Make the Author Happy

This is the place where I’ll put all the things you can do to make me happy and let me know you appreciate the story I’m writing. You can do such things as:

Contribute on TVTropes!

Where I can see how my readers interpret the story, where their ideas differ from my own. It’s just great to see how the story’s evolving in the minds of people other than me.

Spread the word! Let your friends know about my story. Let your enemies know, too, I’m flexible like that. This also ties back into TVTropes. Linking Price to tropes is one thing, but linking Price in the tropes might draw readers.

Vote on WebFictionGuide!

Vote on TopWebFiction!

After the month and a half wait, I’m finally up. More exposure means more readers, so go share the love.

Give me money! Current donations shall go to a brand new laptop. In exchange for donating, I offer incentives with details found here.

Due to the nature of Paypal’s fees, please avoid donations under two dollars. The only one really making money from that is Paypal itself.

If you contribute twenty dollars or more, feel free to make a request. Such as details on a side character, small bonus chapters, brief cameos from an OC of your design, just ask and I’ll do my best to make it happen. But please be reasonable.

Donations of one hundred or more, aside making you amazing, will entitle you to a 500+ word private, noncanon custom chapter. Keep in mind, this is functionally 20 cents a word, lower than the average pay for freelance writers.

If you want some other sort of special order, contact me and we’ll discuss it in detail.

Give me advice!

By all means, god knows the only part of this I know how to do is writing, and even that’s questionable. If you have suggestions for advertising the story, setting up the site to make it better, or what have you, I want to hear it. Oh, and please, use simple words and easy to understand steps. Treat me like an acorn squash that got dropped on its head a few too many times, because that’s how I’ll learn.

10 thoughts on “Make the Author Happy

  1. Just fyi, I tried downloading this (book 1) chapter by chapter with Pocket since I couldn’t find an epub of it, and so far only chapters 1, 5, and Kitten’s Rap Sheet download properly. The rest download as Chapter 11 for some reason. I’ll try to take a look at the html/css this weekend as Pocket is much better than going page by page on the site, and readers can read while offline. I also recommend the Pen & Cape Society group/podcast.

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    1. I know somewhere between shit and jack about Pocket… so I couldn’t begin to guess what’s going on.

      Maybe I’ll compile a convenient “it’s all in one download” page for it?


      1. That would be very nice! I’ll look at the code when I have access to my desktop this weekend. Supposedly it’s pretty easy to turn a .doc (I’m assuming that’s what you create it in) into a .epub/mobi, I’ll look into that, too.

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          1. Graaagh, I couldn’t find it to fix it, though I know how it’s getting messed up. Oh well. I’ve seen it happen on a few other webfiction books too, so it’s not just here. I’ll wait for an epub/mobi version I guess.

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            1. I should probably get around to making one of those.

              I can email you the .txt

              It ain’t what one would call pretty, but it IS the whole story in glorious, unedited raws. Also… 800kb text file… that’s like a dozen NES games worth of data…


    1. I’d really like to delete my post, but can not find a way. Sorry! This is my first time posting in wordpress. Is it possible for you to delete it? I saved the text and can repost, when this is gone.

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