Fan Contributions

On the off chance I get any. <3

Art and, y’know, advice on running this thing because I’m a writer, not a blogger or businessperson, will be absorbed happily. Art I’ll link here because art is awesome and I’ll love you forever if you make me some.

Fanfiction is… well, fanfiction can be legally troublesome. Won’t bore you with the details, but it ultimately comes down to. If you want to write a ‘fic, cool, I’m legally safe. If you want me to read your ‘fic… you will need to personally request I read it and give me permission that if I happen to write anything resembling what you’re writing, you can’t sue me.

You’d think that’d be understood… but no, it really is not.

Oh, and on that subject, I’m actually quite interested in the idea of having other writers expand the Price universe. So, more than fanfics, I hope to see original stories in this setting. If you have an idea, I’ll work with you to create the bones needed to make that idea work in Price, and we’ll work out an agreement that basically reads that any money you make off your story is own, but character and setting ownership belongs to the setting, and thus to me.

Naturally, AltU, Crossover, SI, and other such stories won’t work for this sort of thing.

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