Spoilers of Price: Nothing Given’s ending and more.

This is where all my Price novels’ general plots will be posted, just to give readers some closure as to what would have happened in future books. Maybe it’ll inspire fanfic writers or something to do what I will not.

Don’t hold your breath, though… my novels are so popular that the wiki hasn’t been updated by anyone since 2016.

It sucks to feel like you’re speaking to an empty room, not gonna lie.

And just a reminder, I am already writing Midara. It is here:


And it’s a Quest, which means you can sign up and vote for what actions the character takes, controlling her destiny through this strange fantasy world I’ve constructed. But enough of that- here’s your spoilers for the following novels that may never be written: Nothing Given, Triad (In Triplicate sequel), Born Guilty (Nothing Given *and* Triad sequel), and Blue Glass (Blue Wall sequel).

============ Nothing Given ============

At some point, like right after the last published chapter, Alex will end up taking control of Laura’s body. Glen figures it out right away (he’s perceptive like that). Alex, having access to all Laura’s knowledge, figures out that Glen knows not long after that.

A series of events eventually leads to a confrontation between Alex and Zach. The game starts psychological- Zach can’t fight Alex without hurting Laura, and regardless of Alex’s power, Zach is still more or less unkillable. Makes for a wonderfully personal stalemate.

Sapphire and Sympathy get there at some point, along with Com and a handful of others- Infiltrators of Alex’s grade are serious business.

Eventually- by saying some really unkind things about Ferne, Zach convinces Alex to possess his body instead. Which results in an interesting power interaction in which Zach’s power splits him into two bodies. Alex gets control of one of them. Classic evil double scenario, but with twists on the trope… notably, Alex has complete access to Zach’s memories, which makes sorting them out impossible.

One of them tells Anima to cage them both with her power. The other agrees. They then proceed to argue with each other about how the whole point of that ploy was for the “evil” one to refuse, thus proving who the “good” one is. Then more argument about how that trick wouldn’t work in this situation anyway.

Eventually Beth is talked into following through on the request and caging them both. Alex finds it kind of hilarious that Zach is now trapped for all eternity by his own girlfriend’s power.

Then Glen is so kind to point out that that Beth’s power is impressive, but it’s not absolute- there are people who can shut her down. Dispel, the man who saved him, as just one example.

Alex… not pleased… hits the “fuck the world” button and surges. Taking fragments off of Zach, Anima, and of course Ferne’s power that he inherited, he goes proper energy vampire, and starts to strip Anima’s energy through her construct.

Now Anima’s in trouble, so Zach dives in the deep end and does a surge of his own. Cue him actually getting a pairbond synergy with Anima, using his energy well to bolster her own, and gaining access to some control of her constructs. He proceeds to stab the crap out of Alex, leaving him wounded and bleeding on the ground.

That’s when Sympathy intervenes to save Alex’s life.

Zach: You think any of you can stop me?

Sympathy: No, we can’t. You’re now one of the four strongest Imbued on the continent. You have my condolences.

Zach: Then get out of my way. I’m not your biggest fan, either.

Sympathy: Then what? Did you know he has two sisters.

Zach: Fuck you, they’d never see him again if I let him live, either.

Sympathy: No, but one of them might Manifest. Would you put one of them, an innocent little girl, through what you’ve been through? This is your chance to break the cycle. Take it, if not for your sake, then for the sake of everyone else.

Zach backs down. That’s when they have time for Beth to realize the new pairbond interaction, and all it implies. Naturally, she freaks out- now her power stole a natural relationship from her, and turned it into the mind-controlling perversion of love that she’d spent the last decade of her life hating.

Beth runs off.

The rest of the story is “how they cope”. April does her best to try to help Beth, but things aren’t looking up for her any time soon.

Zach ends up quitting his job at the Playhouse and lost his power synergy with Muwth when he surged. He’s not exactly happy, either. Cassie… well, a cynical person could accuse her of taking advantage of him. A cynical person could accuse him of taking advantage of her, too.

Laura’s pissed at everybody. She deals with it by directing copious amounts of profanity at people whose lives would be so much better if they’d just fucking listen to her.

Alex gets locked in a deep, deep hole in the ground. He gets to live the rest of his life with the face of the man he hates most looking back at him in the mirror.

The End.


