Bonus: Revenant’s Police Profile

Alias: Revenant
Real Name: Joshua Cohen.
Former Alias: Duelist, The Master, Wolf, The Beast
Age: 47
Class: Stage 4 Imbued, 5.5 threat value, Special Non-lethal status

Former Associates:

Unlimited Underground Fighting Leagues: As a contender (1988-1990, before gaining powers), a promoter, an enforcer, and occasional ‘special exhibition opponent’.
Numerous, but transitory. Revenant has been known to work as a mercenary or bodyguard, but aside from the UUFL, all associations are temporary at best. It is much more common for Revenant to move into hotly contested Imbued gang conflicts, and make all sides pay him to not work for their enemies.

Criminal Record:

Accessory to Prostitution: 44 counts in the states of NY and MA.

Assault: 217 unresolved charges of Assault, Assault with Parahuman ability and Aggravated Assault in the states of NY, MA, NJ and CT.

Criminal Mischief: 22 counts in the state of NY

Illegal Gambling: 49 counts of involvement in running UUFL rings in multiple states or crossing state lines. Federal jurisdiction.

Robbery: 77 counts of robbery or theft of goods during commission of a violent crime.

Terroristic Threats: 9 confirmed cases, 33 ‘special’ cases. Special cases involve criminal organizations which may be unwilling to testify against Revenant upon his capture.

Known Powers:

Brawler 1.4 to 4.2- Revenant is usually stronger than average, and can develop other abilities such as, but not limited to: acidic saliva, venom glands, claws, fangs, prehensile tails, and superhuman strength.

Breaker 4.1- Adaptive Regeneration- Revenant’s powers allow him to recover from injury, as well as rapidly adapting his body to be resistant or immune to the attack which inflicted harm. This ability is proportionately related to the scale of harm and effective threat of the opponent, and plateaus once there are no longer any credible threats inflicting harm upon him. All Revenant’s abilities are based upon this power.

Tank 2.1 to 5.1 – Has low level regenerative power which improves with time (See Adaptive Regeneration primary ability). In addition, can develop resistance or immunity to any or all of the following: small arms fire, light artillery, temperatures in excess of 2800F, all non-Imbued poisons or infectious agents, and several different forms of mind or body control.

Tracker to 2.1– Revenant’s power seems to offer a blanket increase in neurological abilities over time. All sensory abilities improve, and on rare occasion he has been documented developing echolocation. This process also improves his base intelligence, increasing his effective IQ to an as yet untested degree.

Transit to 2.8– Revenant often develops superhuman strength and agility, as well as low level movement abilities such as leaping upwards of thirty feet, running at up to 40 miles per hour, or climbing walls by digging his claws into the material. No instance of developing flight or exotic movement methods have been recorded.

Weakness: Atrophic Adaptation– Revenant’s regenerative power appears to cause the opposite to occur during times of rest. Much as an athlete will lose significant portions of their strength when they fail to train, Revenant loses strength at a rate accelerated by his power. In effect, he sees a loss roughly equivalent to being bedridden for a month per day without suitable threats, as well as loss of all granted powers and improved faculties.

It is likely (E.V. 97%) that Revenant will die or be reduced to a vegetative state if prevented from engaging with sufficient threats for an extended period of time. The estimate is that he has a maximum of 25 days from full strength to death. Average encounters appear to provide 1.5 days of strength.

Counter Tactics: Capture has been deemed impossible as well as inhumane, given the nature of Revenant’s powers.

Revenant’s powers take time to advance. A sufficiently concentrated attack from multiple sources while he is weak should be enough to overwhelm his powers before they reach peak.

Alternate Tactic: Denying Revenant sufficient opponents for a long period of time could sufficiently weaken him to the point where confrontation is unnecessary. While difficult and requiring a long term coordinated effort, Esper assistance may make it possible.

Alternate Tactic: Noninvolvement and cleanup. Revenant, while a violent criminal, predominantly involves himself in vice crimes (prostitution, gambling) and crimes which target other criminal organizations (terroristic threat, assault, robbery, enforcing for the UUFL). He regularly ‘eliminates competitors’ by breaking up dog fighting and forced prostitution rings (as well as robbing and inflicting crippling injuries on the organizers of such institutions), then replacing them with his own, significantly more benign, alternatives.

Police resources being limited as they are, it may be better to focus efforts on concerns that are a direct threat to innocent civilians, while giving criminal on criminal violence a lower overall priority. Revenant maintains a sort of ‘noble villain’ image. Despite his long career, he has never targeted civilians (Imbued or otherwise), only active heroes and other villains while they are in costume, and it may be in the best interests of the public to allow him to continue that practice.

Overall Threat: 5.5.

Revenant is one of the most powerful Imbued in the Western Hemisphere. His powers are at the highest level of destructive potential, as well as incredible versatility and the natural potential to adapt to any circumstance. If encountered, do not engage. If engaged, attempt to make clear you are unable to be a true threat to him. Should persuasion fail, attempt to negotiate a ‘friendly competition’ with him. Revenant responds well to what he considers ‘oldschool working class values’.




5 thoughts on “Bonus: Revenant’s Police Profile

    1. Sorry I haven’t been active lately (decided to re-read Worm for the first time).
      Great to see you update more!
      I love Revenant’s power. The idea that he not olny thrives with threats and combat, but *requires* them, is fantastic. At first he reminded me of Crawler with his Adaptive Regeneration, then of Lung, what with getting stronger during a fight abd then growing weaker. But in fact, while showing resemblance to both power-sets, he is something different and unique. This is just the sort of innovative writing that made me fall in love with your work.
      Also, I might as well write here how much I adored the previous chapter, getting to glimpse the horrific dark side of Beth’s power.

      Delightfully titillated and anxiously expecting the next chapter, Alon.

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