Official Version

Defunct Version (Completed- no longer spoilers since the story’s over)

Companion Short Story:

The Greenwitch Endures

Triad (tentative title), sequel to Threefold and In Triplicate- Coming later this year

2 thoughts on “Threefold

  1. WOW great story even though i am not personally a fan of these characters in this book, but i do have a question. Okay so there is a big time difference between the first book of this series and Death of a Hero, would you be interested in or have ever thought of writing a book about Kitten and her transformation between the two books. Of all the characters you’ve created Kitten is i think my most favorite and i would really like to see how and what made her character change so much in between the two books.


    1. Oh, trust me, I have no intentions of writing a book showing Kitten murder-hoboing across the east coast.

      Besides, her perspectives in THIS book explains everything you need to know. Especially her final chapter.


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