============ Triad ============

Returning to the story of Cecelia, Chloe, and Domenic… yeah, we get to see Beatrice’s power. She’s a Gifter- notably, she can grant roughly Tier 3 powers to people via allowing them to kiss her if it’s enthusiastic enough. Or, really, anything that involves bodily fluid would work, but that’s the way Bea chooses to do it. They follow the usual rules of “the power you get is a reflection of who and what you are at the deepest level of your soul”, and are temporary unless recharged by Bea, but it’s very much a Greenwitch-tier powerset.

She first talks the trio into having Cecelia pretend to be her… because, y’know, her skin is turning green. If they wanna keep any of their secrets, they don’t have much choice.

Now that Beatrice has a “get out of school and run away free” card, she decides to start a gang, recruiting her “friends” that she introduced Chloe to way back in the day, and recruiting  a couple of Dom’s D&D buddies. What, did you think I put all that effort into those characters just for two or three scenes? Hell no… uh, well, it turns out that yes I did, but let’s ignore that for now.

Domenic is not happy about this. Any of it. Especially the parts where Cecelia flirts with them while wearing his sister’s appearance. Then again, Bea’s pretty fucking pissed at Dom, now that she has some access to Granny’s memories.

The story now focuses on a game between Heritage, Bea’s gang (calling itself “The Greenskins”), Adam being cray cray, and a couple outside groups looking to take territory in the destabilized region.

In the midst of this, Adam manages to kidnap Chloe and drag her into what he calls the Killing Fields. There, he reveals who he is to her.

Now that the story’s setup, it mainly follows those three storylines (Triad- hah- seewutahdidthar?). Chloe arguing with Adam. Domenic and Cecelia getting increasingly sociopathic from a combination of stress, and what their pairbond looks like without Chloe to balance it out. And Bea’s gang taking the underworld by storm.

Things get messy, people die, Chloe escapes (turns out- not hard to return from that hellscape- it’s an unnatural state for humans to be there in the first place, and we know how entropy feels about unnatural states… but with exception to Adam and Chloe, the monsters which reside there killed everyone else too soon for them to naturally revert).

The trio is reunited, and go back to stopping this gang war with their families fighting on various sides. It ends with a confrontation with Adam, who is vastly superior to everyone else there in a fight. Beatrice ends up saving the day… by claiming to be Adam’s sister.

He doesn’t buy it at first, but she “unmasks” herself to him, tells him to go ahead and look into her mother’s history, and even offers a blood sample to prove their genetic relationship.

… It’s enough to make him back away to get confirmation, first. At which point Cecelia says “No, you are definitely not half sibling to Chloe and Adam. I’d be able to smell it if you were.”

Bea: “First, that’s creepy as fuck. Second, I know. He was kicking all our asses, so I went for his weak spot and fucked with his head.”

Chloe: “He’s going to test the sample, you know that, right? He’ll come back when he confirms that there’s no match.”

Bea: “That’s why I gave him your blood.”

That book ends on a happy-ish note, but with lots of loose ends to untangle in the next book!


============ Born Guilty ============

Ah, this nightmare, one of the first I dreamt up… it starts with Zach, now calling himself Ronin, having his rematch with Revenant in one of his underground brawling matches. We get to see the full extent of Zach’s new powerset- which is to strip matter from the environment, converting it into weapons (or replacing lost body mass from injuries), and enhancing his physical abilities. Revenant gets his ass kicked- even his regeneration can’t keep up with the power to strip the atoms from his body a pound or two at a time.

After the fight, the two sit down to have a chat and get Zach his million bucks. Zach observes that their code names are probably better suited for each other than themselves.

That’s when Flux calls Zach up. He’s a bit annoyed at first, but is stopped with the words “Kitten’s back.”

He looks at Revenant. “I got a better way for you to pay me back.”

Jumps to The Trio, back on the boat hunting for sunken ships again. Well, just returning to port after finishing a hunt- we’ve had a treasure hunt episode, time to give NEW information. They discuss a possible deal Paul worked out with Mexico, fishing up old Spanish treasure ships for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

Some questions about the legality of that, but Paul explains “We’re legal to find the ships, no questions. I’m not certain how the salvaging will play out, but that’s a problem for Mexico’s diplomats and lawyers to deal with. We’ll have our pay and be long gone by then.”

Chloe not thrilled about being reduced to scavenger status, but, well, they do need the money. And this one has the potential for making them tens of millions.

