Giving Up on Price, Starting Midara

Oh, fuck, what a year 2018 has been… I’ve had deaths in the family, chaos galore, and a nice, fat, tasty load of what it feels like to experience depression.

And it took me a god damn year to drag my ass out of the quagmire. In that time, I’ve found a new job, replaced two computers, spent nine months telling myself to get back to finishing Nothing Given, failed to do so, got mad and myself for failing, got upset with myself, and… well, the cycle repeats itself ad nauseam.

Part of it was me trying to get into Beth’s head… I will never ever write another depressed character again. It does terrible things to my headspace. I eventually forgot her voice, and then I came out of the fog. And I am not going back in. Fuck that shit, I am out and I am staying out.

A little over a year after my last Price chapter post, I have finally allowed myself to just give up. The book will never be finished- not by my hand, at any rate. Perhaps some day some fanfic writer will put together the “what may have been”, that might be some nice closure. But I am done

For the first time in my life I’ve truly given up on a story. Not tossed it because it just wasn’t a good idea, not tabled it until I have time to come back to it, not set it on the pedestal of “finished”. Straight given up.

It was, perhaps, the most liberating experience I’ve had in my life. I am free, and it feels good.

So now I start Midara. In many ways, the first fictional setting I ever created… originally cobbled together out of various inspirations I had in middle-school, starting with a little idea created from one of the Nintendo era Final Fantasy games. Specifically, the idea of “Dark Warriors” as a necessary counterpoint to that setting’s “Light Warriors”. My barely-teen brain really got hung up on the idea, asking myself what sort of universe would need to exist for it to be necessary for Evil to protect the world from Good.

… I was a weird child. Now I am a weird adult.

Toss in too many D&D games, a setting named after moths, philosophy courses, and my childhood dream (and temporary young adult job) of writing stories for video games, and you have yourself my Midara setting.

And the first project of what I hope to be many. Midara: Requiem… you’ll find it here for now, in the format of a “Quest” game. Which seems appropriate for the script of a story that was originally designed to be an Open World RPG.

I’ll get around to setting up a proper blogsite for the story… sooner or later, right now I’ve got a lot of crap to sort out and will be busy for a minute. But my muse is back, and even though she abandoned me for so long, I’ve accepted her apology and taken her back. … That analogy got awkward fast…

Soon (probably tomorrow) I’ll have a second post up, giving a list of all future Price books I had imagined, and the plotlines that would have revolved around them. As well as the conclusion to Nothing Given. It won’t be the completed novel(s), but I hope it’s better than nothing.

For now, thank all five of you who’ve waited this long for your patience. I don’t deserve you. You’re the best.


24 thoughts on “Giving Up on Price, Starting Midara

  1. Hey welcome back! Glad to see you’re still alive and that you’re decided to keep writing after Price. I think it’s good that you dropped Price, those last few chapters I remember you talking about how bad it was to get into the Beth headspace and it did not sound healthy.

    Looking forward to Midara hope life treats you better over this book.


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  2. There are probably more than 5 people who have waited to read this. While I have enjoyed the price universe I will look forward to this next story. Especially since fantasy and DnD are right up my alley. I wish you a good 2019 that has something positive for every bad thing that happened in 2018.

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      1. We’re up to 5 now, and it has been a day. However, only two clicks have gone from the link I provided to check out the new story, so…

        I think that means I can only count “two” as interested.

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          1. There’s only so long I can afford to wait without any form of feedback.

            After two days without anyone so much as bothering to click the ‘like’ button, things aren’t looking good for this project. I’ll give it another day or two, then I’ll have to drop it and hope Paradox nets more interest.

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            1. Waaait. That’s supposed to be an interactive thing! I hadn’t got that. I’m going to look for some instructions on how it’s supposed to work.

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            2. You’ve never tried a “Quest” before?

              Basically- you read the chapter, then vote on what the character does next, and the story follows that route for the next chapter, then another vote. Other rules and things crop up from writer to writer and game to game, but that’s the gist of it.

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            3. Oh. Comment added!

              And I once participated for a while in one named The Phone Company, but it was years ago and I didn’t remember.

              Also, I am not sure the name “quest” was used.

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  3. Hey there!

    Thank you for this post. It made my day. I am glad you have found your way out of that bad head space, and that you are back to writing.

    I very much look forward to having a look at your take on a fantasy setting. You’re one of the best web fiction authors out there, and one of my favorite writers, period.

    I’m heading off to check out Midara now. Have a great 2019!

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  4. I did wonder what had happened. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

    I’ll check out the new thing, I’ve been reading a lot of quests lately and really like the format.

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  5. Well it’s a damn shame that we won’t get to see any more of this world, but I’m looking forward to Mirada. I’ll have to set up an account for the site.

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      1. Yeah, I’m glad we got that. I’ve had a few series run into dead ends, and the open questions you’re left with can really eat away at you. So a huge thankyou to you for writing that out.

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    1. Then I’m looking forward to having more people to vote for how the adorable little necromancer (and her skeletal warhorse) deals with this thing known as “the world”.


  6. I was just recommending some of my favorite web fictions to a friend of mine and remembered I had been waiting on an update to this story for a while, and decided to check up on this.

    I really enjoyed this series, and I’m happy to learn that I have even more of your work to read.

    I look forward to binge reading your new series! Thank you for all you’ve done.

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