain who’s been mentioned in both Death of a Hero and Threefold) as he describes his life and career. Again, using a memoir format.

Triad: Third novel of the In Triplicate series, where they deal with a whole lot of family problems.



6 thoughts on “Future books

  1. A/N- Been meaning to make one of these for a while, and now that I got my “week vacation” coming up, I decided to do it now.

    … Which means I’ll get bored all the sooner and come running back to write some more early.


  2. Will Overdue be chronologically following Triad and Nothing Given?

    Also, do you have any preliminary plans for what order you’ll be writing these in? We know Nothing Given is next, and presumably Triad will be soon after, but other than that…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At this moment, I’m planning to complete the two serials I’ve started, and then I’ll consider moving on to others. Honestly, if the Price novels haven’t picked up in popularity by then… I’m switching over to one of my other settings.


      1. I really do enjoy the Price setting, and am looking forward to seeing what other stories you could have in it (like that for-real Frankenstein story I’ve been drooling after). But that said the whole superpower webnovel genre does feel kind of saturated currently, and your other settings all sounded really interesting to me as well.

        I hope that the Price books succeed but mostly because I hope that you succeed. I would gladly read this or whatever other setting you feel like writing in.

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