It’s also a great way to show that Jaz and Wiki are quite happy, incurable mental issues notwithstanding. Sea living appears good for their health, and Wiki is far superior to any normal personal assistant/GPS machine.

After the Trio leaves, Kitten pops in for a visit. Rips Jaz’s throat open in a manner fit for a slasher movie, then tortures Paul for information about her sister, while Wiki is in the background, begging his sister to get up.

That chapter ends with Kitten revealing her obviously pregnant stomach.

Why, yes, I am a monster… thank you for noticing.

Story goes back to seeing how all the major players in the Triad series are doing, all blissfully unawares of an even greater threat on the horizon. A fair amount of focus on our lovely Beatrice and her Greenskins. (I had vague plans for a book focusing on her as the main character in the future, this would be a test run).

We get to the first confrontation between Cecelia and Cora… which goes poorly for Cecelia, since she doesn’t have her pairbonds for backup, and there’s an entire surge between their respective power levels. But, Kitten doesn’t want to kill her sister, she wants to get her family back. After all, she has her child to think about, now.

A frustrated Cora leaves Cecelia critically wounded to be found by her friends. Some angst here as Cecelia deals with the revelation that her sister’s at the “about to drop” end of pregnancy.

Kitten, psychotic little death machine that she is, picks off a few people for information gathering… manages to track down Adam and offer to team up with him to fuck over her errant sibling. Both want to “rescue” their respective siblings, after all, so it’s an obvious alliance if there ever was one.

I’d probably cliffhang that offer, but let’s be real… Adam is not going to help his mother’s (other) killer do anything except scream and die. So, yeah, now these two Freudian train wrecks run face first into each other… and Adam gets destroyed. He lives only  because his power reflexively pulls him out of the Killing Fields, leaving Kitten alone to fight her way out the way Chloe did.

They’re both out of commission for a while.

Kitten eventually gets out to add a few more bodies to the pile, killing some servants in Quash’s manor as well as Jay (Chloe and Adam’s younger brother for those who’ve forgotten a minor character introduced back during In Triplicate). I’d feel sorry for Quash, but… no, actually, I feel sorry for Quash. At this point, he has lost literally his entire family. Even he doesn’t deserve that.

Then Kitten goes after Beatrice, takes out most of her gang, and does kill Bea. Fortunately for our nascent Greenwitch, she still has Wata, and he manages to regenerate her enough to restart her heart and save her life.

Now we get our own little micro-alliance, not unlike the one in the Hunter-Killer battle of ye olden days. The Trio, Bea, and Adam all agree to work together for their own reasons.

Did I mention that Kitten is a Freudian train wreck? Because she is. But she’s a train wreck with a plan. Her next move is to reveal who Cecelia is, and air all the dirty laundry of the characters of the story in the most public way possible- by murdering more than a few cops and telling the whole lurid tale to the survivors, while forcing them to take notes.

It… doesn’t go as well as the other plots. Kitten didn’t stop to think that six months of violent gang wars that included a deadly attack on a school might attract Federal attention. And as we saw in Blue Wall, the FBI has some of the highest tier Imbued.

This is the first fight where Kitten’s the one driven off. And not only that, but everyone survives. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, she survives. Part of me kinda wants to have her whole game end right here, in the most anticlimactic way imaginable. I could do it, too… if someone like Warren was there, well, Kitten’s not “AI enhanced supercyborg” level. Also, tickles me pink to imagine Synthia and Wiki becoming internet besties.

Poor Wiki. Poor Jaz. I’m sad now.

In any case, the situation screws with Kitten’s plans, since she doesn’t get to reveal her sister’s secrets to the world.

Zach finally returns to the story, joining the growing manhunt. He has Flux, Cassandra, and Revenant with him. Because what’s a sweet story about a girl trying to reconnect with her sister, without a trio of revenge-seeking vigilantes, right? Plus a dude who’s just there because a fight with one of the most powerful serial killers on the planet sounds like a fun afternoon.

It takes all sorts, right?

Lamenting the fact that Zach’s power synergy with Muwth is gone, the group have to hunt for her the old fashioned way.

Kitten thrashes the Trio in a rather drawn out battle that includes being distracted by the still-wounded Adam and what few people Beatrice could cobble together as backup. It doesn’t work out great for any of them.

Cora gets her second, the main, confrontation with Cecelia. In which she tortures the Trio, intent on pushing Cecelia to surge as a means of saving her friends… and in doing so, breaking their pairbonds.

