Welcome to Price

Since time immemorial, those blessed with great power have lived beside us. Heroes and gods, villains and daemons. Myth and legend, truth and history. Warriors who rend steel with their bare hands, mystics who craft miracles from woodland fare.

Look upon them with awe, for they can reshape the world. Look upon them with pity, for the greater their feats, the more they suffer.

For every action, there must be a reaction.

For every gift, a Price.


Anyway, on to the details. Price is an ongoing setting where superhumans have been known to exist, in some fashion or other, since prehistory. Most of myths and legends of our world are more or less factual in Price. Medusa? A real person with a horrific power. Robocop? Based upon a true story. WarGames? A documentary.

Powers are kept street level, and the narrative of each story will be driven by character drama. This story will avoid what I consider a pitfall of writing in the superheroics genre, which is the escalation to world or greater level threats.

If I do my job right, readers will be reminded of the classic epic tragedies, like the Arthurian legends, the Iliad and Odyssey, Tristan and Isolde. Good people can do bad things. Bad people can do heroic things. And everyone makes mistakes.

Throughout the stories in Price, I will explore themes of violence, horror, and selfishness in all its varieties. Alongside themes of heroism, determination and sacrifice. I won’t shy away from alternate lifestyles or sexuality, though I don’t plan to actively seek it out, and where they do show up I’ll paint them with the same brush I paint the rest of the setting.

So, ye of weak stomachs or delicate sensibilities, turn back now.


And if you’re still here… awesome. The first book starts here.

21 thoughts on “Welcome to Price

  1. I just binge read everything you’ve got and am eagerly awaiting updates, but I couldn’t find any info on whether the story of “death of a hero” is over. Like are you doing story arcs with each group of characters in the same universe? Or is each a self contained story and we won’t see the characters again?

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  2. You might want to have a “start here” link on this page, or on the same level as the table of contents. It’s a bit difficult to find the first page for new readers (ToC to Finished Works at the *bottom* of that page, to Death of a Hero to first chapter is kind of a long chain). A “Home”, “Info”, or “Start Here” page would be my first place to look as a new reader.

    P.S. I just read everything you have on this site in like a week and I love the Price world so far. Keep it coming :)

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  3. I just found this story on Top Web Fictions and I am glad I did. Mainstream hero stories bore me, the power to shoot energy from your eyes has very little uses. But your character have really inventive complex powers that I love to read about. I haven’t finished reading but both Blue Steel and Death of a Hero are amazing. I can’t wait to read more :)

    P.S. in an earlier comment you mentioned there would be another story with Zach maybe with Beth as MC, but will Cassie appear again?

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    1. Spoilers. But yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious I’m not done with her story, either. Anywho: so now I know it’s you that caused the sudden spike in views despite this not being a chapter day.

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  4. Greets. Nice work. Just read all of your completed stories after seeing a review on Web Fiction Guide. Sympathies on the drop in views and feedback you mentioned at the end of _Shadow Play_. I don’t know why it might be, unless some other new shiny came along and got readers’ attention. (But see stream-of-consciousness note below.)

    The _Blue Steel_ stories obviously had a totally different feel than _DoaH_ and _IT_. Maybe that’s the issue. The later stories were better written, from a technical point of view, but as a reader I liked the first two better. On the other hand, Phoebe is probably my favorite of your characters – brilliant and completely crazy. What’s not to like? A lot of your characters, and character development, are really good, but she’s the quirkiest. Hmm – maybe that’s part of why the earlier stories were more popular: they had character development, whereas the characters in _BS_ and _SP_ were developed as the stories went on but they didn’t hardly develop. Just a thought that occurred to me while typing.

    I’ve been attempting to make a donation, but PayPal won’t take my money. I’m all like Huh? but I’ll get it figured out someday.

    And now for the real reason I’m commenting rather than lurking: If you want to self-publish your stories, drop me a line. I edit fiction semi-pro, and I’ll do a book for you for free. No time is especially good or especially bad, so get hold of me if you want to.

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    1. Hey, I like comments, so you’re welcome to do that whenever you like.

      I don’t know how I’d get ahold of you, given there’s no return email in your profile to do so with, but I’ll certainly keep your offer in mind. It’ll be Death of a Hero that gets the first book, that much is pretty certain… though I have to admit I personally prefer In Triplicate.


      1. Hmm. Admins for WordPress sites are able to see the email address of commenters, registered or not. Maybe you’re not this site’s admin, as you’re hosting on wordpress.com; I’ve never done that. Regardless, my gmail address is steven.furlong.

        re the Price stories, yes, _In Triplicate_ was better written. _DoaH_ would be a better starting point, though. I think it does a better job of throwing the reader into the world, though I’d have to do some rereading to check that. Also, Kitten’s story is better, presented the way it is, as monster and then backstory. _DoaD_ could use some tightening up and a light copy edit pass and a cover, but it’s close to ready to go.

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        1. I can see email addresses of commentators, but only if they provide an associated email. Your name connects to nothing, it seems.

          Still, it’s going to be a little while before I go publishing. There’s precious little outside amazon for online methods, and amazon has some practices I’m less than fond of.


  5. > “I won’t shy away from alternate lifestyles or sexuality, though I don’t plan to actively seek it out.” -TanaNari


    > First story features a gay dude (spoilers) a teenage girl, and a woman entering a romantic relationship with an invisible, omnipresent ghost.

    > Second story features a straight dude and a lesbian girl falling in love through (Why not ruin the whole second half of the novel spoilers).

    > Third story features a straight dude repeatedly being sexually harassed by a woman half his age, and being the first viable love-interest in the entire life of someone who, in the end, isn’t even particularly interested in him.

    > “I don’t plan to actively seek it out.”

    I’m not complaining. I actually really enjoyed all of these plot-lines. I just think this is hilarious

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    1. Personally, I don’t consider “psychopath” to be a valid entry into ‘lifestyle’, and “unrequited crush” is hardly ‘alternate’. Same with an attraction that never really goes anywhere. So three of those don’t even count. And… is ‘dating someone with a handicap’ an alt-lifestyle?

      Then again, you left out Mike, the black log cabin republican with a confederate flag mural in his workshop. That’s about as alternate as it gets.

      Also… I’mma have to do some editing of your post, because dem’s some serious spoilers, warning or no warning.


        1. Well, I meant in “tone”- Death of a Hero and Nothing Given are written with an “Arthurian” bent in mind, with hatred and revenge (and the personal toll of holding on to such emotions) being a major player.

          In Triplicate and more Threefold are “Tristan and Isolde” in tone, heavy on conflicts between love, duty, and family. Also a heavy dose of mind control making up the backbone of the story.

          Blue Steel and Blue Wall are more like The Odyssey, focused on mission-driven stories with lots of setting exploration, and also much more episodic than the other titles.

          So… pick the set you think sounds most interesting.


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