Told you that Cora had a plan. I’d be watching the comments to see if anyone figured it out before that chapter.

Cecelia refuses, but keeps throwing herself into hopeless attacks… in no uncertain terms, she’s planning to die on her feet to protect them.

Then the cavalry arrives. And by “cavalry” I mean “Zach”. The only other person on that team who could so much as slow her down is Revenant, and, well, he gets that this is a family issue. See, they have been listening in on the fight, so they know the deal between Kitten and Cecelia, as well as Kitten’s new daughter.

And, yeah, now it’s Kitten who doesn’t stand a chance. Zach’s powers were built to kill Kitten, refined, and now unleashed. She coats him in ice, he uses his power to consume the ice and repair himself with it… her combat sense still works on him, but if she gets within a few feet, she’ll be destroyed by his power.

And he can throw his weapons as well, which still bypass her precog.

Zach’s not terribly happy to learn she’s a mother, as you might imagine. And… in the end, Kitten dies with a smile and the words “I’m glad it was you.”

In the aftermath, it’s up to Beatrice to provide what healing she can with her power… she’s just glad her power works with any fluid. Because having her brother drink her blood is by far the least weird of all possible situations.

Zach’s in a fucked headspace, and Cecelia’s not much better off, but they’re strong enough to go look for Cora’s daughter. They share a very uncomfortable moment between two people who aren’t in the mood to talk to anyone, least of all each other.

The book ends in what might be the darkest moment I’ve ever cooked up.

Zach hesitated in front of the crib, enough for Cecelia to reach in and lift the tiny infant from her bed. Cecelia brought the little girl who smelled like her sister up to her chest. She was strong, alert, and hungry enough to search for a nipple right away.

“Is she…” Zach stopped, swallowed. He couldn’t ask the question.

“Yours?” Cecelia finished. “No. She’s not Cora’s, either.” The lie burned like drinking acid. She tried her best to think in a way that could beat a Truthsayer; she couldn’t let her sister’s killer take her daughter. He didn’t deserve her.

The weight fell away from Zach’s chest, but some buried paternal instinct refused to let it go at just that. “Then who is she?

“A baby stolen from her family.” Cecelia was confident that would beat any Truthsayer, confession that it was. “Cora is… was very good at planning ahead.”

“Don’t I know it.” Zach gave up on the argument. Relief warred with suspicion, and suspicion lost.

“If she has any family left, I promise I’ll get her to them.”

… And, yes, this is the kind of stuff I have thought out that far ahead. I mean, some of these events were suspected by people all the way back in Death of a Hero.


============ Blue Glass ============

Warren and Co get a third book as well. The story of this one involves Warren investigating an Infiltrator, and thinking to use himself as bait.

Turns out, said Infiltrator doesn’t control minds- that’s something they were prepared for and could counter a dozen different ways thanks to Synthia and Phoebe. Nope… this one edits memories… and inserts himself into the memories of his victims to make them believe he’s their best and most trustworthy friend.

Because that’s the sort of fucked up shit you should have come to expect from powers in Price by now.

Warren’s been (partially) compromised, Synthia acts quickly enough to override his mechanisms and lock him down for a while.

But, in the most awesome of all twists, this novel was to be a Surprise Phoebe Story, With Best AI Sidekick!!!

When she starts to pull apart the monitor system, Abernathy objects. That’s when Phoebe pulls the mother of all nuclear options- she invokes medical and quarantine protocols, with possible Infiltrator threat, on the base.

Synthia: “Initiating protocols.” This of course involves preventing Abernathy from getting near Phoebe.

Abernathy: “But you know it’s not true!”

Synthia: “Sorry, I’m not the superhuman expert on human biology, I must follow proper protocol, which dictates I cannot disregard such a warning. Not when it comes from the world’s greatest biotech engineer.”

Abernathy: “Remember when I called your creator a genius for making an AI that could lie to itself? Well, I take it back.”

Synthia: “Okay, Red, you’ve got your lockdown. What now?”

Phoebe: (In the middle of yanking wires out of the wall panel) “We get to know each other a lot better.”

This is where she cuts open her own thigh, and surgically splices herself with the tech in the room. Because Magical Powers Bullshit, this lets her more or less plug her mind into Warren’s, with Synthia to help create a visual environment for them to interact with.

The entire story is them working their way through Warren’s fractured subconscious, tracking down the Infiltrator in his mind while dealing with the damage, and witnessing such lovely things as Warren’s abusive father, and the day in high school he stood up for himself.

And by “stood up” I mean “literally beat his own father into a coma.”

Then after his father was gone, his mother started hitting him as well, and then abandoned him with his grandfather to hook up with some asshole even worse than his dad.

It’s all going to be a jumbled mess, going from childhood (with said Infiltrator playing a childhood friend role), to them in the military together, to back in high school… I mean, the whole story is technically a dream sequence, I don’t have to follow logic here.

Meanwhile, to add urgency, Patil and Abernathy are working their way around the barriers thrown up by Synthia. Oh, yeah, and Phoebe is bleeding out on the floor, that’s a race against the clock too.

The story ends with Warren back at the base, visiting a Phoebe who’s in the medical wing, on bedrest, and anything resembling authority over anyone on the base officially stripped from her.

It’s during their conversation there that Warren admits that, aside the parts with the Infiltrator, what they saw was more or less how things actually played out. The abuse wasn’t some fiction cooked up by the mind control.

They share a nice moment together. Phoebe remains Best Girl Forever.



So, yeah, that about covers it. I had other ideas- Silent Song and Unspoken, as examples, but I only have vague outlines of their stories and no real ending to speak of for either. Until I know what the ending looks like, I can’t start writing the story, let alone provide a synopsis for you. I do know Unspoken would have an Infiltrator working as the main villain, and take place mostly in a college, but that’s about it.



23 thoughts on “Spoilers of Price: Nothing Given’s ending and more.

  1. I must admit I didn’t even know there was a wiki at all. What I can say is I have been singing the praises of Price to anyone who would listen (and some people who wouldn’t) ever since I started reading.

    By the way, are you interested in compiling what you do have for eventual sale? If not, are you opposed to people compiling their own versions?

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Maybe if I’m really good, Santa will hear me and we’ll get a Wheel of Time/Girl With the Dragon Tattoo scenario where someone finishes it based on your notes. Except you are alive, which probably helps.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Feel free to compile your own version.

      If/when these to “sale” version, they’re going to need a metric fuckton (it’s a real unit of measure, but only if you’re from countries which didn’t land people on the moon) of edits… so there’s no real problem there.

      Liked by 1 person

            1. Sure, but keep in mind they’re the shittiest format ever.

              We can use DWW’s pm system… safer that way. Though maybe I can even just send them via embed over there. But it’ll have to be tomorrow.

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  2. I think the fact that a synopsis could be so gripping really points to (a) just how invested I was into these characters, and (b) just how cool these books would have been. Cool and heartbreaking. But thanks for providing a bit of closure!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Ah…Sad to see this end, I really love the setting but that happens I guess. Still, I got plenty to read left since I am waaaaaaaaay behind in things given my current lack of time to properly read stuff.(even if I still do I simply do not comment when I am behind the curve)

    I also have to say that the synopsis you wrote here are rather gripping, which says something given that they are just that, and man Surged!Zack seems to be terrifying but I wonder what Surged!Alex is like exactly…Oh and I am surprised by the end of Born Guilty I honestly thought Zack would end up pairbonded with Kitten somehow with him not being able to kill her because of that(not because he would lack the means but because of the bond factor doing things to his mind).

    BTW will you also post some synopsis for the other books you had planned?

    (and yes I read the synopsis even if I am behind could not help myself)

    Moving on, best of luck for any of your future endeavors(as well as some hope that perhaps Price is not totally dead, oh and btw i was not aware that this story had a wikia)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, we all go at our own pace.

      Thanks, and there are no synopsis for the stories that aren’t listed… I have general ideas like, at best, the general conflict or main character(s). But without a *core* conflict, or an idea of what the ending will be, I have no synopsis to give.

      And Zach can’t Pairbond Kitten… he already has one with Beth. Power interactions are common enough- most Imbued have a 1 in 5 or 6 chance to have an Interaction with any other Imbued- but once a Pairbond is created, it’s for life. It can be destroyed, but they will never have another.

      If you like my writing in general, I invite you to follow my Midara books. In truth, they were always my babies, and I’m finally ready to show them to the world.


      1. Ah, okay then, still a pity a though as it means we will most likely never get to see Rebirth(IIRC that was the title with the mind-controlling gadgeteer protagonist)truly that one was one which interested me quite a lot, if for no other reason that it features a Mind controller as a protag and with your spin on things I am sure it would have been great, especially since said character would have used tech to do their thing, meh I can still hope your muse will come back one day and that we might see it, after all hope springs eternal does it not ?

        True, given that he bonded Beth here but honestly I was more seeing him bonding Kitten happen and not the bonding of Beth, given her issues with it and her relationship with Zack(which most likely got further since I last read about those particular two)it seemed a bit too obvious that it would happen to ruin her day.

        That being taken into account the other way I saw their relationship getting hit was Zach getting involved in one of those with someone else, and him being the lucky guy he is well Kitten was the obvious choice for it, this is what my mind was telling me would happen for some reason.

        By the By, is Bea really just a gifter with nothing else? Not even an advantage gained from gifting à la Ferne?

        As for reading Midara well, first I will finish Price and then I got a friend of mine that says I should read Amelia because I love Worm that’s where some of the Price stuff comes from(he followed it on QQ and loved it)but yes I will eventually read it the real question is WHEN.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Rebirth… I never really found a *conflict* for that story, it was more of a villain protagonist without an antagonist… not so great for a narrative.

          And Bea is “just” the most powerful Gifter on record except maybe Phoebe. Her big problem is her power doesn’t come with enforced loyalty or anything like that… which puts her in a dangerous position. Her poor impulse control doesn’t help her, either.

          She also has a handful of physical boosts thanks to Wata.

          Thing about Midara is that this first run is a Quest, as mentioned… so if you join now, you can have control over how the MC behaves. But if you haven’t caught up to Price in the year of downtime, maybe you’d be better off not trying to follow something that’ll be doing (almost) daily updates.


          1. Oh? You did not? Well off the top of my head I would have thought of an Imbued that got their powers after an infiltrator messed with them/Their Family/friends/assorted relationships and went punisher hunting down infiltrators, hell for irony’s sake said imbued could have infiltrator abilities as part of their set(so said person would loathe themselves on the top of other infiltrators).

            Or you could have a mad cult leader of sorts thinking that the MC’s infiltrator powers(which comes in the form of “tech”) could be very useful to them and thus try to manipulate use the MC, perhaps through religion and emotion or something akin to that, to top it off guy could be a gifter of sorts with a strong infiltrator side effect or something like that, hell the guy could even be a televangelist(if the Price verse has that particularly nasty evil of course).

            Oh, yes Bea’s power is great and powerful(but then it’s not like I know how good it is the way you do and what kind of power she can grant exactly but then Tier 3 is quite a thing and if she can also affect other imbued…yeah)what I meant is that the other featured gifters all had something else: Ferne with her vampire thing and her getting power too out of her “partners” and Loup Garou who could apply his power to himself so I was just surprised Bea did not get something like them.

            That Wata seems like a very useful person.

            Ah, yes, in that case, that might be a problem indeed still I will at least give it a try just to see what it’s like.

            By the way, if it’s not too much of a bother, I wonder what exactly you planned for Alex’s power after his surge, just proper energy vampire or other things to go with it?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. No. Rebeca got her powers because her family fell apart due to her mother cheating, and then because family court is shit, she didn’t get to stay with her father.

              So… her mind control tech let her put her family back together, in a suitably horrific way.

              Bea’s power grants the equivalent of a Stage 3 powerset to people… they get their powers based on their “personal natures”, and she has little control over what power someone gets. The only shared trait is some level of regenerative ability, making her a healer as well.

              Alex was getting a pretty solid Melee Tank build, energy sensing (to a certain extent), and the ability to further boost his physical and mental traits by expending stolen power. In some ways, a more terrifying variation on Cassandra.


  4. Quick question. Back in the Greewitch chapter we found out the Dom and Bea were half siblings and Bea’s father was white (and thus the mother was afraid her husband would figure it out).

    And I remember thinking that the father was Quash. I re-read it and I couldn’t find it so maybe I jumped to obvious conclusions.

    Was I wrong? Did Greenwitch pick a random dude to make Andromeda cheat with?
    Or is Bea Quash’s kid and the whole Greenwitch thing messes with her enough that Cora’s sences where tricked?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, but Bea *is* the former Greenwitch’s grandaughter… the selection of specific mate wasn’t random at all, but isn’t anyone that has anything directly to do with the story.

      Granny’s plan was a long-term one.

      Liked by 1 person

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